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October 3, 2022

By cbdmovers

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Move Your Couch & Lounging Furniture Interstate With A Professional Moving Company

You might get a little too nervous moving interstate and especially when you have expensive couches and lounge furniture to relocate. If you haven’t worked with professional interstate movers before, you are probably not aware of their way of working. You don’t know what equipment they carry or how they intend to dismantle, pack, and move your expensive furniture pieces. But it is alright to be a little anxious and nervous. The following blog talks about a few helpful tips that will prove to be useful when you are trying to move your couch or lounge interstate all by yourself. The section below that talks about how a professional moving company can help you speed up the process if you choose to get their services on time. Let’s begin:

  1. Let’s Plan For Your Move

The first step when moving interstate is going to be planning. You will have to measure the dimensions of the couch or lounge furniture in your house. You will also have to get an idea about the dimensions of your passageways, doors, and all exits. This will make it easier for you to move your furniture out of the house. If you need to dismantle certain components of it, you will have to invest in a few moving boxes as well that help you transfer your furniture pieces safely and efficiently. In addition to this, you will also have to remove all the clutter from your house before you move the couch from its original place.

  1. Find The Right Moving Truck

The next step is to find the right moving truck and book it for the moving day. The truck should give you enough fuel efficiency so that the entire cost of it is justified. Make sure that you can drive the truck. The steering should not be too heavy and it should come with spare parts and a few maintenance tools as well. Make sure to complete all the documentation before you ask the truck person to deliver the vehicle to your house.

moving truck
  1. Preparing Your Couch For The Move

Now you will be preparing the couch for the move. Start by cleaning every corner of it. Make sure to dismantle and separate the areas that can be disassembled. This will make it easier for you to transfer your recliner without risking any damage or breakage. Cover the different components of the lounge furniture to prevent them from getting moist or dirty. It is also going to prevent scratches, dust, stains, and bumps while it is in transit.

couch movers
  1. Investing In The Right Equipment

In all the excitement of moving interstate, look what we almost forgot! To make this entire process successful, you will need a few pieces of equipment and packing materials as well. Make sure to shop for the following: 

  • Plastic wrap 
  • Moving blankets 
  • Moving dollies 
  • Furniture straps 
  • Padding cloth 
  • Moving boxes 
  • Packing tape
  • Nylon rope
  • Cotton padding

You are all set to move your lounge furniture pieces from your old house to your new place. But what if you decide that it is not your cup of tea? Should you hire a professional moving company? That is a definite yes. Let’s have a look at what a professional interstate furniture moving company can do for you.

  1. Dismantle And Safeguard Every Component

They are the experts in dismantling furniture pieces. They know how to remove the cushions and legs of your lounge furniture. The professionals are going to secure the movable parts with packing tape and extra padding right from the start. All the heavy components will be packed individually and the lighter ones will be kept in a separate box.

  1. Wrap Them Up Nicely

When it comes to moving furniture interstate, carrying the most practical and functional packing material becomes essential. They know what material is required to pack and protect your expensive lounge items and furniture pieces. They will bring with them additional plastic wrap and other padding materials as well to protect your expensive furniture from any damage and risk. The most difficult area to pack is the armrest but the professionals know what to do with them too.

furniture wrapping
  1. Help You With The Sliders

You will be struggling for a while with sliders before you finally set them up. All your heavy furniture pieces will find a spot on these sliders. You have to use them correctly to make sure that your floor doesn’t get ruined in the process. There is a trick to keeping the centre of gravity of these sliders low and moving them effortlessly which only the packers and movers are aware of.

  1. Move Out All Your Furniture Pieces

They also know how to use furniture dollies, moving straps, and ropes more efficiently. You can let them do all the heavy lifting and focus on clearing their path so that they can move out all your luggage without any trouble. There are different sizes of utility dollies that movers will use to move your furniture out of your house and straight onto the truck.

  1. Onto The Truck, The Couch Goes

You are good at lifting stuff. But doing a bench press is different from lifting a heavy couch and putting it on the floor of the truck. It is similar to climbing a small mountain. The wooden plank that is adjusted at the entry of the truck is going to be difficult to manoeuvre. You have to be very crafty with every step that you take, holding the different components of your lounge furniture. But this comes naturally to interstate furniture moving professionals. They know how to move a couch without breaking a hip or leg.

Moving Furniture Interstate – A Few Lifting Tips For You

In the end, if you still decide to move your couch or lounge furniture all by yourself, you should be aware of a few lifting tips:

  • Understand Your Limits

It is better to know how much you can lift. If you feel that you need help, do not hesitate in asking your friends or neighbours for assistance.

  • Avoid Squatting And Bending

It is never advised to squat and bend at the same time. You are not supposed to bend your back at all to lift heavy furniture pieces.

  • Lift With Your Legs And Not Your Back

Always try to lift using your legs and stomach muscles. Do not hunch or lower your neck. Do not strain your lower back at all.

  • Take Care Of The Stairs

In the end, if you have stairs, make sure to use moving straps and a couple of more helping hands. Do not make the mistake of using sliders and dollies on your stairs.

It is time to move out and on.

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