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CBD Movers can be described as a professional and efficient removalist company working in Brisbane and serving customers across the country. The removalists have several years of experience and offer home removals, office removals, temporary storage arrangements, selling packaging material, packing and unpacking, etc. CBD Movers provide cheap removal solutions to people in Brisbane. If you are looking for a cheap removalist in Brisbane, CBD Movers is the place to go.

CBD Movers is an experienced removalist company. They have served more than 8000+ families all across Australia, especially in urban areas such as Brisbane. Backed by 350 professional removalist staff and more than 150 trucks and carriers intended solely for removals, the company has completed a whopping 100,000 removals per year!

The removalist company excels especially in furniture removals and has all the infrastructure to back good-quality services. Furniture removals involve knowledge of handling expensive and heavy items and professionalism and experience are both key prerequisites. As experienced removalists, CBD Movers are effective furniture removal experts.

You can get a free estimate by calling 1300 223 668. After completing a mandatory on-site assessment, we will send you the estimate.

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Why CBD Movers’ Removalists Brisbane Services are Unique


Comprehensive Home Removals Brisbane

From A to Z, CBD Movers has everything sorted to take care of your home removals in Brisbane. The removalists are especially good at handling your heavy beds and wardrobes. They have everything that it takes to keep your prized possessions safe and sound during transit.

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Removalists Brisbane & beyond

CBD Movers’ removalist services expand all over the country and not only in Brisbane. The national network of CBD Movers means that it has built up quite an infrastructure to maneuver any kind of removal, be it residential, commercial or industrial.

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All-round Furniture Removals Brisbane

CBD Movers are especially good at taking care of your furniture removal needs. In cities such as Brisbane where distances are long and transporting heavy items can be challenging, CBD Movers has the removalist experience to ensure the safety of your furniture.

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Removals Brisbane Serving NationWide

Besides the basic picking up stuff and delivering someplace else type of removal jobs, CBD Movers in Brisbane are unique in offering other services as well. Some of them include arranging for packaging material and coordinating cleaning services after the move is complete.

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Experienced Removalists Brisbane

CBD Movers are a company of experienced and trained personnel who know the ins and outs of the removalist industry. They have several years of know-how and can apply them in practical removal situations and scenarios.

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Brisbane Removalists Infrastructure

CBD Movers also provides temporary storage spaces in Brisbane and manages more than 150 trucks and carriers as well as a staff of 350 movers and more. The movers are adept and well-backed to carry on large-scale removal projects anywhere in Brisbane.

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Here is Why You Should Go For the Best Brisbane Removalists Ever Had

CBD Movers removal solutions are aimed at pleasing the customers

  • Years of experience being top removalists in Brisbane.
  • Home and office removals are both offered.
  • Cheap removal solutions.
  • Free quotes and mandatory on-site evaluations.
  • Packaging materials sold.
  • Packing and unpacking services.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Great customer support readily available.
  • Latest trucks and equipment.
  • Friendly and helpful movers.

Scroll Below to Find Out Why CBD Movers are No. 1 Preference of 8000+ Families for Brisbane Removals

  • Low-cost home removalists.
  • Efficient office removals.
  • Quality industrial removals.
  • Good at furniture removals.
  • Free estimates with no hidden costs or duties.
  • Experienced, professional, and ethical removalists.
  • 100,000+ removals per year.
  • Wide delivery network in Brisbane.
  • Great after-sales support.
  • Can also arrange cheap packaging supplies.

Why the Brisbane Removalist Domain Flourishing

The capital of the state of Queensland, Brisbane is located at a convenient spot in Australia. It has a population of more than 2.3 million people. Brisbane is a tourist magnet owing to gorgeous beaches and resorts. It is also home to wonderful educational establishments. Removalists are busy all year round in Brisbane. CBD Movers, for example, picks up a large chunk of business from Brisbane for home removals as well as office removals.

As aforementioned, Brisbane is an educational center with as many as 544 schools and reputed centers of higher education such as University of Queensland and Griffith University. Brisbane’s real estate and consequently removalist market is witnessing a boom. New data predicts that Brisbane house prices may witness a spike of up to 17% in 2020-21. The median house price witnessed a growth of 3.6% in the December quarter to reach a high of $703,000.

For removalists, shuffles in the real estate prices means that the number of relocations also increases. Brisbane is growing to be a removal hub for companies such as CBD Movers. Great quality of service coupled with professional and unique services would go a long way in Brisbane’s removalist scene.

