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December 31, 2021

By CBD Movers

Revisiting 2021- How the Year Panned Out for Australia

Revisiting 2021- How the Year Panned Out for Australia

2021 was surely an exciting ride. With ups and downs carved deep into this year’s fabric, we at CBD Movers considered taking a round-up of the year. Having a removalist staff of 325 with 150+ Trucks and more than 100000 moves, we just raised the benchmark within the Australian Packing and Moving Market by winning awards and accolades in terms of quality services. Highlighted below are some of the key events of 2021.

January: Words of the Australian National Anthem Changed to Become More Inclusive

In an attempt to make the national anthem, “Advance Australia Fair”, more inclusive of all people, Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the announcement that there will be a slight change of wording. The words, ‘for we are young and free’ were changed to ‘for we are one and free’.

Under scrutiny for several years prior, the change had been made to be more supportive of the indigenous people of Australia.

February: First Vaccinations from Pfizer Arrived in Australia. Vaccine Administrations Began

Around 142,000 Pfizer vaccines for COVID-19 reached the shores of Sydney on the 15th of February. The first administrations began from the 22nd of February. For a pandemic that ate up most of 2020 and impacted the global and Australian economy drastically, the events certainly changed the outlook of most major industries especially logistics, transport, and real estate.

Also, during this month, Facebook blocked all Australian news websites from sharing any news from the island country.

March: Major Floods, Protests, and Lockdowns

Heavy rainfall affected the country forcing urgent evacuations to be made. New South Wales was affected the most. Road blockages and transport delays resulted in quite a few monetary losses across the state.

In other news, thousands of people attended ‘Justice Rallies’ organised against gender-based violence and office harassment.

Three-day lockdowns were imposed in several cities as a UK variant of the COVID-19 was detected in Australia.

April: Victoria’s Notorious Belt and Road Agreement was Removed by the Australian Government

The deal was made between the Victorian government and China. Four agreements were signed that were targeted for better infrastructure and two of them dealt with projects in the Middle East. Saying that the agreement was not in line with the Australian foreign policy, the National Government scrapped the deal assuming power over the State Government. The move received a lot of negative actions from the Chinese government and scrapping the deal was criticized by some Australian economic experts as well.

CBD Movers Awards

CBD Movers was awarded the Customer Service award for 2021 for the 5th time in a row. Word of Mouth – an online portal providing unbiased reviews from customers recognized CBD Movers for its quality services and initiatives for customer satisfaction.

May: Tasmanian Elections 2021 Held as Peter Gutwein and His Troops Win For The Third Time

Peter Gutwein and his liberal party won the Tasmanian elections, roping in 13 out 25 seats. The labor party came in a close second with 9 seats led by Rebecca White. The third victory was a consecutive one as the liberal party performances seemed to find a steady course for years to come.

June: Delta Variant of the COVID-19 is Detected in Australia

Some of the first cases of the Delta variant of the COVID-19 were reported during June, 2021. Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Wollongong, and other close vicinities were all closed down after the Delta variant scare. Lockdowns were imposed in order to curb any dangers from the new mutations.

Two lives were lost due to floods in Eastern Victoria as waters from Traralgon Creek caused havoc. Transport and road systems were put to a halt due to the unfortunate disaster.

July: Brisbane to Host 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics as no Rival Bids Were Posted

Brisbane 2032 Summer Olympics
Image Credit: deadline.com

Australia will host the global sporting event again after Brisbane won the race to host the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in 2032. The Olympics will be hosted by Australia after 2032, with the previous one being Melbourne’s 2000 memorable Olympics. The city said that its infrastructure is almost complete even though there is a lot of time remaining for the event.

August: NSW Becomes First Australian State to Cross Thousand COVID Cases in a Single Day

More than 1024 cases were reported from the state within a day, making it a first for Australia. Sky News Australia was also barred from YouTube for allegedly reporting false news about the pandemic.

August also witnessed a return to more normalcy after the lockdowns as economies returned with better and more positive numbers.

September: Violent Protests Against Mandatory Vaccines in Melbourne

Hundreds of people gathered in front of government buildings in Melbourne on 20th September and protested against mandatory vaccinations. The Union Building was also damaged during the protests and police had to use rubber bullets to curb the protests. Construction sites were shut down for two weeks after this in order to curb the number of infections rising due to mass gatherings.

October: Mandatory COVID Jab; Police Employees Lose Case

An attempt to make vaccinations a matter of choice was made by several police officers in Queensland. The defiance to their direct superior resulted in a case and court ruling that meant that 60 or more police officers and civilians had to either get suspended or get vaccinated. The attempts made by the police officers raised around $118,000 in donations for the ‘cause’. All the police officers will have to get vaccinated by January 23rd or get suspended without pay.

November: Verry Elleegant Wins Melbourne Cup

Verry Elleegant Melbourne Cup
Image Credit: abc.net.au

Verry Elleegant won her 10th Group One Win and only her first 2400+ meter win. The ‘very elegant’ participant broke records and was amongst one of the biggest sporting sensations in November. McDonald, her rider, recorded his first ever victory and praised his steed for a quality performance. A treat for the eyes of any equestrian sport fan!

December: Omicron Hit Australia Hard; Australia Sweep Ashes 3-0 With Two More Matches to go

Huge numbers were reported from Victoria, NSW, and Queensland of the Omicron COVID-19 variant. The highly infectious strain of the virus has led the government to take several measures to curb its effects. Mask rules were reviewed and small lockdowns were imposed again. Although a complete lockdown is not a feasible solution this time around as economies have suffered enough, restrictions were put in place for restaurants, interstate travels, hospitality, etc. The Omicron is said to surpass the doubly vaccinated and is certainly raising a concern for health authorities. Health workers and hospitals are overwhelmed as well.

Australia recorded a wonderful performance in the Ashes Cup leading 3-0 at the time of writing. Amidst Omicron scare, cricket has continued and has given us a rather amazing gift around New Year’s. Australia’s exuberating performance is set to continue into 2022.

Despite the frequent lockdowns due to COVID-19 and the new threat of Omicron, CBD Movers was able to add 30 additional trucks to its existing fleet. The additional trucks are already in operation. Around 100 removalists were trained by our process and technical trainers in order to maintain the quality of moves delivered by CBD Movers.

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