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September 14, 2022

By cbdmovers

Moving House

Moving Essentials – 10 Tips & Suggestions That Work When Moving House For The First Time

This could be one of the most confusing moments of your life. You are not only changing your home but your neighbourhood, social circle, and probably your city. Even a switch of employment could be one of the few things that follow. 

Preparing for change is never easy. Training your mind to accept all the new things in your life is never easy. But these are decisions that you don’t take only for yourself but for your loved ones and family. So regardless of what the motive of your big move might be, you must make it successful.

Let’s give you a few tips on moving essentials including all the items that you must never forget, especially when you are moving house for the first time

1. Structure Your Finances

You will have to track all your income and expenses for at least 3 months leading up to the moving date. Make sure that you have very less financial responsibilities, especially when you are trying to move interstate. All your groceries, rent, phone bills, electricity bills, and water bills should be sorted out well in advance if possible. You will also have to come up with a budget for the move and will have to stock up a little on the supplies that you are going to need throughout your transit. Also, make sure you do not leave the house with any clutter or dirt behind. Because if you do, it is going to leave a big dent in your initial deposit. Yes, you should find a dependable move-out cleaning company so that you can get your bond money back on time.

2. Think About Health Insurance

If you are moving out of your parents’ home, you might need dependable and all-encompassing health insurance coverage. This is especially relevant for students because they do not understand just how expensive healthcare can be when they move out and start living on their own. So this is one of the many essential things that you should think about before you move house.

3. Make A Snacks List

You are going to need this especially if you are travelling with kids or pets.  Cook up a bowl of cereal or saucy oats. Do not hesitate on loading up a few granola bars or trail mix. Fresh fruit is always a good option, and remember to pack at least two bottles of drinking water on the side. If you can find a few nice restaurants or cafes during transit, make sure to inform the moving van that you have made a stop to eat. A few other options are pizzas, bagels, doughnuts, and soya milk.

4. Pick Your Bath Essentials

How can you forget to pack your bath essentials? All your toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, hand towels, medium towels, shampoos, soaps, conditioners, medication, saline solution, and other necessary toiletry items should find a place in your duffle bag.

5. Grab A Change Of Clothes

You are going to need a change of clothes. If you are travelling interstate or if you know that it is going to take at least 12 hours to reach your destination, grab at least one change of clothes. Grab a pair for everyone in your family and two pairs at least for your little kids.

6. Grab A Toolkit Next

When you move into your new house, you are going to need a toolkit that contains pliers, a screwdriver, measuring tape, a hammer, screws, duct tape, nails, a flashlight, a pair of scissors, a wire cutter, and a few other things that you think you will need. Also, a pair of gloves, machine oil, and alcohol-based cleaner, should find a spot in your toolkit.

7. Prepare A First Aid Kit

You can stock up on bandages along with a few ointments, painkillers, rubbing alcohol, antibiotic cream, anti-acid liquid, a pair of scissors, and tweezers. Make sure to carry an extra prescription of your medication in the same first aid kit.

8. Don’t Forget The Chargers And Batteries

Your charger, charging brick, power bank, and batteries should never be left behind. Make sure that you carry all of them in a separate bag. If you are carrying your laptop, you can always stuff them in the side pocket. If you have any TV remote controls, digital clocks, Bluetooth speakers, flashlights, and other gadgets and accessories that run on batteries, it is better to make a separate moving box for these items. Make sure to add enough padding into that box so that none of these items end up breaking.

9. Important Documents Go Inside Your Travel Bag

You will also have to prepare a small travel bag that you will have constantly hanging across your shoulder. This is going to contain all your important documents, papers, invoices, and also lease papers of the property, in addition to your social security cards, driving license, passport, birth certificate, and other important papers.

10. Valuables Should Be Locked Up

Remember, moving out of your home is going to become a lot easier if you have your valuables constantly in front of your sight. Do not make the mistake of putting your jewellery items in a box that rattles too much. You will have to use a considerable amount of padding and soft material to protect them from dangling and banging against one another. You can also invest in small boxes and pouches for your valuable accessories and family heirlooms.

So you have moved into your new house. There are a few other essential things that you must do in addition to working on this moving-out checklist of your essential items.

  • Build community connections and participate in local activities to foster strong relationships with everyone around you
  • Work on new friendships because this is going to help you not just survive but thrive in your new neighbourhood
  • Prepare yourself emotionally because this is a life-altering decision
  • You need to become more adaptive towards your new lifestyle and the attitudes of the new people that you are going to meet practically every day


Remember, moving into a new house with new faces and people around is never going to be easy. It is a very big decision. You are going to need the help of your friends and your loved ones throughout this transition. Do not be reluctant in asking for their love and support in addition to the services of dependable house movers in your city.

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