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    Frequently Asked Questions On Brisbane Removals

    Yes. We witness a considerable increase in moving requests on weekends. So, a reasonable increase in the moving price can be expected. However, we offer the cheapest local removals in Brisbane, on weekdays.
    Yes, and at CBD Movers™, we promise a professional packing and moving experience in or out of Brisbane. Trust our quick and proficient planning to make a safe and reliable move possible at any time, day, or month of the year.
    Our moving prices depend on many factors including but not limited to the number of boxes, weight, and traveling distance. Fill our contact us form for a quick instant removals quote in Brisbane.
    We understand your concerns as you’re moving out of your family home. At CBD Movers™, we take utmost care and consideration of all your household goods. From the precious glass cutlery, chinaware to the old furniture, and all other treasured items, we practically pack and move your entire house without letting you move a finger. You’ll get all the assistance in settling to your new home. We offer a complete package for house removals in Brisbane.
    Your concerns are legit. At CBD Movers™, we conduct an on-site assessment to determine your moving needs and discuss all the modalities involved. All the finer details such as the size and weight of your house or office goods will be ascertained to provide a competitive estimate for removals in or out of Brisbane, within 24 hours.
    We use superior quality packing materials to safely wrap your delicate to spacious furniture items. We also use extra padding and blankets to protect your belongings from in-transit damages or road bumps. Be assured that all precautions are undertaken to keep your belongings safe and protected throughout.
    Yes, we can pack and move your household appliances. Generally, we follow the instruction manual but on its unavailability, we have our own ways and tricks to keep your appliances move-ready in the shortest possible time, and without causing you any inconvenience.
    Yes. Ideally, we prefer customers to contact us at least 10-15 days before the moving day. However, we are equally receptive to requests concerning urgent moving plans. Schedule an on-site assessment to discuss all the details.
    Yes, we provide skilled and experienced labor to meet all your relocation needs throughout Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. From packing, moving to loading, and all other tasks, you can hire extra labour for help.

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    CBD Movers as Problem Solving Brisbane Removalists Experienced Removals Brisbane

    “Take a look at some of the ways we have helped our customers in Brisbane and beyond”

    Broadly speaking, we have been in the thick of removalist jobs such as:

    • Office removals.
    • Home Removals especially furniture removals in Brisbane.
    • Packaging materials such as bubble wraps and plastic sheets.
    • EBay Deliveries Brisbane.
    • Local as well as interstate removals.
    • Premium services in Brisbane such as valet services and pet removals.

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    “Hire CBD Movers for an efficient and cheap removal solution”

    CBD Movers are a removalist company who believe that ethics are most important in any business. The movers in Brisbane do not charge extra for anything and their estimates are free of cost. They are also free of hidden charges! So that’s a perk for you. After a thorough assessment, the company will send the quote to you.

    Rest assured, CBD Movers are wallet-friendly removalists. Years of experience in Brisbane has made them adapt to the economical climate of the city.

    Hire CBD Movers Team: Brisbane Removalists at low prices

    Request a quote or call us on 1300 CBD Movers.

    A Few Words From Our Ground Movers From the Pen of a Brisbane Removalist

    We aim to handle everything with care and efficiency. We consider each move as our own and take care of it accordingly

    The staff at CBD Movers is well-equipped to handle any kind of office or home removal in Brisbane. The removalists have a staff count of more than 350. All personnel are knowledgeable and well-aware of the removal scene in Brisbane. The support team is also very helpful. Finally, the drivers are efficient and licensed to move large and heavy items across the city of Brisbane.

    Removals in Brisbane are now easy and cheap with CBD Movers! We have an extensive fleet of trucks that will take care of jobs!

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    "I want to move but I don’t know which Brisbane Removalist to go for" Here’s a Short Guide


    Brisbane Removalist Experience

    It is always wise to go for a removalist who is experienced to handle large removals in cities such as Brisbane. Experience means that the removalists will deal with challenging situations easily without causing any problems to the customers.

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    Brisbane Removalist Services Offered

    The competition between the removalists in Brisbane is thick and heavy and only the company that offers extra services and cheap removals gets the majority of customers. Look for a removalist that gives you the complete removal solution.

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    Brisbane Removalist Costs

    Another important factor before choosing the right removalists in Brisbane is the pricing. Go for reliable and moderately-priced removalists who do not charge extra for estimates or on-site assessments.

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    Packaging Supplies Brisbane

    CBD Movers arranges packaging supply, on request, prior to the move to help complete the removal quickly and efficiently. It is all about a one-stop removal solution. As aforementioned, the diversity of services matters a lot.

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    Removalist Staff

    Make sure that the removalists you hire have a helpful and supportive staff. They should also be trained and licensed to move things across the city. Even the drivers and the ground-staff should be reliable and agreeable.

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    Brisbane Removals Checklist

    The following section will explain to you about what you need to do before the removalists arrive. It is important to make a checklist and tick off all completed tasks. The move will be much smoother this way.

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    Your Ultimate Customer Checklist: How to be Prepared when Brisbane Removalists come

    • Prepare your moving budget Before you even call the removalists for the first time, it is important to figure out how much you are willing to spend on the move. Removals can get costly if you do not organise everything beforehand especially in large cities such as Brisbane.
    • Pick a day Choose a convenient date for the removalists to move your stuff. Make sure that it fits into the schedule of everyone moving with you. It is crucial to lubricate the removal as much as you can.
    • Move essentials beforehand Things such as documents and a few kitchen utensils and a mattress (things you can move on your own) can be taken to the new place before the removalists begin their professional job. This way, you will feel at home even on the first night at your new place.
    • An inventory is helpful Make a list of all your belongings and organise them by category. It would be easier for the removalists to work this way as well. You can also opt for packing services by the removalists so that they will pack everything for you.
    • Let the Brisbane removalists do the job At the end, you need to make sure that the removalists have a smooth passage ahead of them. Working with them cooperatively and helfing them if they ask for it can go a long way.

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