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With CBD Movers, it is hard to go wrong. We have an entire array of services related to furniture removals and other offerings that complement this. With a strong infrastructure and years of experience in this domain, we execute fast and safe removals for both houses and offices. An entire fleet of moving trucks, trained staff members, and removal experts allow us to surge through the competition and deliver top-notch furniture removals to our esteemed customers in Melbourne.

CBD Movers started here, in the coffee capital of Australia. Now offering our services in the entirety of Australia as well as to international clients, we are still the strongest in Melbourne. We dedicate our efforts to serving our customers with complete furniture removal solutions as well as hand-tailored packages to cater to their exact needs. As one of the veteran furniture removalists in Melbourne, we feel that it is our duty to set a high standard for others to follow.

Thanks to our professional and dedicated moving team, we take on projects of all kinds. Whether it is relocating your entire office building or shifting a small studio apartment, CBD Movers are the right furniture removalists in Melbourne for you!

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and we will deliver your furniture anywhere from and to Melbourne.


A Deeper Dive Into Our Melbourne Furniture Removal Offerings

We, at CBD Movers, believe in offering complete furniture removal solutions to our customers in Melbourne. Each and every service listed below is designed specifically to complement each other and to provide you with the best possible solution for a fast and efficient move!


Interstate Furniture Removals in Melbourne

Moving long distances can be tricky and dangerous, with a high risk of damaging your prized possessions. Furniture, in particular, faces a high chance of getting chipped or broken during transit. This is where we, at CBD Movers, come into play with reliable and safe interstate furniture removals to and from Melbourne.

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Domestic Furniture Removals in Melbourne

Struggling to think of ways to safely move that king’s bed or your pool table? Think of CBD Movers as your best bet at moving house furniture safely! We have tons of experience at this, and we pass the test with flying colours every time around! Move house furniture with ease through our carefully designed services.

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Office Furniture Removals in Melbourne

Relocating offices and office furniture has never been this easy! With CBD Movers’ impeccable range of office furniture removal services in Melbourne, you can safely relocate your offices. We have the right resources and the bandwidth to cater to any volume of requirements. Give us a call now for relocating office furniture!

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Packing & Unpacking Services

Equipped with the best and most efficient tools and supplies, CBD Movers can quickly pack and load your furniture onto moving trucks. Besides this, we follow a systematic approach to unpacking your furniture as well, making the entire process fast and efficient. We adhere to all safety protocols to ensure safe execution.

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Temporary Storage Options For Furniture

Besides being the number one furniture removalists in Melbourne, we also offer services that can enhance the experience. Temporary storage facilities for your office and house furniture are one of them. Our storage facilities are safe, easily accessible, well-maintained, and available all year round.

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Heavy Furniture Removalists Melbourne

Packing, loading, and moving heavy furniture is not an easy job. It requires the right manpower and the right equipment to pull it off correctly. We have in-house solutions for moving heavy furniture such as wardrobes, antique mahogany beds, pool tables, pianos, and whatnot. Worry not! All your furniture will be safe and sound!

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Wondering What Furniture You Can Move? Here’s a List Our Furniture Removals in Melbourne Covers

The fact is that we can and will move almost anything. Apart from risky stuff like flammable items and extremely fragile stuff, everything is covered. A general list of all the items that we can move for you includes:

  • Beds of any size, side tables, and bedroom wardrobes.
  • Closet furniture and fixtures.
  • Drawing room furniture including coffee tables, couches, sofas, and centre tables.
  • Dining table set and cutlery cabinets.
  • Kitchen furniture such as cabinets, drawers, installable countertops, and more.
  • Outdoor furniture – patios, reclining chairs, and BBQ tables.
  • Study table, chairs, and PC desks.
  • Decorative furniture, rocking chairs, antique furniture, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Time to Know More About Your Favourite Melbourne Furniture Removalists

