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September 8, 2022

By cbdmovers

Donating Your Old Belongings In Melbourne

Donate Furniture In Melbourne – 9 Tips For Charity When Moving

You are confused about where to donate your old furniture pieces before you move out of your old home? Don’t know where to begin doing charity for the first time? But before that, let’s figure out why donating your old furniture in Melbourne before you move to a different location is so important.

The biggest reason people do this is that they want to make a difference in somebody’s life. If giving away their old or used belongings such as furniture pieces, office equipment, kitchen items, and other belongings can make someone’s existence easier or probably help someone in their education, health problems, and other struggles of their daily life, why not?

Another big reason is that if you intend to donate furniture in Melbourne or probably any other items that you have used for a long time, it is not going to end up in a landfill. This means that your old and used belongings are not going to create an environmental hazard for anyone. You can reduce the heavy load of toxic gases that get released into the environment and also the chemicals that seep into our soil and water bodies as those objects and appliances decompose or discharge chemicals over time. So yes, you will be making a huge difference by the way of furniture donation and taking out old but reusable items from your house for any charity that you stand for.

Let’s Help You Begin With This Noble Gesture Before The Movers And Packers Arrive

1. Ask Your Friends And Family First

Ask Your Friends And Family First

The best way to begin this process is to first ask your friends and family members if they want any of your old stuff. Some of your neighbours might be in need and they could use a few of your household goods such as your old food processor or perhaps your used office laptop.

2. Create A Post On Your Social Media Profile

Create A Post On Your Social Media Profile

You can also post on your social media profile about a few things that you want to donate. Any family in need will be able to get in touch with you the moment they see a relevant offering. You can also advertise for a garage sale if you want to hold one outside your house before the loading and unloading of your stuff begins.

3. Choose A Charity Of Your Choice

You will have to conduct research on your own if you want to find a charity of your choice. There could be several families in need who have suffered a lot due to accidents or natural calamities. You could also find an old-age home or perhaps an orphanage that you want to support. These establishments could use your old furniture and a lot of your other possessions that you might want to get rid of.

4. Prepare Your Items For Collection

Prepare Your Items For Collection

If you have chosen the charity of your liking, the right thing to do next is to prepare your items for collection. Some of these charities may offer a free pick-up service and therefore, it is better to put them in order and clean them up nicely so that they look presentable to the charity people. And also, it makes their job a lot easier.

Now Coming To A Few Specific Options Where You Can Donate Your Old Furniture In Melbourne

5. St Kilda Mums

St Kilda Mums

This is one of the most popular places to begin your charity with. If you have any maternal goods or any baby items that you think someone else will be able to use, this is a great way to begin. Remember that children’s items or their small furniture pieces can help several families in Melbourne. They can save numerous homeowners a lot of money and you get the satisfaction of making someone’s life better.

6. West Welcome Wagon

West Welcome Wagon

Do you know that West welcome wagon is one of the very few charities in Melbourne that support several hundred asylum seeker households every year? It is a not-for-profit organization located in western Melbourne and you can just call them to book their pick-up service for whatever items you want to donate. You can give away your dining tables, sofas, chairs, beds, and whatever you think is going to make the life of someone in need simpler.


When you are not sure whether your donated items are going to reach the right people or not, you can contact GIVIT. They have a very unique and efficient online platform and they make it easier for you to choose the charity of your liking and browse their website to find the most appropriate recipient. Usually, these recipients put up a short note about their needs and the items that they want. You can get connected with the charity they have registered with through email and they will make the arrangements for the person in need to receive your furniture pieces with complete discretion.

8. Brotherhood Of St Lawrence

This is also one of the many organizations that have changed the lives of several families across Melbourne. Brotherhood of St Lawrence is a popular name since the 1930s. You may not just donate your furniture pieces here but your electronic items, books, clothing, and white goods as well. When you finally feel that it is time to make a difference in someone’s life, this could be your first step.

9. Sacred Heart Mission

This non-profit organization is involved in a great cause which is to help deprived members of society and assist them in rebuilding their lives all over again. You can make generous donations to empower people who are in need. You don’t just have to donate furniture pieces but can also offer meals and clothing that you think will be helpful to people in need. They have a very efficient collection service and you can book a pick-up by just giving them a call.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you think about furniture donation or giving away your old clothes or other useful items to people in need, do not hesitate at all. When you make a list of the many things to do before moving to Melbourne, do consider donating a few useful items to charities or local people in need or someone you know would appreciate it a lot more. You can find a different charity or some other non-profit organization that works for a cause that you have always stood by. The point is to make a difference in someone’s life as you change your own.

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