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July 25, 2023

By cbdmovers

8 Errors In Judgment That Directly Increase Your Moving Costs In 2023

8 Errors In Judgment That Directly Increase Your Moving Costs In 2023

This could be even more pressure than you feel in your head when your wife argues with you. And that is saying something, isn’t it? You would agree that moving to a new house invites a lot of chaos and confusion. You are highly likely to make some very silly mistakes that you never thought would come to you so naturally. It just all happens in a flow and it makes you doubt your intelligence. This happens to everybody, especially if you are in the middle of interstate moving. But we are here to prevent things from getting out of hand. If you have already chosen removalists for this, it could help you out even more and prevent you from wrecking your monthly budget. Let’s have a look at a few errors in judgment that can lead to some of the biggest mistakes house movers often make:

1. Not Creating A Checklist

Not Creating A Checklist

You have to create a checklist of all the things that you need to move, store, sell, replace, repair, and also a list of things that you should get rid of. If you decide to take everything with you to your new house, you will add significantly to your overall moving costs. By not organizing a garage sale or donating a portion of your belongings, you invite unnecessary clutter to your new home. This adds to your moving cost and you are not able to make any seed money for packing materials either which would have come through a garage sale of your old belongings.

2. Not Choosing A Removalist

Remember to make a list of all the leading removalists in your city before you plan this move. You should be able to find moving services that excel in interstate moving on a budget. If you book their services on time, you are highly likely to find the best offers and services. You might be in for a surprise if we tell you that moving to your new house on your own could be a lot more expensive. You will have to spend money on several things such as:

  • Moving equipment 
  • Dollies 
  • Moving straps 
  • Packing material 
  • Vehicle on rent 
  • Storage facility 
  • Fuel 
  • Food and Beverages

The cost of all of these is going to run in hundreds of dollars. But when you hire the services of a professional moving company, the cost of all these items is included in the final package that they have on offer. You do not have to pay separately for the moving equipment or the moving van.

3. Failing To Conduct Interviews

Failing To Conduct Interviews

If you fail to conduct an interview with the moving company, it is not going to pan out as you expect. It is an absolute necessity that you have a one-on-one conversation with the removalist. It is better to visit their physical office before you get into the details of the moving service they provide. Make sure that the house movers always have a verifiable address that you can physically visit. Do not fall for their tall claims and especially the ones that give you any specific “guarantees”. Remember, this industry is full of uncertainty, and if you find any interstate moving company giving you “warranties” and “guarantees”, it is definitely a red flag and something you shouldn’t fall for.

4. Forgetting To Check Out Their Reviews

This could cost you a lot in the long run. If you are not aware of the reputation of the interstate moving company, it is not a good idea to move forward with them. Check them out on social media, preferably on LinkedIn. This is because it is one of the most reliable sources of information regarding any business that you want to know more about. You can connect with customers that have already used their services in the past. Talk to them about the quality of moving services that they offer. Get to know the company better before you sign the agreement.

5. Getting Your Estimates Mixed Up

Getting Your Estimates Mixed Up

Usually, anybody would advise you to invite at least 4 or 6 estimates from the leading house movers in the city. This is because it helps you draw comparisons and you can choose the best package that suits your budget and requirements. Remember, some movers and packers are going to charge a little extra for loading and unloading your cargo. Some of them may charge you a nominal amount for helping out in the interior design of your new place. Some might want nothing in exchange for reassembling your heavy furniture pieces. You have to take your pick cleverly.

6. Signing The Contract Without Reading

Signing The Contract Without Reading

This is a big mistake that you should always avoid. Regardless of how dependable the removalist might seem to be, it is not a good idea to sign the contract without reading the terms and conditions mentioned in it. If there happens to be any hidden fee, you should get clarity on it before anything else. If there are any clauses that invite additional charges, you should be aware of them before you pick that pen.

7. Choosing The Expensive Service

Choosing The Expensive Service

Do you think that choosing expensive removalists is the way to go? What about the quality of the moving services that they provide? Have you paid attention to the reviews and testimonials of their previous clients? If you have ignored all of this and gone straight for the pricing, it could be a disaster. Not every expensive service that you see on the market turns out to be worth the money you are willing to spend. This is why a lot of stress is given to the importance of reviews and testimonials. This is the word coming out straight from the horse’s mouth. If you ignore it, you could be in for a lot of frustration.

8. Giving More Than 20% As A Deposit

Are you serious? Did you just agree to pay more than 20% as the initial deposit? Seems you are not very much in love with your hard-earned money. You are not supposed to pay anything more than 10-20% of the entire amount as your initial deposit under any circumstances. Period. If you have made that mistake, it is better to ask for a refund right away. If the moving company asks for such a big amount, take this as a red flag and step back.

So, what are you thinking? Do you think you have made the same mistakes? Or is it possible that you might be looking at a similar pattern in your attitude? Make sure to pick the right removalists in the city. Remember not to panic. Manage your time well. Make sure that the house movers provide more than just regular moving services. And when in doubt, have a look at this blog and you will be sorted.

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