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June 16, 2022

By cbdmovers

What Should You Leave Behind When Moving Out Of Your House

What Should You Leave Behind When Moving Out Of Your House?

People usually say that you should declutter before moving house and even take your trash with you to wherever you are going. This is absolutely true. For the most part, you should never leave anything behind at all. But there are certain cases when the question is not about what you should leave behind but what you can or may leave behind. You have already prepared all your moving boxes and wrapped all your furniture pieces efficiently and are ready to get rid of all the unwanted stuff. But let’s have a look at the items that shouldn’t find a spot on your moving van at all:

1. Instruction Manuals

Instruction Manuals

If any instruction manuals are supposed to help the future tenant in this apartment such as those that come with microwaves, refrigerators, water softeners, water heaters, and other appliances already installed in the apartment, should be left as they are. You are not supposed to take them with you. Most of these appliances will be used by either the homeowner if he decides to keep the apartment to himself or the new tenant if he decides to rent it out. Regardless of the case, you are not supposed to take them with you.

2. Leftover Paint

If there is any leftover paint, it is very practical that you should leave it behind. Given that you had paid for them, you still won’t be able to load them into your moving truck anyway. It is not practical and let’s face it, the paint is going to make a mess out of your belongings. It is also going to pan out well for the homeowner and the future talent. They will have at least a bit of extra paint to fall back on if they want to take up a renovation project or want to paint the home or certain parts of it as per their liking.

3. Light Fixtures

This is also a no-brainer. What will you do after uprooting the light fixtures, light bulbs, and ceiling fans? In fact, you are not supposed to do that anyway. Regardless of their size, or whether they match your new home or not, you should let the light fixtures be. Also, they are the property of the homeowner and not the tenant. They came with the house so you are not supposed to take them. The homeowner or the new tenant might want to replace them repair or maybe take them off completely. It is entirely upon them. Needless to mention these light fixtures are very difficult to transport so even if you have paid for them, just let them be and do not try to uproot them.

4. Old Clothing

Old Clothing

This is actually one of the things to sell before moving from your house but in several cases, people don’t understand what to do with their old clothing. They have denims that are either a size too small or have gotten loose over time. They have misshape t-shirts and a lot of other blingy stuff that has probably gotten out of fashion. Some tenants are not in a position to get rid of them or find time to donate them. The only practical way to deal with all your old clothing is to just leave them behind. The day you leave you can drop a message to the owner to get rid of your bundle of clothes or probably donate them to the neighbourhood charity. Believe me; they will be happy to do this favour for you.

5. Kitchen Fixtures And Appliances

Several kitchen fixtures and appliances come with the apartment. You are not supposed to take them off and transport them to your new house. A lot of these fixtures are considered an inseparable part of the real estate that you have been living in for so long. The exclusion of those items is only going to decrease the overall value of the property. Therefore it is never advised to take out those appliances and bring them to your new house.

6. Outdoor Plants

Outdoor Plants

If you are moving a short distance, it will be more than practical for you to carry all your house plants with you. Also, if you have associated with a highly-skilled, efficient, and dependable packing and moving company in the city, moving your house plants will be very easy. But if none of these cases is true for you, you might just end up harming your house plants. This is not something you want because loading and unloading them is going to be a huge pain in your neck and back. Also, it is not a good idea to move all of your house plants to your new house at once. Instead, you can ask your neighbours or your friends to collect your plants while you are away. You can gradually transport them to your new house as you make trips in the future.

7. Alarm And Security Systems

Alarm And Security Systems

Have you ever heard anybody separating the alarm systems and also the security cameras, plucking out the wires and other fittings so that they can carry them to the new house?

Absolutely not! If you want to do that, you will first have to let the owner know that you are unplugging them. You will also have to inform the company that you are going to move those gadgets to your new properties. Also, you must discontinue the service and let the owner know that he would have to install a new security system in his own name before you do any such thing.

Now in the concluding section, let’s take a look at a few things that you should do before you move out of your old house

  • Forward All Your Mails

You must have all your emails, calls, letters, and other correspondence forwarded to your new address. Forgetting to do any of that is only going to create a hassle for the new tenant or the homeowner.

  • Disconnect All Your Utilities

Disconnect All Your Utilities

If you have any subscriptions or online services and internet facilities, you must get them transferred. All the water, electric, gas, garbage, and cable services should also be disconnected. Make sure to do this before you leave.

  • Cancel Your Homeowner’s Insurance

After you take out a new homeowners insurance policy, do remember to cancel the old one.

  • Organise For The Moving Boxes

Organise For The Moving Boxes

In the end, let’s conclude with a very critical part which is organising moving boxes. Pick at least 3 sizes for all your belongings. Any reputable house movers in the city are going to recommend the same. So there you go. Now you know what to leave and what to take with you to your new house.

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