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April 6, 2022

By cbdmovers

Guide To Avoiding Moving Scams

Guide To Avoiding Moving Scams

Moving scams are very common these days. The biggest reason is that homeowners have grown quite impatient. They want instant gratification and often forget to inquire enough about the moving company in the first place. This careless nature of ours has resulted in a breeding ground for every kind of moving company fraud. But it is time to become a little more diligent. It is time to exercise a lot more caution.

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The following section talks about a few warning signs indicative of such companies and a few tips to stay away from such frauds. Let’s begin:

Look For An Obvious Red Flag – Dirt-Cheap Prices

If you come across a deal that is practically impossible to resist, it is without a doubt a moving scam. This goes for any product or service that is available at a dirt-cheap price in the market when every other vendor is sticking to a reasonably high quote. Remember, anything that comes too cheap is not going to be worth your money. This is a general rule of thumb that you should apply to packers and movers as well.

What Are The Signs Of A Reputable Moving Company?

  • Clear cut communication 
  • Well defined business name 
  • Verifiable physical address 
  • Positive and negative (mixed) reviews 
  • Fully functional social media profiles 
  • Returning customers 
  • Availability over a phone call 
  • Instant responses to emails 
  • No persuasive marketing gimmicks 
  • No excessive discounts and offers

Identifying A Moving Scam Or A Fraud Packing And Moving Company – 9 Signs To Look Out For

  1. Stay Away From Cheap Quotes

Stay Away From Cheap Quotes

If the moving company offers cheap quotes or if their prices are just too low, it is definitely a red flag. Remember that good service is always going to come at a cost. 

  1. A Big Deposit Is A No

If a company asks you to deposit a huge amount as an initial deposit, stay away from them. Any reputable company would ask you to pay up only 20% of the total estimated cost upfront. Anything more or less than that means a moving fraud is brewing.

  1. False Business Names

Some companies do not have any registration information at all. They are established with different name and the name on their business cards is different. This means that the company you are dealing with is a fraud.

  1. No Physical Address

Can a company be established without a physical address? Should you sign any agreement or contract without visiting their physical office? The answer is no. If you haven’t visited the office of the company, do it right now. If you haven’t spoken to any of their representatives in person, do it right now.

  1. Non-Disclosure Of Fees

Non-Disclosure Of Fees

What kind of a company does not disclose its fee structure? A fraud company. The fee structure should be completely transparent and made flexible depending upon your needs. The company should be able to make changes in their offers depending upon the extent of their service you need in the first place. And of course, if there is any hidden fee, that is also a red flag.

  1. Insurance Covering A Lot

Insurance Covering Too Little

At times it happens that the insurance of the moving company covers a lot of your belongings. This means that any probable damage that you can think of will be covered by their insurance policy. This is highly unusual. If it covers everything, getting a little skeptical won’t exactly be the worst thing.

  1. Insurance Covering Too Little

The same applies if the information related to their insurance cover is obscured or shady. The details regarding their insurance should be clear-cut and precise. There should not be many terms and conditions applicable or any aspects of the insurance that contradict each other. If you find this information difficult to wrap your head around, say no to them because this sounds like a moving company scam.

  1. Only Phone Estimates

Are they offering only phone estimates? Do they not wish to come to your house and have a closer look at your property and your belongings? This is another red flag to be aware of. If they insist on providing you with just phone call estimates, do not move forward with them. Any reliable moving company such as CBD Movers would be more than willing to visit you and assess your needs before they give you a quote.

  1. Trucks With No Markings

Trucks With No Markings

This is a very clear sign that you should not associate with the packers and movers you have selected. If they do not have a truck with a valid license plate or any signage on it, do not give them a second thought.

Protecting Yourself From Moving Frauds

  • Keep a list and a descriptive inventory of all your possessions with you always 
  • If you have associated with a company and are skeptical of them, make all your payments with credit cards 
  • Do check their license and verify their physical address before signing any agreements 
  • Read their reviews and get in touch with the people who have taken their services in the past 
  • Do not sign on a blank or a partially written contract 
  • Ask around about the reputation and the conduct of the company 
  • Think about moving insurance

Choosing The Right Packers And Movers – Making A Sound Decision

Choosing The Right Packers And Movers - Making A Sound Decision
  • The best way to do this is to first get several estimates from at least 4 or 5 moving companies. You must compare the prices that market leaders are offering their services.
  • Look for the registration information of the company. This is going to help you determine whether they are legitimate or not. 
  • Do not fall for the lowest offer because this is never going to turn out favorable for you. Choosing the lowest bidder is never recommended.

In the end, don’t just go with your intuition alone. Your research abilities are going to help you too. Let your inquisitive nature lead you to find the right packers and movers for your needs. 

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