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April 25, 2022

By cbdmovers

12 Tools To Make Your Move Easier

12 Tools To Make Your Move Easier

If you are planning a move from your old home to your new property, you are going to look for any possible way to make it easier for yourself and your family members. You will never want them to lift any extra weight or stress themselves just because they are not able to dismantle that big sofa that you bought last month. Apart from the usual tricks and tips that you often come across, there are other very useful tools that you might not be aware of. Some of them are just taken for granted by most of us because we can’t really find a use for them until we have to move out of our old house.

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Let’s have a look at a few furniture moving tools that can make your life so much simpler and speed up your move tremendously.

1. Forklift

Do you know what a forklift can do for you? A forklift allows you to lift up nearly 66% of the weight of an object without much effort. You do not need any extra-large moving tools to lift, let’s say, a 500 lb object that you want to relocate to your new home. There might be a few items in your garage that you want to take to your new house and a forklift can do the job just right. Of course, you will have to buy a pair of sturdy straps with this equipment or if you want to rent the entire thing, even that is very much possible. It also proves to be a lot more practical and affordable.

2. Dolly Carts

Dolly Carts

This is going to prove to be another very useful addition to your equipment list. These are basically hand trucks that can be moved around with a lot of ease and no friction at all. If you have any heavys boxes to move around, they can be stacked upon one another on one of these carts and you can just roll them over to their destination.

3. Ramps

Yes, ramps are going to prove very helpful whether you are taking out your heavy cargo from your old home or transporting them to your new house. They are also useful when you are transferring any of your heavy objects to or from the truck. Ramps can make your move a lot easier and faster. The best part is that they are not even that expensive. Even the most reputable moving companies in the city would advise you to invest in a couple of these if you are trying to move all your stuff by yourself.

4. Floor Sliders

Floor Sliders

Floor sliders are a great addition to your furniture moving tools because they are perfect when you want to move any heavy pieces of furniture or any other objects across your rooms. They do not cause any friction and allow you to slide all your heavy equipment across the floor without any hassle. You will need a lot less arm strength to maneuver floor sliders.

5. Various Kinds Of Tapes

Always invest in a few pieces of extra tape such as packing tape, low tack tape, duct tape, and the like. They are useful when you are trying to secure your cargo and pack your stuff to be moved to your new house. If you are transporting any expensive items and you intend to transport them to your new home in your own vehicle, you are going to need a little extra tape to secure them. 

6. Bungee Cords

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are again very helpful house moving tools especially if you are trying to prevent any of your heavy equipment from falling off the cart or dolly. These are going to help you lift heavy objects as well. They allow you to get a grip on your heavy objects without any problem and because they are stretchable, they can be used to secure some of the trickiest furniture pieces that you own.

7. Cargo Straps

Cargo straps are very easy to tie down and because they are retractable, they are a fantastic and a very practical way to secure your moving boxes. They can be wrapped around your furniture pieces making them a lot more secure than you can imagine. You can protect your smaller items from colliding with one another and all your smaller boxes from sliding left and right when they are in transit. Cargo straps can keep all your boxes stacked neatly against one another in a snug fit.

8. Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are going to prove to be very practical house moving tools, especially if you want to transport any extra clothing, bedding, towels, bedsheets, and other stuff. They can also be used to wrap your expensive electronic items. You can stuff soft padding inside these bags and because they are stark black in colour, you will find it easier to differentiate them from the rest of your stuff.

9. Cutters And Scissors

You are going to need cutters and scissors to pack and re-pack some of your boxes. All the bubble wrap and other packing materials such as bedsheets, old towels, newspapers, and many other materials will require a lot of cutting and trimming around the edges. Box cutters are also very practical because you might need to mold a few pieces together to create a container for smaller objects.

10. Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are very essential if you are moving your home belongings all by yourself. These are useful to wrap your appliances, electronic items, costly furniture, and all those expensive possessions that you want to protect from any dust, dirt, moisture, and breakage.

11. Step Ladder

You are definitely going to want a step ladder in your house. This is going to simplify your entire move by multiples. There will be several instances when you will have to reach out to places at a height to get a hold of those old boxes and packing materials that you have been storing up for so long.

12. Label Maker

Label Maker

In the end, you can never do without a label maker. When it comes to categorizing and segregating all your stuff, a label maker can keep you on track. You can easily differentiate between the durable and fragile items that you own. It is also going to tell you what items you need to unpack before anything else once you have completed your move.


So there you go. Wasn’t that a handy list of some of the most incredible tools to make moving easier and faster? Now let’s get you moving.

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