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Introducing Australia’s Most Efficient Removalist: CBD Movers Will Help You to Move Easily

CBD Movers are originally from Melbourne - a premium removalist operating all over Australia. We offer top-quality removal services at amazingly low prices. Apart from having a well-built infrastructure of around 150+ trucks and 350+ movers, the staff is helpful and skilled. CBD Movers’ removal services believe in delivering great service to their esteemed customers.

From house removals to office removals, we handle it all. CBD Movers are experts at furniture removals and relocation and we aim to minimise risks and deliver to their full potential.

The moving team at CBD Movers is experienced and talented. Apart from offering mainstream removal services such as home and office removals, We also provide valet premium services as antique & pet removals also.

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Years of removalist experience has launched CBD Movers to the forefront of the removals scene in Australia. One of the renowned moving companies and the stats show it.


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CBD Movers Moving Services: Explore how the Removalists can Help you Move Easily Across Australia


House Removalists

CBD Movers can help you move anything from a single-bedroom/studio apartment to an entire duplex or even a bungalow! With a well-trained removal staff at their disposal, the removalists have all the right skills to relocate your house quickly and at amazing prices. CBD Movers are well-equipped to execute removals of any shape and size. Moving companies operating for several years now are aware of the pain points of the customers and have solutions on how to address them.

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Office Removalists

CBD Movers are not limited to residential removals only; we have several years of experience in the field of office removals as well. The company’s expertise in furniture removals ensures that office moves are completed with efficiency. Care is taken to minimise risks while transporting heavy furniture and other office materials.

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Storage Spaces

You can move anywhere in Australia with CBD Movers; the removalists can also help you to store your precious items while you are away or if you simply need a place for safekeeping. Storages are available across the country including major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra. These spaces can be rented at low prices and help to move your items to these storage units very easily.

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Interstate Removalists

We have a trained staff of movers and drivers along with an extensive fleet of well-conditioned vehicles that can easily carry our interstate removals. With a lot of experience in this specific domain, we offer efficient and price-optimum solutions for long-distance removals, both commercial and residential.

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Packaging Supplies

The removalists also provide premium quality packaging material that you can purchase at convenient prices. We offer packing and unpacking services with an all-round service package. The movers will take off the burden from your shoulders by packing everything at your house, loading, transporting, and then unpacking everything at the new location.

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Premium Removalist Services

CBD Movers take pride in the fact that their removalist services encompass a diverse range of customers. From a simple man with a van package to comprehensive antique removal plans, the removalists are a one-stop solution to your moving needs. Piano removals, heavy furniture removals, office goods removals, valet services, delivery of miscellaneous items, storage spaces, you name it; CBD Movers has it covered.

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Australia; A Quick Glance at the Country and its Removalist Scene

Know more about the Australian removalist industry and moving services in the country

Australia is a developed country and competes with USA and Europe in terms of economy, growth, and standard of living. It comes as no surprise that the QoS or the quality of service demands a certain standard. With the need for premium removalist services on the rise, we bring to you some of the following facts.

A whopping 3 million Australians demand interstate or house removal services annually. With such a huge customer base up for grabs, removalists such as CBD Movers offer as many unique and additional services as they can. Home removals, office removals, and packing & unpacking are not enough. To maintain a certain threshold while offering additional services is quite an overwhelming goal for any removalist in Australia

Not only is the demand high for cheap removalists, budget-friendly moving companies are the top pick here in Australia. The majority of these moves (28%) are one to two bedroom apartments. But removalists such as CBD Movers are efficient in home removals as well as furniture removals in order to compete in this economic climate.

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    Thinking of Hiring an Efficient Removalist in Australia? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!


    Choose Experienced Removalists

    Experience is the first parameter that you need to go for before choosing a removalist in Australia. Especially for long-distance house relocations, expertise is essential. Experienced removalists know how to handle tricky situations and manage resources better.

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    Honest Removal Estimates

    Who wants to pay more if you get the same quality of service at a cheaper price? Obviously, there are certain price standards in the removalist industry; but, a moderately priced removal company is the way forward. Look for a removalist who is transparent with their quotations.

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    Moving Capabilities of the Removalist

    What is the first thing you search when you are looking for a removalist online? ‘Removalists near me’? Or ‘Cheap Removalists in Australia’? The straight fact is that a local removalist in your vicinity automatically gets your trust. Well-equipped removalists are hard to find and this is why CBD Movers come with a proper infrastructure to back its services.

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    Comprehensive Removal Solutions

    Your removalist should be able to do everything from a man with a van solution to moving industrial complexes with the same level of ease. Experience is an important factor again here. An all-round removalist will provide packaging materials, help you pack in packing, loading and finally unpack at the new locations.

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    Customer Satisfaction is the Priority

    It is not about picking something up and transporting it elsewhere. The ‘human’ factor is very important and it is the most important when it comes to customer relationships. A helpful and submissive staff makes the whole removal more pleasant for everyone. Professional removalists take this parameter very seriously.

