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September 29, 2022

By cbdmovers

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Moving House? 8 Ways To Organise Your Bookshelf Like A Pro

You treasure and cherish your books. You have spent years collecting them. Each book has a different story to tell, literally, and you have enjoyed every one of them page by page. There is not a single book that you would want to part with. But now the time has come to move your books from their current location to their new house. You are in the process of moving your house and this is making you excessively nervous. You don’t know how to preserve your books and paperbacks. Let’s give you a few tips on how to organize a bookshelf in your new home. Given that your new house is going to be bigger than your current residence, you will have plenty of opportunity and scope to re-imagine your book arrangement after moving house. Let’s get creative:

  1. Hardcovers Versus Paperbacks

This is a very basic method of organising your books regardless of the bookcase or shelves that you have chosen for them. You can choose one section of the shelf for your hardcovers and the other for your paperbacks. It just makes a lot of sense because then you will be able to identify your books easily by just feeling them up. This is also a great way to make it easier for anyone to spot the book they are looking for.

  1. Colourcode Your Books

Some people believe in colourcoding their books when they organise them in their new house. You can associate the stories with the colour of their covers and it also helps you make a unique statement with your bookshelf. It is a way to creatively organise your books. You can also dedicate an entire shelf to a particular colour palette making for a very attractive and appealing bookshelf in your new house.

  1. Stack Them Neatly

Some people also like to invest in tilted shelves that are very unique. They allow you to stack your books diagonally which is a very interesting arrangement to follow. You can display your books with their titles showing either alphabetically or according to the font size or style printed on the book. This makes the entire arrangement very interesting and fun to look at.

  1. Go By The Genre

This is also a very practical way of organising your books. You can categorize them by the subject or genre. This is going to make it very comfortable for you to choose the book of your choice whenever you are looking for a quick read. If you are in the mood for a happy and peppy romance, you know where to look for it. If you are in the mood for a suspense thriller, your hand knows exactly where to go on your bookcase.

  1. Alphabetical Order Is The Right Order

Alphabetical order is also one of the most basic yet interesting ways to display your books. It gives you a whole new angle and perspective because you tend to instinctively look in the direction of the book you are looking for. You know the title. You know where you have staked the book on the shelf. So it comes to you naturally and you do not have to struggle to look for the book of your choice when you are in the mood to read it. Also, it is a very satisfying arrangement. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you are finally done categorizing your texts alphabetically and putting them in the most aesthetic order.

  1. Consider Their Height And Dimensions

If you are an OCD freak, you would like this way of arranging your reads right after house moving. If alphabets, colours, and patterns do not matter to you, you can go with this technique of arranging your books on display. The height, thickness, and dimensions of your books matter a lot. You can add a lot of uniformity to your bookshelf by just following their volume and size. You can also match colours and patterns within this arrangement which is going to make it even more interesting to look at. You can also separate paperbacks from your hardcovers before you move forward with their segregation based on their height and dimensions. This way you will have created one section each for your hard and soft books.

  1. From Old To New

This is going to give a very unique appeal to your book arrangement. It will be like a wave of memories. You can start from left to right placing the oldest books that you have had right in the beginning. You can place the books that you bought later in the middle and move on to the most recent paperbacks and novels right after that and place them in the rightmost section of the bookcase. This is also a great way to identify the books that you have read a long time back and the ones that you haven’t even touched since you brought them home.

  1. Separate Fiction From Non-Fiction

Categorising and separating your books on the basis of their concept is also a very interesting way to differentiate between them. You can separate all your fictional stories from your biographies. You can also divide your books based on the year they were written in. You can include this arrangement within the fiction versus nonfiction setup. This is going to further simplify the way you organise your books.

Streamlining Your Book Collection Before You Move House

There are can be numerous ways to organise your books whether it is an old bookshelf that you have brought from your old house or a new bookcase that you have recently invested in. The first thing that you need to ascertain is whether you will be taking all your books with you or not. If you decide to lighten up your burden, donating them to people in need is a very good decision. You can also organise a yard sale for your old books if you do not wish to risk travelling with them and damaging them in transit. If you have any libraries close to your home or in your neighbourhood, you can drop them off there as well.


Your books are your first love and you don’t want them getting harmed in any way. The first thing to ensure when moving house is that they reach your new home in one piece. And for that, you must choose a house removalist that takes full responsibility for their transit and loves books as much as you do. However, if you are not able to find such a professional, it is better to carry your books in your own vehicle. Happy moving!

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