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October 12, 2022

By cbdmovers

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Moving House – Top 8 Most Frequently Forgotten Household Items You Must Remember

This could easily be one of the most interesting lists you could ever come across on the internet. It is because everyone has probably found themselves a few times or at least once in a situation described in this blog. This list holds a lot of relevance to you if you have forgotten your mobile chargers, old clothing, kitchen items that you borrowed from your neighbours and friends, and several other things in your old house when you choose to finally move out of it to your new property. Then there is a huge pang of regret that you feel in the middle of your stomach and chest. You just want to get off your car and gather all those things immediately. But that is not possible. What is possible though is going through this list and making sure that you do not forget any of these items in your old house. Let’s begin:

1. Money/Stashed Away Change

All the loose change that you have across your house is one of the things that you are highly likely to forget. Some people might find it quite a stretch because nobody in their right mind would forget money behind, right? Wrong! This can happen if you have a few dollars stashed under your old flower pot. If you have change lying around in your old cabinet drawers that came with the apartment, you might become forgetful of it when you are finally moving out. This is why it is important to make a checklist for moving house, always.

2. Mobile Chargers And Bricks

It is not only your mobile chargers. It can be your power bank, laptop connectors, wires, cables, and your pen drives and hard drives as well. These are small and unobtrusive and this is precisely the reason they are forgotten by homeowners very frequently. Because you tend to focus on all your large objects and the furniture pieces around your property, you often forget about packing your chargers and wires at the last moment. It is important to create a separate bag or box for all these items right before you step out of your house. Make sure that you do not seal this box or container because you will be needing these chargers while you are in transit.

Mobile Chargers And Bricks

3. Old Clothing And Trinkets

There are always a few pieces of old clothing and apparel that you would want to carry with you to your new house. However, you tend to treat them as an afterthought which results in you eventually forgetting these items in your old house. This happens to a lot of homeowners when they do not plan for the move in advance. It is important to find the best way to organise packing for a move, especially if you have a lot of old clothes and trinkets that hold a lot of value.

Old Clothing And Trinkets

4. Your Pets

So you dropped your little furry friends at the nearest pet care station. Did you forget to pick them up? No, wait. You told your parents to pick them up while you were letting the moving company professionals in to have a look at the cargo that needs to be moved. All you had to do was pick them up from your parents’ house but you forgot to do that as well. Yes! Some homeowners in your neighbourhood have already had that experience. If you have pets, you could learn something from their mistakes.


5. Expensive Cutlery

Expensive cutlery is also one of the many commonly forgotten items when moving house. It is because a lot of us decide to use the dishwasher one last time so that we can ensure that our expensive utensils are absolutely clean and spotless before we move out. The result is that some of us forget these expensive cutlery pieces inside the appliance. If this has happened to you, you are not the only one. It is always a good idea to clean the dishwasher yourself before you move out. It will ensure that you have all your utensils with you and the landlord is also not going to create a fuss later on.

6. Exercise/Meditation Equipment

Again, this is also one of the things that need to go into your checklist for moving house because a lot of people delay moving their exercise equipment till the last date. They consider it something that can be done after they have packed and sealed their furniture pieces and office equipment. This is not the case because your exercise equipment is heavier than the rest of the stuff that you own. It might be quite durable but it is going to be a huge task to move these weights and small machines at the last moment.

7. Important Papers And Documents

Important papers, documents, and folders are also some of the things that are most frequently forgotten behind when moving house. It is a practical idea to include them in your household inventory list for moving because that will remind you that you need to make a separate box of your papers before you step out of the house for good. Make sure that you have all your birth certificates, licences, and other papers also in the same box. Choose a container that can be closed shut and opened as per your requirements. Keep it in your own vehicle and make sure that it is easily accessible whenever you need it while in transit.

8. Old Furniture Pieces

This is also one of the items that you might forget in your old home because you do not wish to mix it with your new furniture. You might think that packing it separately is a better idea which again makes a lot of sense. But the problem is that you run out of all your moving boxes before you can pack your old furniture items. This makes you forget these pieces in your old house and this is exactly when that feeling of regret starts to creep in again. This happens not only with your old furniture pieces but also with your beautiful and beloved home decor items that you have curated over the years in this house.

Old Furniture Pieces


And this is not all. You could also forget your completely organic and super fragrant toiletries, face serums, moisturizers, body lotions, and hair oils in your bathroom. You could also forget to pack your precious CDs and DVDs. What does this mean? It means that you should go through this blog at least once whenever you decide to move house. Don’t forget that we have got you covered.

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