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June 3, 2022

By cbdmovers

Buy Moving Boxes

How To Buy The Right Moving Boxes & Pack Them Properly?

It is not really about how many boxes or what brand of cardboard boxes you choose. Frankly, they just have to be durable and of the right size. The brand is not going to matter if they do not serve the purpose. When you are about to move out of your old home, the one thing that is going to help you pack all your stuff efficiently and smoothly is your boxes and containers. If you don’t make the right choice with them, you are probably in for quite a messy move.

But let’s get this question out of the way. Where do you find the most dependable and useful boxes anyway? You can check online for a few options, for example, you can look at craigslist. Perhaps some of your Facebook friends have a few boxes and containers that they might be willing to give you. You can also look on Amazon and eBay if you want a particular brand or a certain style. 

You can also visit your local grocery store and your favorite liquor store. Some departmental stores and home improvement shops also have these cardboard boxes. Some retailers will be more than willing to give them to you for free. Now, you must learn how to pack those boxes for moving your home. But before you begin packing them, you will have to choose the right product. 

As You Buy Moving Boxes For Your House, You Must Do The Following Without Fail

  • Inspect Them Carefully

Inspect Them Carefully

The moment you receive your delivery or if you visit the local store to grab a few boxes, make sure to inspect them thoroughly. You should not invest in any containers that are broken or chipped or torn from anywhere. Also, make sure that they are stable and durable. Go for only those products that are highly recommended and come with at least a 4.5-star rating.

  • Think About Buying A Few New Ones

So if you were able to collect a few boxes from your nearest departmental store or any retail shop owners for free, you must think that you are sorted. This might not necessarily be the case because some of those boxes might turn out a little fragile or worn out. What do you do? You purchase a few new ones and make sure to perform the inspection again.

  • Always Go For A Wide Variety Of Sizes

Always Go For A Wide Variety Of Sizes

You are already at the local store, so you might as well have a look at a few size options that they have with them. Remember to invest in at least 4 or 5 boxes of each size. 

Small Boxes

These are perfect for your books, figurines, small collectibles, and also your small jewelry pieces and accessories that you are so fond of.

Medium Boxes

These containers are usually suitable for your gadgets and expensive electronic items. Even your kitchen appliances and a lot of stuff from your bathroom and kitchen drawers can go into them.

Large Boxes

These are ideal for your big items. You can carry all your bulky equipment and hardware stuff in these boxes as well. They are usually much more durable than the small ones. However, these tips for packing your stuff with boxes are just a yardstick. Do not overload them or you’ll damage them for good.

  • Divide Your Boxes

Divide Your Boxes

You will have to divide your boxes among your cargo. This means that all your glasses and delicate items should be kept in a particular box preferably a medium-sized one. Make sure to invest in ample cushioning material for them (more on that later). 

Here Are Some Useful Packing Tips For Moving With Boxes: Grabbing The Right Supplies

  1. Packing Tape

Packing Tape

Remember to purchase packing tape right after you buy moving boxes for the big day. It will make sure that the containers are properly sealed once you have inserted enough padding and cushioning inside them to stabilize all the items contained within. The packing tape has to be high-quality and preferably stretchable as well.

  1. Label Maker

Your label maker has to be fast. It must be able to dispense labels at a fast pace. Make sure to invest in a digital variety that is more lightweight and portable.

  1. Permanent Markers

Permanent Markers

You will also need permanent markers to write down the contents of the box on the outside of them. This helps you separate the delicate items from the durable ones easily. This will also help you spot the boxes that you need to unpack right after you have moved into your new home.

  1. Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps are useful in creating an extra cushioning area for your expensive items and breakable belongings. They can be stuffed inside your crystal vases to give them more stability. If you are carrying any electronic items in these cardboard boxes, bubble wraps can prevent them from colliding with one another and keep them stable when they are in transit.

  1. Plastic Wraps

Plastic Wraps

Never forget to wrap your boxes with plastic wraps. When you are done providing enough cushioning and padding inside the boxes, it is time to wrap them up nicely with a plastic wrap to secure them. 

  1. Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are very useful, especially when you have to move your heavy cargo from one location to another. They can climb up the ramp to your moving vehicle very easily. Handcarts are very lightweight yet highly durable. They prove to be a very solid investment. You can also rent them for a day or two and return them when you are done packing and moving.

  1. Stretchable Straps

Stretchable Straps

This is also a very important investment. Stretchable straps give you the ability to lift your heavy boxes and convey them from your upper floor to your ground floor. It will take only two people to lift the heaviest of boxes if you have your stretchable straps with you. They can help you grip some of the bulkiest equipment and place them in the moving truck with ease.

Did You Just Move All Your Stuff Onto The Truck?

You did not even realize it, did you? Your packing is done. You have successfully secured all your belongings and stacked them neatly in the moving van. Now all you have to do is drive. Have a safe and wonderful journey. Here’s to your new life in your brand new home.

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