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September 12, 2022

By cbdmovers

Give Away Furniture, Books & More In Brisbane

Donation & Relocation – How & Where To Give Away Furniture, Books & More In Brisbane

You would want to donate a lot of your old belongings when you are moving to a new place and this is not only because you want to declutter your house but because you want to make a difference in somebody’s life. That is a very noble thought but there is one catch here. You don’t know where to begin. You have already asked your friends and neighbours and they have helped you out a little by taking a few of the items that they could use but that’s it. You have thought about selling some of your items as well but then that is going to take a lot of bargaining and you will probably have to put up a garage sale as well. You will not have that much time on your hands. So, what do you do? You look for other places for furniture donations in Brisbane. Not just furniture but you can also donate your clothing, used accessories, jewellery, kitchen appliances, electronics, household goods, and other items as well.

Let’s have a look at a few spots around the city where you can donate furniture and other belongings on such short notice:

  1. GIVIT

This is a non-profit organisation working on a national level. It is also one of the most reliable undertakings you can associate with. GIVIT connects people who are in need with people who are willing to donate. Furniture and especially articles that are in good or usable condition will be readily accepted by them. It is also a very private and safe way to make donations because it connects you with people anonymously. If you are looking to do something for the marginalised community or vulnerable people who are in need, you can get in touch with GIVIT right away. Check out their website to understand how the entire process works. If any of the items that you want to donate match any current listings, you can schedule a donation at your convenience. You also have drop-off and pick-up options that you can use.

2. St Vincent De Paul Society

The Saint Vincent De Paul Society is also known as Vinnies. If you have any unwanted furniture pieces in Brisbane, this is one of the most convenient ways to donate all of them. You can help underprivileged people or people who are living lives of destitute in your neighbourhood. Even if your furniture needs a few repairs, these people are going to accept them and will make sure that they become usable again for the people in need. You can also take any small items of furniture and similar pieces to your local Vinnies outlet. For larger items, they would suggest that you schedule a pickup according to your availability.

3. Animal Welfare League Queensland

If you are an animal lover as most of us have grown to become, you can start caring for them by donating your furniture pieces to the animal welfare league Queensland. You can fill out an online application on their official website and they will get in touch with you to schedule a pickup of the items you want to donate. This place and all its centres and shops are run by volunteers who actively raise funds for animals in need. All the proceeds that they generate from the sale of the donated goods go towards making the life of these animals better. So this could be one of the many important things to do before relocating anywhere in Brisbane.

4. Local Lifeline Warehouse

Another very popular place to donate furniture and several of your belongings is your local lifeline warehouse. Lifeline accepts a lot of items including clothing and toys as well. These shops sell all second-hand goods to raise funds for people in need. They are readily going to accept furniture pieces if they are in good condition. You can request them to arrange for a pickup if you are not able to drop them off at their centre. If you have any large items, they will be collected during business hours and they also accept various forms of donations which makes it very easy for you to make a contribution towards the betterment of society.

Now, before you choose any furniture donation in Brisbane or any kind of charity that you want to support, you must understand what items they accept.

  1. Furniture Pieces

Furniture items are the most commonly accepted articles. You can donate all kinds of chairs, beds, cabinets, couches, bedside tables, dining tables, sofa sets, and a lot more that you may have in your house that you probably want to replace. You can also donate your mattresses and folding beds and other convertible items.

2. Clothing And Accessories

Because clothing and accessories are very personal, there will be fewer takers of these items in Brisbane. Organisations like Lifeline will be willing to accept these items as long as you have preserved them and kept them usable for other people. You can give away your good-quality apparel, shoes, and accessories if you want to make somebody’s life better.

3. Ornaments And Souvenirs

Ornaments, souvenirs, crockery items, home decor pieces, and a lot of other articles are also donated and accepted across Brisbane. These are usually delicate but highly valued both by the giver and recipient. You will find several takers for them provided you have kept them in good condition.

4. Books And Stationery

You are always going to find takers of books and stationery items. Remember, by donating your books and other useful literature or study material, you are helping someone acquire an education. These items are always welcome and this gesture of yours is counted as one of the noblest things you can do.

Final Thoughts

You can easily find not just furniture donation avenues in Brisbane but a lot of other not-for-profit organisations that take clothing, kitchen appliances, electronics, and a lot of other items that can be put to reuse readily. You just have to do a little bit of research and make sure that the proceeds of the sales that they make, if any, are put to correct usage.

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