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    Urgent Removal Service

    Other than the simple house and office removals, moving companies also offer services such as pet removals and heavy furniture removals. If your requirements are a little unique, look for removalists that cater to your specific demands. For example, CBD Movers can make moving with pets very easy. If you need temporary storage while moving, that can also be arranged.

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    How CBD Movers, Removalists in Australia, Provide Local Services and All-Round Removal Solutions

    “Experience in the removalist industry has guided CBD Movers to become one of the very best. Cheap local moving companies are hard to come by in this economy, but CBD Movers manages to cater at very convenient removal prices”

    CBD Movers are successful movers in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and other urban areas. Their removal services have helped more than 100,000 people move easily across Australia in a year. Removalists of this calibre are on the top because of their commitment to the moving industry and because of their all-round expertise.

    • House removals at convenient prices.
    • Office removals and heavy furniture removals.
    • Man with a van.
    • Packing and Unpacking services.
    • Quality Packaging Materials.
    • Storage spaces at cheap prices all across Australia.
    • Premium removalist services such as pet removals and antique removals.
    • Valet services.
    • Heavy furniture removals and piano movers.


    Total Reviews

    15 Year+

    Experience Movers

    Removalists Thrive on Customer Reviews! CBD Movers’ Valued Customers Have Something to Say!

    Tom Noyes
    Tom Noyes
    May 18, 2022.
    Great service with friendly workers that dug in to get the work done. Highly recommend.
    Walker J
    Walker J
    May 18, 2022.
    The two guys did a great job and the price was very reasonable. Would use them again
    Jarrod Reti
    Jarrod Reti
    May 18, 2022.
    Update: 18th of May. Was contacted by the company and was offered $50 to remove or update review to 4 star or higher or remove completely but would only pay after I updated the review. So 4.1 star rating may not be accurate For poor value for money. They arrived on time but they took 4hrs to do something that realistically could of taken 2hrs if they did the job properly. They took everything out the garage instead of the front door. Instead of taking multiple small loads(new house was a 2min drive) they took over 2hrs to try stack as much stuff on as possible. They tried to add an extra hour on to the final price. My fridge was damaged. Then after the end of the second trailer they said they held my property hostage after i told them i aint paying anything till its off and we sat there for 30mins until they removed the stuff. Movers just dont listen and are very slow. It almost feels intentional. Borderline scam. They even recommended me a cleaner that quoted 460 and as soon as they got onsite they tried to remove kitchen and bathrooms and tried to give me a new quote of +900 or i had to pay a $100 cancellation fee .
    Milo and Inge Miladinovic
    Milo and Inge Miladinovic
    May 18, 2022.
    We had a great experience with CBD Movers. We booked last minute and they were still able to accommodate us on the day we requested. On the day, they were professional, efficient, and took really good care of our belongings. Even though it was pouring rain and parking was inconvenient they worked really hard to get everything done as quickly as possible. The pricing is also incredibly reasonable and we appreciated that we were able to help out to make it all go a bit faster. I will note that they didn't move anything into our property as we did that part, so I can't comment on the quality of that service. However, this was our preference due to the rain and external time constraints. The transportation of our belongings to the property was great.

    Confused About Removalists in Australia? See if Your Removal Queries Matches With These Frequently Asked Questions.

    • What do I need to look out for while choosing a removalist?

      Pricing and experience are the two major factors. You may also look for the range of services that the company offers. Reading online reviews also helps in choosing a good removalist.

    • How does CBD Movers charge customers for its removalist services?

      CBD Movers will first understand your requirements and then send an estimate based on your needs. CBD Movers charge on an hourly basis. You can avail services by calling 1300 CBD Movers.

    • Do you provide a packing services when moving?

      Yes, we do. We have well trained and experienced packers team who makes sure to customize each step according to the customer’s needs.

    • Can I move pianos, antiques, and other heavy items with CBD Movers?

      Yes, you can. CBD Movers are an all-round, one-stop removalist in Australia. Apart from these, you can avail pet removals, valet services, antique removals, etc. as well.

    • How do I ensure the safety of my items while packing?

      Though we suggest that you let the removalists pack everything, CBD Movers also sell packaging material. The company can help you understand what kinds of items need special care while packing and what materials to use while packing certain goods.

    • Which cities in Australia can CBD Movers help me move to?

      CBD Movers and Removalists can help you move anywhere in Australia. The removalists receive the highest number of moving requirements from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide.

    • How long does it take to move? Do CBD Movers take urgent removal calls?

      It depends on the volume of the items that need to be transported. CBD Movers will ideally complete the move in less than two days or within a day. However, timelines are highly dependent on the bulk of items.

      CBD Movers also take urgent calls but prefer a heads-up 10 to 15 days before you want to move.

    • How many trucks do I need to move?

      Only after assessing your inventory, CBD Movers will give you a suitable solution based on your budget and the distance across which the items need to be transported. If you are moving in the same city, a single truck can make multiple trips back and forth. For removals over larger distances, you might need more trucks.

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