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April 29, 2022

By cbdmovers

9 Amazing Packing Tips For Kitchen Appliance

9 Amazing Packing Tips For Kitchen Appliances

You don’t just have a food processor or a blender to pack. You also have your silverware, your pots and pans, and your extensive dinnerware. What could be the best way to pack and move kitchen stuff like this? Let’s not dwell upon talking about it anymore.

Let’s just start packing: 

  • Beginning With Your Appliances

Beginning With Your Appliances

It is always better to start with your appliances, especially the ones that can be dismantled. You will need small-to-medium-sized boxes for all your electronic items such as blenders, blender jars, food processors, cutters, kneading bowls, and other stuff like that. You will have to segregate these items before you move on to your knives and spoons, etc.

  • Moving On To Your Dinnerware

Your dinnerware is one of the most critical items to pack. These include your wine glasses and your precious coffee mugs as well. You can also start by setting your plates first and then moving on to your glasses and beakers.

  • And Now Your Beautiful Silverware

Your silverware should be packed in butter paper if possible. If you can find soft paper towels to wrap your silverware in, nothing better than that. Make sure to use strong tape to secure these items inside the box.

  • Do Not Ignore Your Pots And Pans

Do Not Ignore Your Pots And Pans

Your pots and pans might be a little more prone to breaking. Therefore, it is advised to use extra padding and old newspapers inside the box when you are placing them against one another.

A Few Packing Supplies That You Will Need To Make Sure That All Your Kitchen Items Are Safe When In Transit

  • Packing Boxes

Packing Boxes

Using packing boxes is the best way to move your kitchen stuff. Grab a few of probably every size that you can get in the market. If you have any shoe boxes lying around, you can use them too. Ask your neighbors and friends to drop by a few unused boxes from their Amazon and eBay deliveries.

  • Packing Paper

Packing paper is a must. You can also use old newspapers for this. They are going to act as extra padding and will help you fill in the gaps in the boxes once you have placed all your kitchen appliances neatly against one another.

  • Packing Tape

Packing Tape

Packing tape is very useful because it helps put everything together, literally.

  • Twist Ties

Twist ties are great for securing all your boxes and items together. They prevent your appliances from moving around inside the box if you run out of any padding or packing material.

  • Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker

A permanent marker is going to be your lifesaver. It is going to help you differentiate between the boxes that contain your durable items and the ones that contain your super fragile air fryer.

Now Coming To The Actual Tips For Packing Your Kitchen And The Entire Procedure Of Moving Your Appliances And Items

1. Let The Sorting Begin

Let The Sorting Begin

As explained above, you must segregate the items according to their features and fragility. The items that can be shipped with your main cargo in your moving truck should be conveyed to the packers and movers immediately. The covers, lids, blades (always with safety on), and other items that are more fragile can go inside your own vehicle. You can make separate boxes for both of them and may decide to transport them to your new destination on your own.

2. Clean Up And More Clean Up

Clean Up And More Clean Up

Before you pack your appliances, it is important to clean them up nicely. For example, if you have a mixer grinder or a juicer, or a combination of the two, it is important to take out all the debris and pulp from these appliances before you pack them for the final move.

3. Dismantling Is The Key

This is one of the most crucial steps in packing kitchen appliances for moving and all your furniture pieces as well. This is because when you disassemble these products, it becomes easy to stack them over one another. This also prevents them from rattling when they are in transit and therefore, protects them from breaking. Disassembling kitchen appliances is a very practical way to transport them to your new location without any scratches or bumps.

4. Secure Your Items

Secure Your Items

As mentioned above, you are going to need that extra tape to secure all your items together. Whether you have kept them in a tightly packed box or just stuffed them with your bedsheets to give them extra cushioning, it is important to secure them with extra tape. This is the best way to pack kitchen appliances and you can also use nylon rope if you want extra protection. The whole idea is to keep them in place and prevent them some cracking or breaking.

5. Wrap Them Up Nice

Now it is time to wrap them up nicely. You have secured them in place and now it is important to cover them up with enough packing paper and other packing materials such as old paper towels, newspapers, or old bedsheets. This is going to protect them from colliding with any of the stuff that is being transported along with them to your new destination. 

6. Lining Of The Boxes

You have to prepare your boxes like a pro. The only thing needed right now is extra padding such as old clothes, paper towels, newspapers, and other packing material such as styrofoam to cover those hard edges of the boxes. Some of your items may be too fragile which means that you might have to line your boxes with at least one layer of protection to prevent them from any scratches or breakage.

7. Placing Them Just Right

It is important to neatly set your appliances and their disassembled parts over one another so that they do not shift or move or slide down. You will have to take care of their shape and size so that you can fit two pieces together and place them in the box in such a way that they do not move about or fall down causing unnecessary breakage.

8. Do Away With Those Gaps

Once you have stacked them nicely, it is always better to do away with those gaps that are in between those expensive electronic appliances. You can use paper towels, old cotton cloth, bed sheets, newspapers, and other packing material to fill in those gaps and secure the box tightly.

9. Seal, Pack, And Label

Seal, Pack, And Label

Now it is time to seal and pack the box. You can use a few newspapers and other packing paper to wrap the box nicely. Label it without fail. Also mentioned on the box that which side goes on top and which goes at the bottom. Make sure to write “fragile” or “durable” on the boxes in a very big and easily visible font.

So there you go! Weren’t these tips for packing your kitchen stuff so absolutely useful? This is a great way to pack your kitchen appliances all the while ensuring that none of these items break or get misplaced. Let’s start with your packing right away!

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