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July 31, 2023

By cbdmovers

13 Tips To Move A Large Aquarium When Moving House

Big Fish To Fry – 13 Tips To Move A Large Aquarium When Moving House 

You indeed have a big problem on your hand. There is a large aquarium/fish tank in your house and it is one of your most prized possessions. You cannot even imagine a single scratch ruining its look. Choosing house movers was a good decision. They came in with all the necessary supplies such as packing materials, moving boxes, straps, safety gear, and a lot more. But something has been missing all along. They do not know how to move a large aquarium and this is going to be problematic. Should you do your own research on how to move it? Perhaps.

You are very fond of your fish and you do not want their home to get damaged. Whether it is a short distance or a long trip that you have to make to your new house, you must make sure that your aquarium is transported safely and that it reaches your new property just as well as it is right now. What is the best way to ensure all of that? Choose a moving company that can get the job done. If you’re not able to locate anything like that, you would appreciate these moving tips to get your aquarium out of your old home and into your new house without any hiccups.

1. Filter Out Your Fish First

Filter Out Your Fish First

Do not hesitate in investing in a lightweight smaller-sized aquarium or fish tank/bowl for your fish. This should be something of a reasonable size that can be carried by one person easily. You should be able to transport this in your car without any trouble. You may need a few things to ensure that this smaller fish tank is stable throughout the trip. Grab your fish using a fishnet and transfer them into this portable tank or fish bag. Make sure that the space within this container is enough for your fish to be able to roam around freely. This will help them stay calm. If you want, you can buy something with a small air pump as well. If you are traveling a long distance, this should prove to be highly beneficial.

2. Remove All Your Plants Carefully

Remove All Your Plants Carefully

It is better to remove all the vegetation and foliage from the inside of the fish tank before you drain all the water out of it. You can also ask the moving company personnel to help you out with this. If you have any long weeds and vines or similar plants, you must pluck them out carefully, and transfer them to another vase with clean water. Don’t leave them out for long because that will only dry them out.

3. Drain Out All The Water

Syphoning the fish tank water is very crucial. You will need a hose to do this. You will also have to make use of water buckets and an extra syphon kit to make sure that there is no leftover water in the corners and edges of the fish tank.

4. Cleaning Your Aquarium

Cleaning Your Aquarium

You will have to make sure that the inner walls and surfaces of your fish tank are absolutely clean. For this, you will have to invest in a strong scrubber and a mild detergent. Use enough detergent and pressure with the scrub to dissolve and get rid of all the water stains. You might also have to deal with unwanted vegetation and algae depending on how long you have been using this aquarium. This is a very common problem with fish tanks. But once you are done scrubbing them out nicely, the result is always worth it. After you have cleaned the aquarium and drained out all the messy water, leave it out to dry for a few hours.

5. Remember Not To Feed Your Fish

Why do we say that? It is because refraining from feeding your fish for at least 24 hours before you move the fish tank is going to reduce the amount of waste that your fish may produce before the move. Also, you don’t want to spend any more time cleaning the new smaller fish tanks, containers, and bowls that you have bought.

6. Protect Your Aquarium Decor

Protect Your Aquarium Decor

Your aquarium decor is going to usually consist of fake plants, rocks, pebbles, ornaments, fake fish, treasure boxes, pirates, tiny snorkeling equipment, small scuba divers, and a lot more. All these need to be removed and dried up. You then need to transfer them into suitable moving boxes. Make sure that all the breakable and delicate items are padded intelligently so that they do not collide with one another while they are in transit. Use enough wrapping paper and styrofoam peanuts for the purpose.

7. Setting Up Your Aquarium In Your New House

Setting Up Your Aquarium In Your New House

Once the fish tank has been transported by the moving company to your new house, ask the house movers to set it up in your preferred spot. Take out the small fish tanks and fish bowls. Feed your fish the first thing you arrive at your new house. Do not overdo it though. The next thing that you should do is set up your large fish tank with all the ornaments, plants, and other accessories. Set up the automatic air pump as well. Fill it up with water and once it is enough to house your fish, let them in easily. Transferring your fish into the large fish tank should not be that difficult. You are going to need your fishnet for this. Just scoop them up carefully and bring the net over to the fish tank, submerge it in the water, and let them swim into the large space.

Extra Fish Tank Removal Tips To Remember

8. Make sure that you never try to transport your fish tank when it is half full/half empty. The weight of the sloshing water is only going to make it difficult for the house movers to get it out of your old home and into your new house.

9. Do not cover the small fish tank or fish bowl completely with the lid. You need to leave some space for air to pass through so that your fish can breathe.

10. Make use of enough padding and bubble wrap to secure the small fish tanks and fish bowls when you are transporting them to your new house.

11. If you have to feed your fish during transport, just drop in a few granules of fish food and nothing more. Do not make the mistake of filling the fish bowl with food, especially if it is a long trip to your new house.

    12. You must make use of moving straps and durable planks when trying to move your fish tank from your old house to the moving vehicle. 

      13. Do not rush this process. Be very gradual and meticulous when moving your aquarium. Haste is only going to lead to mishaps and damage to your large fish tank.

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