Proper Moving Boxes for your Move

  • You get to choose from a wide variety of moving boxes so that each item is properly transported to the new place.
  • Boxes for moving are a great way to organize all your belongings and keep a proper inventory of stuff before you hitch the wagon!
  • Moving boxes can be purchased from your local mart and are amazing at keeping clothes and upholstery from crumpling during transit.
  • Boxes for moving come in different sizes so that you can keep everything separate and categorized before the removal. You don’t want tabasco spoiling your whitest bedsheets now, do you?
  • Moving boxes make it easier to keep your prized possessions safe during a removal. They are ideal for transporting fragile items such as glassware, china, and ceramics.
  • Moving boxes are ideal for safely transporting electronics (buffering them from the shocks experienced during transit) – a TV set, microwave or your favorite pair of speakers that you absolutely need at your new apartment.

Why You Should Invest in Proper Moving Boxes

  • Buying boxes for moving is always a better option to go for since you get the best quality out of them.
  • New moving boxes may seem like an extra expense but they will help you in storing your items even after you have moved.
  • Since moving boxes are recyclable and renewable, they are the safer and more sustainable option to go for.
  • You can also sell your moving boxes after the move is done. It is always better to go for new ones since they have an extended lifespan and are sturdy to go when you moving locally, interstate or even internationally.
  • Investing in moving boxes will allow you to get everything moved properly without the risk of damage or spillage. You might repent later in case you don't make this investment on moving boxes for your move.
  • Do not go for used moving boxes although they might also be an option, but used or second hand moving boxes won’t be able to take the weight of your goods.

Moving Boxes – Some Options to Go For and What to Expect

    If you ask any professional removalist, they will always tell you to keep everything safe and secure before a move. Also, each category or even subcategory of items needs different kinds of packing before moving. It is absolutely crucial to invest in proper and appropriate moving boxes in order to reduce the risk of damage.

    Boxes for moving come in all shapes and sizes – literally.

    What we’ve done here is listed down some of the most commonly used moving boxes and how much they cost on average. We’ve also done the research for you and noted down the purpose of each box. Finally, you can also check what other accessories are required to complete the entire package!


100L-110L Moving Box (Large)

Around 10 ‘110L’ moving boxes (and 5 ‘61L’ moving boxes) are generally required to help move all the common items in a single studio apartment. These boxes are usually made up of cardboard. However, you may also come across 110L moving boxes that are made up of cardboard mixed with polymers to give them extra strength and increase their lifespan.

  • Size: W-465mm, L-360mm, H-600mm
  • The large moving boxes usually go for about $6 on average (including the items mentioned below)
  • The large boxes are also called tea set boxes and 3-4 of these can hold all your kitchen items
  • 2.5kg worth of butcher’s tape and 2 rolls of packing tape can generally do the job for a single bedroom apartment (1 roll)

50L-70L Moving Box (Medium)

61L moving boxes are ideal for decorative pieces, antiques, cutlery, small books, and documents. They also come in different kinds of materials but the predominant remains cardboard. They range from light to heavy-duty. You can procure these boxes from most of the common retailers.

  • Size: W-335mm, L-310mm, H-500mm
  • The medium moving boxes usually go for about $2.5-$3 on an average
  • Extra strong medium boxes may cost up to $4 as well

25L-40L Moving Box (Small)

These small boxes are fantastic for storing accessories and miscellaneous items. They are mostly used for carrying lightweight articles but you can also order heavy-duty small moving boxes if the need arises. They are best used as complements to the larger boxes.

  • Size: W-230mm, L-310mm, H-445mm
  • The small-sized moving boxes usually go for about $1-$2 on an average
  • Available in heavy-duty material as well

257L Moving Box (Port-A-Robe)

Made specifically for moving clothes and upholstery, port-a-robe is quite self-explanatory with its name. They are designed to carry large and heavy items that help them withstand long transits during interstate removals as well.

  • 257L moving boxes usually go for about $16 on an average
  • hey remove the necessity to fold clothes during a removal
  • They assist in keeping things organized and quick as well

Television Moving Box

It's in the name! TV moving boxes are heavy duty and made from durable materials. They are not available everywhere, so it is better to do your research before procurement. Also, you would generally need just one of these so getting a good rate is difficult if you’re only buying a single box.

  • TV moving boxes usually go for about $69-$99 on an average
  • They come in all kinds of sizes for different sized televisions
  • They usually have built-in holes to help carry them more easily

Picture/Painting Moving Box

They are built to protect framed paintings and mirrors. Although there is a standard size available, you can procure different sized picture moving boxes from just anywhere where you are sourcing your other packing materials.

  • Size: W-75mm, L-775mm, H-1040mm
  • Picture moving boxes may also have safety padding inside them
  • Pricing for picture boxes depends on their size

Slider Moving Box

You can buy these boxes if you are moving a lot of fragile items. Slider moving boxes are designed in a way that you can also store different items in a single box.

  • Size: W-120mm, L-920mm, H-1550mm
  • These also have padding inside them for safety
  • They are ideal for breakable objects and can cost upto $10

What’s Next Now That You Know So Much About Moving Boxes

    Moving with a removalist would make things easier for you when you are procuring boxes as well. They can help you get the best price and most removalists also supply their own packing material. Removalists can also help you with sound advice and give you a good idea about the pricing.

    Another helpful tip before we sign off – always make an inventory before a removal, however small or large the job is. It will help you understand your own requirements and buy the exact moving boxes that suit your needs. Happy moving!

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