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CBD Movers™ is one of the best interstate moving companies in Australia, servicing locations including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra, and Brisbane. Our team of experienced removalists will make your interstate move easier. We can take care of every detail, from packing your existing home or office to transporting your cars or pets. It’s a much better option to hire a professional interstate moving team that knows exactly what is needed at the stage of the process. If you’re moving interstate, contact our home and furniture removalists to see how we can help.

CBD Movers™ will help you to relocate wherever you are going. We are proud to run the largest and most valued interstate moving service in Australia. A large number of individuals, businesses, and government entities trust us to move across Australia every year. When it comes to moving interstate, we make the entire process stress-free and streamlined. CBD Movers can meet all your needs, including packing, transportation, insurance and even setting up your new home or office.

As a premier home and furniture removals company, CBD Movers has been providing proficient interstate relocation services for over 10 years. Our home and furniture removalists have been with the company for years; we’re proud of our people and the excellent interstate moving services they provide for every state of Australia. Their skills, long-term business experience, and professional behaviour are some of the main reasons why our customers love us and have helped us to become Australia’s best interstate removal company.

We are very proud of our modern storage facilities and our clean and reliable fleet of trucks and vans. Our customers can rest assured that CBD Movers will deliver their goods, pets, and other valuables on time, safe and sound, and within their budget. Even if you’re not moving interstate, our home and furniture removalists can still help you. Whether you want to move around the city or you need interstate removalist services, our competitively priced removal service can meet your needs.


Our Top Removalist’s Services

CBD Movers offers multiple home moving solutions to Australian residents, based on their requirements. The moving weight, your budget, and distance all these factors will come into play when tailoring the perfect removal solution designed especially for you.


Office Removals

Additionally, CBD Movers does hassle-free workplace moves. We have years of experience providing office removalist services in Australia, and we complete the task flawlessly and diligently. We adhere to all safety regulations to safeguard your high-end office supplies.

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Interstate & Intercity Removals

Customers from all across Australia can use CBD Movers' removal services. CBD Movers has considerable expertise in helping relocation to and from several locations such as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra. CBD Movers operates as intercity and an interstate removalist company throughout Australia.

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Packing and Unpacking

If desired, we can offer packing and unpacking services in Australia. We offer a variety of packing supplies. To prevent any harm, unpacking is done under stringent safety guidelines. We also provide low-cost packing supplies.

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Safe Storage Areas

While you are moving to a new location, CBD Movers provides designated storage areas for furniture and other vital items. You have the choice of a space based on time intervals. The storage options are numerous at CBD Movers.

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Furniture Removals

As furniture movers and removalists in Australia, CBD Movers provide reasonable furniture moving services (local and interstate). We are experts at the methods used to move furniture of all weights securely from one location to another.

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Australian Domestic Moves

CBD Movers offers residents a range of house-moving alternatives to suit their needs. Your budget, the distance to be travelled, and the weight of the items being moved will all be taken into account as we create the perfect moving solution, particularly for you. Get in touch with us if you need house removals services.

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What Can We Move?

From general furniture to specialist items, our team can move it all for you. Our expertise includes:

  • Pool tables
  • Bulky items
  • Fragile items
  • Heavy furniture
  • Pianos
  • Large screen TVs
  • Antique items
  • Heavy glass tables
  • Expensive furniture
  • Pets and plants
  • And much more!

Business Hours

CBD Movers maintains regular business hours but can work around you to ensure your belongings are packed, loaded, moved, and unloaded according to schedule. If you’re moving interstate, contact us today and we will work around your needs.


Locations We Serve


Why Choose CBD Movers When Moving Interstate?

When you're moving interstate, you want the process to be quick, easy, and hassle-free. To make your move comfortable, hire CBD Movers™, a professional interstate removal service provider that can meet your relocation needs. By partnering with us, you will have continuous advice and assistance tailored to your situation. Our experienced interstate movers in Australia will take care of your furniture and household goods. We know how important it is to have everything you need in your new place in good condition.

Our home and furniture removals company will work diligently to ensure that you can quickly unpack your things and make your new residence a home. When you work with us, you will be able to focus on other things. Our hardworking and experienced staff have made so many customers happy all over Australia, and we would be honour to assist you.

