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May 6, 2022

By cbdmovers

How To Sanitize Your Home And Belongings When Moving

How To Sanitize Your Home And Belongings When Moving

We all want to keep our family members safe and away from any infections and diseases. This is why we take special measures to sanitize our house. You make sure you’re always stocked up on toiletries and cleaning solutions. You always ensure that all the critical areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms are always clean and fresh. But when you are moving to a new house, things may take a turn for the worse. 

There is so much clutter. There is so much mess. And the front door remains open practically every second because you are constantly moving stuff here and there. There are a lot of packing supplies spread around the living room which makes finding the compact vacuum cleaner even more difficult. What do you do? How do you maintain a certain level of cleanliness throughout your house when you are moving? How do you make sure that your children don’t get infected when packers and movers are sprinting about your house moving your stuff around? Let’s discover a few tricks that can help:

1. Always Stock Up On Cleaning Materials

Always Stock Up On Cleaning Materials

It is a great idea to stock up on organic and also chemical-based cleaning products and materials when you want to sanitize your house. When the mild variety fails to do the job, the chemicals are going to help you out. Don’t be afraid of strong formulations because they help kill stubborn bacteria and viruses. Invest in a set of sanitizer, hand soaps, paper towels, masks, gloves, diluted bleach solution, and similar cleaning supplies before your packing begins. 

2. Disinfect Commonly Used Surfaces

Your chemical-based or “strong” cleaning solutions are going to come in handy when moving certain household goods. There will be a lot of surfaces that invite a lot of touches and contact throughout the day. For example, your touch screens, floors, light switches, chairs, tables, doorknobs, keyboards, handles, toilets, remote controls, and even your armrests; could use more frequent cleanups than any other surfaces around your house. Make sure you do that throughout the day.

3. Invest In A Great Sanitizer Bottle

Invest In A Great Sanitizer Bottle

This goes without saying. You must invest in a reliable brand of hand sanitizer. By at least two varieties. You can go with an organic and natural sanitizer for your hands and especially for your children who get themselves dirty again and again. The second variety should be a chemical-based one which would be for all your critical surfaces as pointed above. These will prove especially useful when you are trying to clean your countertops, kitchen table tops, backsplashes, bathroom shelves and fixtures, and a lot of other surfaces.

4. Try To Leave The Doors Open

Try To Leave The Doors Open

The best way to prevent your doors and handles from getting dirty is to keep them open throughout the day. You might have to use your vacuum cleaner a little more frequently but at least it is going to keep your contact surfaces free of any germs. Your packers and movers are going to be roaming here and there anyway. This is also going to speed up their job and prevent any interruptions or friction in between. In fact, if you have any passageways or any doorways in the middle of the house, make sure to keep them open for the packing and moving professionals to move about freely when conveying your stuff to the truck.

5. Make Sure To Clean The Packing Supplies

Make Sure To Clean The Packing Supplies

So, the packing supplies for moving household goods are here! The boxes, bedsheets, cardboards, bubble wrap, disposal bags, and a lot of other stuff that you had ordered have already arrived. Make sure to clean those supplies as well. You can use a sanitizer and paper towel for the purpose. Wipe them down nicely. If you have any containers and boxes or even any plastic bins that you want to use to transfer your stuff to your new house, make sure you clean them as well. Once you are done cleaning them, pack your stuff up nicely and wash your hands once again.

6. Is There A Thing Called A Homemade Disinfectant?

If you are packing your stuff to move out of your old home, you probably will not have time to shop around. You might not be able to find the variety or the brand that you’re looking for or even the formulation that you think is going to keep you away from any germs. So when moving housedon’t waste any more time in the supermarket. Instead, just make a jar of disinfectant at home. You will need a little bit of hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, essential oil, a few tablespoons of bleach, and about 2 to 3 gallons of water. You will begin by creating a diluted bleach solution. For this, you will mix around 5 tablespoons of bleach in 1 gallon of water. Now add a bit of eucalyptus essential oil to it. You have your instant disinfectant, ready at home. You can also use hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol individually for the purpose and don’t forget to mix your favorite essential oil in them to cover up their sharp odour.

How To Disinfect Your House Like A Pro When Moving?

You are going to need these tips more than anyone else if you want to maintain a certain level of hygiene when packing and moving your stuff out of your old home. Let’s begin:

  • If you have bought a readymade disinfectant, make sure to follow all the instructions written on the label
  • Keep the disinfectants out of reach of your children always
  • Invest in personal protective equipment just as written on the label of the product 
  • Prioritize your visibly dirty surfaces before any other object in your house 
  • It is always important to disinfect the areas around your house that may have any body fluids, blood, urine, or stool on them
  • If you have any pets, make sure to disinfect the area where they loiter about the most
  • Many products that you find in the market will recommend you to keep the surface moist or wet with the disinfectant for a short span of time; make sure to read the contact time of such products before you use them 
  • After using disinfectants, you will also have to ensure adequate ventilation so that the area dries up quickly

In The End, A Few Safety Tips

  • Dilute the disinfectant as mentioned on the label 
  • Do not mix any chemicals or products unless you are guided to do so on the label 
  • Only use the amount that is recommended in the directions 
  • Do not eat, drink, or consume any food items close to the disinfected area


You have your checklist now. This should be able to help you sanitize your house and belongings when moving to your new house. Happy moving!

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