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May 2, 2022

By cbdmovers

11 Tips To Make Moving With Pets Easier

11 Tips To Make Moving With Pets Easier

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out a few very effective and practical ways of moving house with pets efficiently. If you know how your pet is going to react to all the packing supplies and the chaos that is going to ensue on your property, you just know what to expect from them. It is all about how you control your cat or dog and what tricks you use to keep them occupied.

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Let’s talk about what you can do to make this movie easier on yourself and your pets in a little detail:

1. Pet Conditioning

Pet Conditioning

Yes, this is a very practical way to make them understand that you are soon going to be leaving your old house to move to a new one. Get them acquainted with your suitcases and all the activity that you are soon going to be indulging in. You may also plan a trip to your new home over the weekend. Let them sniff around and examine the place. After all, this is going to be their new home as well.

2. Follow Your Normal Routine

It is very important to follow your normal routine when you are moving with pets as if nothing at all is going to happen. If you go out with your pet at 6:00 p.m. for your routine evening work, do not change anything about it. Any sudden changes in your normal routine are going to alarm your pet and your children as well. Make sure that you keep your day-to-day activities as normal and mundane as possible.

3. Exercise A Little

Exercise A Little

This does not only apply to you but to your pets as well. It is a great way to keep your mind calm and your senses focused. If you have a hyperactive pet in your house, it is better to keep him involved in some kind of physical activity both in the morning and in the evening. This is going to wear him out enough to put him to sleep early. It will give you plenty of time to plan your move and also to move about all the cargo and objects that need to be packed and stacked in your car.

4. Keep Your Pet Entertained

It is very important to keep your dogs and cats entertained when you are moving house with pets. This applies to the day when you are actually going to start packing all major household items. Chances are that you are also going to invite a little bit of help. It could be your best friend or your office colleagues, your neighbors, or a packers and movers company in your city. Anyway, you will have to make sure that your pets remain limited to a particular area and are well entertained throughout the day. This will make sure that they do not get in the middle of all the chaos or even worse, get injured while the packing and moving are midway. 

5. Find A Quiet Spot

Find A Quiet Spot

You will have to find a quiet spot in the middle of this ruckus both for yourself and your pet. Just create a little retreat in one of the corners of your house. You can select a room for this. Just keep a couch and a table and a comforter along with you and let your pet sit there for a while so that he can feel relaxed and at home with you before you leave this home for good. This is going to keep both of you away from anxiety or feelings of discomfort.

6. Anxiety Aids To Rescue

This is one of the most useful tips for moving with pets. When we talk about anxiety, we often forget just how our pets tend to feel. You can find a few treats in the market that are infused with a little bit of cannabis plant. They are approved by doctors, physicians, and veterinarians and therefore are quite safe for your pets. They can keep your dogs and cats calm and makes moving with pets easier for everyone. 

7. Be Patient With Them

Be Patient With Them

You must be patient with your pets. They are just like your kids. You have to show a little bit of compassion and a lot of empathy because they are going to need that support from you. They might feel like barking or whining a little but then you have to be with them. They are also bound to feel confused, depressed, and a little scared. It is essential that you understand what they are going through and be as supportive as you can.

8. Introduce Them To Packing Supplies

Introduce Them To Packing Supplies

As you go about packing and moving your stuff, it is always advised to introduce your pets to the packing supplies. Backing boxes, tapes, nylon ropes, label makers, markers, packing materials such as styrofoam, paper towels, old newspapers, moving dollies, moving straps, and several other items that you are going to be using to pack and move your cargo. Make sure that they do not end up chewing any of these items because you don’t want to be going out shopping at the last moment and delay the whole packing process.

9. Let Them Get Acquainted With Your Packers And Movers

Let Them Get Acquainted With Your Packers And Movers

If you have hired a packing and moving company, make sure that your pets get acquainted with the professionals so that they do not feel uncomfortable around them. You do not want them barking at them or feeling scared or restless when the packers and movers are going about your house doing their business.

10. Prepare Your Pet For The Trip

Prepare Your Pet For The Trip

Now it is time to prepare your pet for the trip because you have already packed all your stuff. The moving truck is waiting for you to lead the way. It is time to set their favorite pillows and comforter in the car. Make sure that they have something familiar to chew on or hold on to while you are making this trip.

11. Prepare Them For The New Home

Prepare Them For The New Home

Now finally it is time to prepare your pet for the new house. It is a great idea to organize a housewarming party with a few familiar faces from your old neighborhood and your entire friend circle if they can make the commute. This is going to make sure that your pet settles into your new home without any trouble. Once he sees those familiar faces, he would know that he is safe and nothing has changed. Now you know how to move with pets.

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