Moving Interstate: Core Feature of Our Interstate Moving Service

  • Careful, attentive customer service to assist with specific moving needs
  • We have professional packers and movers who will move your goods with the utmost care.
  • We understand the needs of the customer and act accordingly.
  • More than 10 years of extensive interstate removals experience.
  • Budget-friendly interstate moving services.
  • We aim to provide customer satisfaction for you when moving interstate

Choose CBD Movers to ensure that:

  • Your belongings aim to be moved with care
  • Your belongings aim to be moved with trust
  • Your belongings aim to be moved stress-free
  • Your belongings aim to be moved safely
  • Your belongings aim to be moved affordably
  • Your belongings aim to be moved securely

Let us know about your interstate removal requirements and we will quote you the most affordable price. Talk to us and we would be pleased to offer you a solution according to your budget and level of urgency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Try to give the moving firms the time they require, especially if your move will take place during the previously mentioned hectic summer season. The best time for moving estimators to visit your home and do a visual inventory of your goods is six weeks before the actual moving date. If your employer requires you to submit relocation estimates for a business move, it is also beneficial to give yourself additional time to decide. Make an effort to choose your moving company at least a few weeks before the actual moving day.
Call the moving company to confirm your reservation and to make arrangements for packing, loading, and delivery dates. If your relocation occurs outside of peak moving seasons with significant moving traffic, this time frame can be shortened.
Four main elements affect how much it will cost to move furniture from one state to another. You must first think about how far you want to travel. You must pay for fuel and the upkeep of one or more cars whether you move or employ a certified mover. The total weight of the furniture is the second thing you need to consider. The total moving cost is also influenced by the price of packing materials and whether you decide to store any of the furniture in a storage facility. You must choose which pieces you can afford to leave behind to transport furniture from one state to another in the cheapest method possible. To get rid of some stuff and collect money for the move at the same time, you can also conduct a garage sale.
The busiest times for movers are often throughout the summer, between May 15 and September 15. Moving activity seems to be particularly high during these months for all reputable moving businesses. When deciding on the optimum moving time for your needs, it's crucial to take all considerations into account. Giving the moving company a 5-day window to load your goods can have so many benefits if you leave some leeway in your relocation timetable.
This will give the person in charge of organizing the drivers and moving staff for your move considerable flexibility. If at all possible, be flexible with your arrival time as well. Keep in mind that the moving truck may be filled with more than just your things. However, including some wiggle room in your moving schedule can significantly improve and streamline your move.
The answer to this question depends on how big your move is and whether you require any additional moving services. The simplest approach to figure out the cost of the move is to request a free moving estimate. All moving businesses provide free moving estimates over the phone or online. For local moves, you can even get a free in-home moving quote, which will give you a precise estimate.
As a result, start reaching out to moving firms and be sure to let them know about every component of your move. At CBD Movers, you can quickly and conveniently get a precise moving quote. Use our moving cost estimator to get precise quotes from qualified movers that are tailored to your moving needs.
A moving contract known as binding estimate details the real cost of moving based on the services required or requested during the estimate in advance. The entire cost will rise if additional moving services are requested or needed at either the origin or the destination.
Now is the quick and simple response. If you are reading this article and are on this page, you are presumably planning or looking to make a move. Even if you choose to work with a moving company, there are some preparations you can make right away, such as purging and organizing your possessions, completing your change of address form, setting up the transfer of your utilities, and learning a lot about your new neighborhood.
It helps to hire a moving company well in advance of the move to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. You take pleasure in having the assurance that a reputable crew of moving specialists has been selected. Many movers offer discounts or free services that are added to moves as a thank you to consumers who make reservations months in advance. A decent place to start is at least two months before the relocation is carried out during the off-peak moving season between Labor Day and Memorial Day, although there are no agreed-upon amounts of months in advance. You should book your space on a moving company's schedule at least four months in advance if you intend to move during the summer. Most movers reserve a few places for last-minute requests for moves that take no longer than one week.
All moving costs must be paid before your shipment is unloaded at the destination per tariff requirements. Cash, money orders, and certified checks are all acceptable forms of payment. With your professional moving service provider, you can arrange for additional payment methods, such as a credit card. To avoid a delivery delay, your costs may be charged up to two days before loading. With the relocation consultant or customer support representative assigned to your cargo, go over these choices. If your employer is footing the expense for the relocation, they may have made prior arrangements to be invoiced. It doesn't matter what works best for you; just make sure the details are settled before packing and loading start. If the method of payment isn't decided before load day, it can cause issues for you on delivery day.
The majority of movers won't take your plants. They frequently pass away from the strain and heat of being inside the moving trailer. While some states do not permit the importation of plants, others do so with restrictions. There are certain states with no laws at all. Before transporting the plants in your car, be careful to grasp the laws in your state.

