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July 5, 2023

By cbdmovers

13 Easy Tips For Organizing Your Pantry When Moving To A New House

13 Easy Tips For Organizing Your Pantry When Moving To A New House

Organizing the pantry in your new home is going to begin before you even have moved out of your old house. This is a process that has its roots in the early days of packing and moving. That’s absolutely right because how you prepare and organize your old pantry in the days leading up to the moving day is going to dictate how well-organized the new one is in your new home. You will have to invest in the right moving boxes and also ask the packers and movers to help you out with categorizing and carrying them to the moving vehicle. In fact, you should start preparing your pantry for the move before you even look for house removals in the city. Let’s give you a few intelligent tips right away:

1. Choose The Right Moving Boxes And Containers

Choose The Right Moving Boxes And Containers

It is not going to be possible for you to utilize all the items in your pantry within a week or two. You will have to arrange for a few solid and multipurpose moving boxes and containers. Make sure that they are durable and air-tight. If you can find something antibacterial and/or highly resistant to extreme temperature and pressure, nothing is going to be better than that. If you are looking for small containers, make sure that they are microwave-safe and water-tight as well.

2. Always Buy Additional Storage When In Need

Whether you want those small containers and bottles or those large containers, do not shy away from buying additional storage when you are in need. Some of them are easily disposable as well which gives you a lot of flexibility when you are trying to move every item in your pantry. Once you start digging deeper into those cabinets and drawers, you will realize just how much you have stored in this tiny little space.

3. Invest In A Label Maker

Invest In A Label Maker

You will have to invest in a dependable label maker. Make sure that your labels are bold and color-coded always. You can ask the moving services provider to recommend you a great gadget for your needs. While you are doing that, always remember to scribble down the number of items and the names of the same outside the moving box. This way you will know which boxes you should open first and which can be opened at a later stage.

4. Ask The House Removals Professionals For Help

    You could always use a helping hand here. When there are too many items or intricate pieces to pack, it is always better to ask the packers and movers for a little bit of help. The moving company people are usually very helpful and they could also give you some very practical moving tips while they are at it. All in all, the process becomes faster and more efficient too.

    5. Manage Waste Efficiently

    Manage Waste Efficiently

    When you are moving to a new house, you have to set up a certain way of disposing of the trash. The kind of arrangement that you had in your old home might not work in your new house. For example, the new building that you are moving into might have different rules and regulations concerning waste disposal. They might want you to invest in two separate trash cans for your dry/organic waste and organic/wet waste. So this is one critical aspect that you will have to look into when you are moving house.

    6. Think About Making A Quick Container

    This is something that every family needs. You will have to make a quick container and keep it away from your other moving boxes. This container is going to have all the items that are for frequent use. You could drop in a few packets of instant oatmeal or perhaps a few of your favorite chocolates. It could also contain energy drinks for everybody and preserved and delicious chocolate milkshakes. This could be your instant picnic basket when you are on the move.

    7. Look For Clever Recipes On Youtube

    Look For Clever Recipes On Youtube

    It is going to be a little complicated and challenging to utilize a lot of the food items that you have stored in your pantry. Let’s just say that you want to minimize the number of boxes that you want to take to your new home. In this situation, looking for some innovative and clever recipes on YouTube to use up most of your food items is a great idea. The week leading up to the moving day is going to be especially delicious for your entire family.

    8. Clean Your New Pantry Beforehand

    Things are shaping up very quickly. You are happy with the progress so far. But now is the time to pay attention to your new pantry. If it is not ready, let’s just get into it and clean it out nicely. You will have to prepare a lot of space in your new house before you move in. Your pantry should be at the top of that list. While you are cleaning this space, you might come across a few areas that need repair or perhaps a little bit of touch-up. This is a good idea.

    9. Install Additional Storage Spaces

    Install Additional Storage Spaces

    What are you going to do if your new pantry is smaller than your old one? The ideal move is to invest in additional storage and install it correctly. Some of it can be temporary while others can be very durable and almost permanent. You have options such as lightweight wood, recycled plastic, and also fiberglass in many cases. For example, if you want to install shelves and build side cabinets in empty spaces inside your pantry, it is very much practical and affordable as well.

    10. Make Use Of Floor-To-Ceiling Cabinets

    Do you know that setting up just one or two floor-to-ceiling cabinets inside your pantry is going to help you save a significant amount of space? This is a great decision. If you haven’t thought about managing space inside your pantry or any other storage area in your new home, you could think about it by starting with these cabinet options.

    11. Use Hooks Intelligently

    Use Hooks Intelligently

    Hooks are your best friends. They can be installed on practically any surface whether it is a wall or the back of your pantry door. Some of them come with a DIY tutorial which is again very easy to follow.

    12. Notice The Underutilized Storage Options

    The perfect example of an underutilized storage option is the cavity underneath your tabletop. Another example is the space between two cabinets which is usually ignored when moving into a new house. There can be many other underutilized spaces that can be put to use. You just have to look for a box or a container that can fit into that space.

    13. Use Items By The Expiry Date

    Use Items By The Expiry Date

    When you are in the process of unpacking your pantry boxes, make sure to use their contents by their expiry date always. This is going to prevent wastage and your extensive food items from getting spoiled.

    This is going to be a roller coaster ride. When you are in the process of arranging and organizing your pantry in the new house, you will come across some of the most bizarre and incredible items that you may have purchased a long time ago. Some of them can be those funny-looking moulds for your cakes and muffins. You could also stumble upon a long-lost ice crusher that you bought for popsicles. In this entire experience, there will be several moments that will bring a smile to your face. It is time to start savoring them right now.

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