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April 27, 2022

By cbdmovers

8 Tips To Make Moving With A Toddler Easier

8 Tips To Make Moving With A Toddler Easier

Did you think that moving house with children was going to be easy? Well, think again. If you have children or a toddler in your arms, it could get a lot more complicated than you could ever imagine. Just the thought of organizing the packing materials or comparing the different quotes given by moving companies from across the city can confuse and overwhelm you. You have your babies to take care of!

What do you do? You take a deep breath and follow the tips given below:

1. Get At Least One Full Day Off

Get At Least One Full Day Off

It is never going to be easy to move your house with a handful of children or even one toddler. You will need at least 7 to 8 hours at a stretch to manage the entire thing. If you are packing your stuff all by yourself, it is important to take at least one day off. You will also have to look for reliable childcare if you are not able to attend to your children for a few hours during the day. Arrange for a dependable babysitter when you are managing the packing and moving processes away from them or even in the next room. This will ensure that your babies are taken care of when you are busy organizing the move.

2. Do Not Pack Your Child’s Belongings First

Do Not Pack Your Child's Belongings First

It is never advised to pack the belongings and essential items of your children first when moving house with kids. If you’re about to create boxes for your children, make sure that none of the essential items such as their stuffed animals, baby gadgets, noisy toys, pacifiers, milk bottles, or any other favorite toys of your children get packed in any of those boxes. You will have to wait for your babies to fall asleep for the day and then quickly make their boxes and start with and complete the move so that they do not have to wake up to a house that does not have their favorite toys and stuff lying around.

3. Always Carry A Pack N Play Bag

Always Carry A Pack N Play Bag

This brings us to a very important point which is creating a pack n play bag. Instead of creating a sealed box for your children’s belongings, it is more practical to pick a backpack for those items. This is especially suitable for you if you are staying in a hotel temporarily and have to manage babies or toddlers day and night. You can just whip out their favorite toys whenever they start crying. The same backpack can hold their water bottles, milk bottles, pacifiers, bouncy seats, soft baby chairs, and other gadgets and soft toys that you use to keep them distracted and happy all the time.

4. Invest In A Few Spare Essentials For Your Baby

You might have to invest in a few essential items for your baby such as diapers, diaper genies, milk bottles, pacifiers, soft toys, and any other items that you think are going to keep them occupied. In the process of moving house with a toddler, some of their toys and items might get damaged or misplaced. Therefore investing in a few spare essentials for your baby is a very practical tip.

5. It Is Important To Maintain A Calm Mind

It Is Important To Maintain A Calm Mind

Of course, you have dealt with a lot up until now. You need to take a breath and a little bit of well-deserved break. Practice a bit of yoga and guided meditation. Turn on YouTube and look for a few meditation videos that can help you calm down and concentrate on your responsibilities for the day. With a peaceful and relaxed mind, it will be much easier for you to focus on what you have on your plate the next day. This is going to give you more energy to start the day and the packing and moving procedures.

6. Set Up The Bedroom First

Once you are done with all the packing and moving, it is important to set up the bedroom of the baby first. Whether it is your little toddler or five or six-year-old little devils, it is crucial to keep them occupied throughout this process. It also helps you to keep them away from any kinds of injuries and accidents while the packers and movers are unpacking all your heavy furniture and other cargo. So yes, the first thing that you should do when you move into your new house is unpacked your children’s bedroom and set up all the furniture pieces, fixtures, entertainment units, baby monitors, cribs, safety gates, and other peripherals that you have brought with you.

7. Quick Grocery Shopping

Quick Grocery Shopping

Now it is time to go for quick grocery shopping! This is because carrying the baby formula or the casserole your mum made on this trip didn’t seem practical. Locate a nearby departmental store and make a quick trip for all the essential items that you need to keep the kitchen running. Do not forget to grab a few extra diapers for your little one and a few new toys and games as well. Grocery shopping at this point in time should be kept very practical. You need to remember that you do not have your stove and gas connection ready at this moment. Grab as many ready-to-cook meals as possible. Go for tasty instant dinners and lunches, frozen yogurt, canned fruits, cereals, and milk, and stock your fridge intelligently.

8. Unpack The Playroom

Unpack The Playroom

Now it is time to finally unpack the playroom. While the packers and movers are unpacking all the furniture pieces in your bedroom and living area, you can take up this responsibility on yourself. Make sure that the play area is well secured and safe for your children. Choose the most appropriate bedding and comforter for your children. Make sure that the hardwood floor is covered with a comfortable rug to keep the room cozy and welcoming for your little ones. Arrange their soft toys just the way they like them and you are done.


The biggest and the most practical tip for moving with kids here is to keep your mind calm. You should understand that this is doable. This is practical and easy. You have to keep a positive mindset if you want this entire move to be successful. Happy moving!

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