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What to Think before hiring Removalists Australia needs the most?

Experienced Removalist

Making the best decision for yourself often involves considering your experience as a top-notch mover in Australia. Choose a moving company with solid experience and expertise.

Comprehensive Removalist Services

It's also critical to consider how many different services are available, like storage facilities, packing, and unpacking, specialty furniture removals, etc. A quality mover provides a one-stop-shop.

Budget-Friendly Removal Costs

The distance and weight of the objects that need to be moved, together with a few other considerations, influence the cost of removal. Finding a removalist with reasonable rates is the best course of action.

Moving Supplies

Some Australian moving firms don't provide packing materials like sliders, ramps, cartons, etc. As said earlier, a good removalist attends to all of your needs and provides prompt solutions.

Helpful Removalist Team

A helpful and knowledgeable crew makes the customer's move easier and more enjoyable. More than 325 qualified movers from CBD Movers are available in Australia right away.

Removal Prerequisites

Make sure that you have everything sorted and planned. If you are moving with kids or pets, careful planning is necessary. Contact CBD Movers at 1300 223 668 for advice on moving preparations.

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Perks of Hiring CBD Movers When Moving Interstate


A Deal That Suits You!

When it comes to affordability, you can’t go past CBD Movers. Our professional removalists offer affordable prices with no hidden costs. We will let you know our hourly rates when applicable and any other costs you may face, meaning there are no nasty surprises. Best of all, CBD Movers can tailor a moving package to suit your needs.

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Peace of Mind

Moving can be a stressful time, and CBD Movers can take some of that stress off your shoulders. We offer professional packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, as well as storage services. All of this is backed by comprehensive transit insurance.

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Experienced Team

Every time you move, you will face brand new challenges. Whether you’re moving for the first time, or you’ve moved many times before, CBD Movers ensure everything goes smoothly. Our experienced team has encountered all the obstacles you may face, and we can help you overcome them for an easier move.

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You Can Focus on What Matters

When you’re moving interstate, you have plenty of things to focus on. Let CBD Movers help you relocate with stress-free moving services. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your big move, from business decisions to personal finances.

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Fully Planned from Start to Finish

A lot of planning goes into the moving process! When you choose CBD Movers, you can book with confidence knowing that we will take care of it all. Our friendly team of professionals will work with you to ensure everything is taken care of according to plan – including important deadlines and budgetary considerations.

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Sit Back and Relax Faster!

Moving is supposed to be a joyous experience. With CBD Movers on your side, you can get into your new property faster, giving you a moment to sit back, relax, and plan your future in your new property. Get in touch today for an obligation-free quote.

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CBD Movers Speaks: Helpful Tips on Australia Removals

  • Make an inventory: Before moving, it's critical to have a complete understanding of all your possessions. Despite the best efforts of removal firms to protect your belongings, things might nevertheless go lost during transit.
  • Organize: Clear out the clutter and group things according to categories like size or weight. It is challenging to keep track of everything on moving days. Australian moving companies like CBD Movers offer packing and unpacking assistance, however, it is best to be organized.
  • Important Documents: You will require new things when you relocate, including a new doctor, school, and everything else! Preserve all of your paperwork in a safe place to facilitate the transfer.
  • Update your contacts: Inform all of your crucial connections that you are going. Update your phone book and cancel your present services.
  • Transfer your services:Transferring your state utilities to the new place is also crucial. In a foreign location, you don't want to be without essentials.

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