Our furniture removals are available throughout Melbourne and its suburbs. This includes all the areas and sub-localities, including Docklands, South Yarra, Southbank, Richmond, Hawthorn, and more.
Hourly rates for furniture removals in Melbourne and the rest of Australia are ever changing. They depend on current demand, fuel prices, infrastructure, government policies, and more. Our hourly rates also differ based on the kind of service you avail – if you need better moving trucks, for example, the hourly rates may differ.
Absolutely. As seasoned furniture removalists in Melbourne, we know exactly how to take care of such fragile furniture. Wardrobes with mirrors, coffee tables with glass tops, etc. can all be safely packed and moved through our services.
Packing furniture, especially the heavy ones, requires professional intervention. We recommend hiring the experts to do the job. However, if you want to pack your furniture on your own, we sell packing supplies such as moving boxes, bubble wrap, furniture covers, etc. at industry-standard prices.
We appreciate when the customers cooperate with our team because this makes the furniture removal more efficient. Our terms and conditions may differ from time to time. We recommend that you clarify pointers such as payment terms, liabilities, etc. by reading our complete contracts or by calling our customer support.
Our furniture removals in Melbourne are available throughout the year. The cheapest time to move is during the winter, when there is less demand. Also, the weekdays and the middle of the month are cheaper compared to the weekends and the month ends, respectively. However, trends change from time to time, so we recommend looking at the current prices and availability before choosing a moving date.
A token amount is generally required to kick things off. Ensure that you complete all the prerequisites (signing the contracts, choosing a moving date, depositing the advance payment, etc.) for a seamless experience.
Our furniture removals in Melbourne are complemented by temporary storage solutions. These storage facilities are located in accessible places and can be used to keep your furniture and other household items safe while you are busy with something else. It is an ideal solution for when you are travelling and want to move in after your vacation.
As soon as possible. We would appreciate it if you let us know in advance. It would help us clear our schedule and make ourselves available at the right time.

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Struggling to Find The Perfect Furniture Removal Company in Melbourne That Fits All Your Demands? Here Are a Few Tips

Finding the right moving company that caters to all your specific requirements isn’t that hard. There are a few tried and tested parameters that you can use to find the best furniture removalists in Melbourne.

Experience makes good furniture removalists great

Nothing surprising here – with time in the industry, moving companies learn to adapt and serve their customers better. They also get to know more about the practical problems that come with the job. In short, an experienced furniture removalist can serve you better not only in Melbourne but across the world.

Look for removalists who offer transparent estimates

Price estimates allow you to get insight into the final cost of the furniture removal. It is important to ensure that the movers and packers offer transparent quotations that are free from any hidden charges. It is better to be aware of all the expenses beforehand than to be surprised after the move.

The range of furniture removal services is crucial

It is of paramount importance that you look into the services that the furniture removalists offer. In cities like Melbourne, most furniture removal companies have a wide array of options. It is up to you to select the ones you want based on your specific requirements.

Finally, the pricing should be moderate

Overpriced furniture removalists in Melbourne can go beyond your budget, and the overly discounted ones may compromise the quality of service. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a company that offers moderate pricing for the commonly bought services.

You can call us directly or contact us through the website for more furniture removals advice in Melbourne

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What Makes CBD Movers the Number One Furniture Removalists in Melbourne

There are several reasons behind our success and the fast growth of our company. We started from Melbourne but are now offering furniture removals in four different continents. This is why we are able to compete at the highest levels:


Reliable Furniture Removals in Melbourne

We deliver what we say, and we do it with flair! At CBD Movers in Melbourne, our furniture removals are exactly what you need – quick, efficient, and safe. We execute our removals with finesse and professionalism.

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Safe & Secure Relocations

We follow all safety protocols during relocation. We use well-maintained moving trucks and the best equipment for all our processes. This ensures that your belongings are safe during packing and moving.

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Affordable Furniture Removals in Melbourne

We offer our services at industry-standard hourly prices. This allows us to compete at the highest level while keeping our customers happy. Our estimates are free and will give you an accurate look at our prices.

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Wide Range of Removal Services

House, office, and commercial removals are what we are best at. All services that complement the aforementioned are part of our arsenal. Furniture removals, in particular, are one of our core strengths.

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Quick & Efficient Execution

We follow a precise and efficient system of execution. This allows us to quickly pack, load, and move your belongings from one place to another. All of this – without compromising on safety and quality!

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Hand-Tailored Removal Solutions

We will give you what you need – and will recommend the right suggestions along the way. Our services are flexible and are delivered to you at your convenience. Give us a call now for an estimate.

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Stressed About Your Next Move? Here’s What You Can Do!

Moving isn’t as stressful as people make it out to be. With the right furniture removalists by your side – CBD Movers in Melbourne – here’s how you can add the cherry on top of the cake:

  • Make an inventory: Listing all your belongings before the move will help you keep track of the move. It will also help us move your house/office quickly. We will be able to give you more accurate quotations as well.
  • Make a to-do list: There are a few things that you will have to do, some of which are listed in the following points. Make a to-do list of all these tasks to keep the move organised on your end.
  • Pack an essentials bag: While you can let us pack everything else, all you need is to pack yourself a bag of essentials. This includes your documents, jewellery, phone/laptop chargers, baby diapers, etc.
  • Transfer utilities: Moving requires you to transfer your water, electric, and gas utilities by updating the concerned authorities with the new address. Ensure that you have this covered before the move.
  • Take a chill pill: We are experienced furniture removalists serving for years in Melbourne. You can sit back and relax while we do all the packing and moving for you. You don’t have to worry about anything!

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