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July 7, 2023

By cbdmovers

Wondering How To Prep And Pack Your Belongings For Storage

Wondering How To Prep And Pack Your Belongings For Storage? Discover 9 Of The Best Packing Tips & Tricks!

This might seem like a very easy thing to do. All you have to do is just pack your belongings and stuff them into the boxes that you have purchased for them. Right?

Well, it is somewhat true but not entirely. Let’s just say that the moving company that you chose gave you this recommendation. You have a great storage services provider in the city now. But that doesn’t solve every problem for you. Before the moving day, you will have to make sure that all your items and furniture pieces are packed and stored in appropriate boxes. The leading house movers are going to tell you just how important it is for you to start preparing and packing your belongings for storage at least a month in advance. You will also have to buy the most appropriate packing materials and keep an inventory of all your items among a long list of other things. This is just the beginning. Let’s talk about how you should prepare and pack your belongings for storage before the moving company personnel knocks at your door.

1. Invest In The Right Packing Materials

Invest In The Right Packing Materials

You will have to look closely at all the cargo and furniture items that you want to transfer to your new house. You will then have to buy the most suitable and high-quality packing materials for them. If you have anything delicate and expensive that you want to store in the storage facility, make sure that you have invested in air-tight covers and containers as well. You don’t want any instances of mould and mildew under any circumstances. Remember to purchase the right amount and quality of padding material and cushioning items as well. These are going to prove especially useful when you are packing your delicate and fragile items.

2. Choose Moving Boxes Of All Sizes

Your moving boxes should be diverse. Why do we say that? Because choosing a standard size for all your belongings is not a good idea. You will have to stuff different items together in the same box/container. You will also have to add extra padding and cushioning to the boxes that do not get utilized completely by only your belongings. So to make sure that they are stable and the contents of the box don’t rattle inside, you will have to stuff them up with foam balls and peanuts. Moreover, if you have any fragile items, it is never a good idea to store them in boxes or containers that are a size larger. It is just not safe because they do not provide firmness to the box and stability to the expensive item.

3. Always Use The Correct Packing Tape

Always Use The Correct Packing Tape

Yes, you also have to pay attention to the kind of packing tape that you are using for these boxes. People usually select strong brown tape to seal their boxes. Black and red tapes do not serve the purpose that well. Also, once you have secured your boxes with enough tape, it is better to label them correctly and also list down all the contents that are contained in that container without fail.

4. No, You Are Not Taking Hazardous Items With You

    This goes for every family out there. Even the leading house movers are going to recommend that you should never store any hazardous materials in these storage facilities. The storage services provider is also going to perform a check of all your items. If they find anything hazardous or something that poses danger to their staff or anybody for that matter, it will be discarded. There is a list of items that are strictly not allowed to be stored in these facilities. It is better to ask the storage provider for that list before you start packing your belongings.

    5. Always Place The Heavier Item Underneath

    Always Place The Heavier Item Underneath

    So you have collected numerous durable moving boxes and containers. The best way is to start placing the heavy items at the bottom and then move gradually up as you select lighter and lighter furniture pieces. This is going to make sure that the box is always upright. The center of gravity of the box is always in one place which makes it practically impossible for anyone to topple it over and damage the items contained within.

    6. Protect Your Mirrors And Glass Items

    Now comes the most critical part of all. If you do not wish to give the moving company personnel access to your expensive mirrors or beautiful glassware and delicate artwork, you can pack and move them on your own. This is quite common for a lot of families and it is natural for you to feel a little insecure letting them out of your sight. Therefore, it is important to ensure double the safety of these items when you are making a box for them. Protect your glass items and mirrors with enough bubble wrap and wrapping paper. You can be as generous as you want with the padding and cushioning material as well. Do not forget to add old blankets and cotton pillows inside the box to secure these mirrors and glass objects firmly on the bottom of the box and against its walls.

    7. Label Every Box

    Label Every Box

    Yes, we already told you that you are supposed to label all the boxes correctly. Use a permanent marker always to do the needful. Choose either black or dark blue. Colors such as red and green may fade. Make sure that the marker is waterproof and works on every surface including the glossy texture of a packing tape as well.

    8. Use Suitcases Intelligently

    Yes, a lot of families do that. You can do it too. Using your suitcases to protect your belongings and keep them in a storage facility is a great idea. The first thing that you will notice is that they are highly durable. They also have enough space inside them and some of them are already padded with an inner lining and soft cushioning. So this just takes away a lot of your stress.

    9. Clean Your Items Before You Pack Them

    Clean Your Items Before You Pack Them

    And of course, how can you forget to clean your items before you put any of them in the boxes? This is something that you should never forget to do. Take out your vacuum cleaner and clean up all the crevices, corners, and surfaces that attract the most dust and dirt. It is not a pleasant experience when you have to empty your boxes and then start cleaning their contents before you set them up in your new home.

    You might be nervous. You might also feel that everything is going completely haywire. But that’s alright. Everyone feels the same when they are moving house whether it is for the first time or the tenth time. This is what house movers are there to do. They don’t just give you the best moving tips or recommend the best storage services for your needs. They do everything in their power to make it easier for you. They move your house for you. Think about choosing professional removalists before the best ones get taken away.

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