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November 9, 2022

By cbdmovers

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Top 7 Challenges You Might Face When Moving Interstate

When we talk about interstate moving, we often think about the many ways we can make this move easier for everyone. This is because one always expects something out of the ordinary to happen. It is also because interstate moves tend to be a little more complicated than intercity moves. They are usually a little more expensive because the distance involved is a lot more. The time taken is significantly more and you may require a larger moving van as well. Therefore, it is advised that when you are moving interstate, you should plan accordingly and make room for any unexpected incidents as well.

The following section talks about a few challenges that you might face when you are planning an interstate move. Let’s discuss:

1. A Lack Of Proper Planning And Preparation

When you do not have the proper understanding of how to move from one state to another, you are going to falter. This happens when you fail to make planning your priority. Interstate moves can only be made successful if you start preparing for them at least one month in advance. You will require a lot of things to be done before you move out of your house. Some of the things that you will have to get done include:

  • Intimating your colleagues and office people that you will be moving out of the city 
  • Getting in touch with all your utility providers to disconnect your utilities after a month 
  • Informing your friends, relatives, and family members of the big move 
  • Setting up your utilities and services at your new house 
  • Transferring your subscriptions and similar services to your new address 
  • Getting in touch with your bank and insurance provider to update them on the big move 
  • Connecting with your doctor/physician to transfer your medical records to the new city

2. Not Having The Right Checklist Before You Start Moving

If you are planning an interstate move, you will not be able to make it a success without creating a checklist for the same. You must note down all the important things that need to be done including:

  • Arranging for your children to get admission to a great school in the new city
  • Transferring the medical records of all your family members to your new address
  • Gathering all the necessary packing supplies at least three weeks in advance
  • Researching the various packing and moving companies that perform interstate moves
  • Comparing the packages that moving companies provide in addition to their value-added services
  • Sorting through your cargo and all the furniture pieces that need to be moved to your house
  • Discarding or getting rid of all those furniture pieces and belongings that you can do well without moving to your new home
  • Organising a garage sale to get rid of all the unwanted items in your house before the final day of the move
  • Getting the right insurance for your cargo when it is in transit

All these things and a lot more will go on your interstate move checklist.

3. Unexpected Weather Conditions

You might also have to deal with unexpected weather conditions. This is one situation that is completely out of your control. It might also add to your overall cost of moving out of state and into another city. It is only a matter of chance that you would get dry and empty roads on the day of the final move. It is better to get regular weather updates in your area if you want to ensure that you don’t end up getting frustrated in the end because of any unpleasant news or unexpected rains or mist. The ideal weather for an interstate move is when you have a clear sky up there and also the temperature is not too high.

4. Issues With Your Vehicle

There can be any issues with your vehicle. If you have decided to go with a packing and moving company in the city, you should ask them to get their moving van inspected before they come to your house to pick your stuff up. A vehicle malfunctioning is something that you do not wish to deal with. If the moving van encounters a problem such as broken lights, failing brakes, ignition issues, malfunctioning windows, heat build-up, battery problems, or degenerated tyres, you may have to unload the vehicle completely and transfer your belongings to a new automobile. This might take double the time and may set you behind by a whole day which you do not want. Make sure that the vehicle you choose whether it is your own or rented, has been through regular maintenance. It is always better to have a backup plan if you suspect any possible vehicle breakdown issues.

5. Not Being Able To Keep Up With Your Schedule

This is a major struggle. Keeping up with your predecided schedule is not easy for every family in the city. This is especially true for you if you are looking to move out of the state. Some delays are completely unavoidable. This is why it is recommended to wake up early and start packing and moving your stuff as soon as possible. The most time-consuming bit is when you are deciding which stuff to take and which to replace. This is when the real stress starts building up. Once you have decided that, managing your time will become a lot simpler.

6. Underestimating The Size Of The Move

It is never advised to underestimate the size of your move. The amount of cargo and the number of furniture pieces that you want to move are going to increase once you start taking out all your belongings from your house. You will realise that all this stuff or at least a major portion of it is something that you cannot survive without. Therefore, it is also advised to go for a decent-sized moving van and not skimp on it under any circumstances.

7. Signing A Contract Without Reading Every Detail

In your hurry to speed up the process, you might end up signing an agreement or contract without reading the small font. This is not done.  You must remember that you are in for an interstate move and you have the right to bargain. Look for any deductions or discounts that you might be able to get on the move. Always enquire about any hidden fees that you might have to pay later. You don’t want any surprises over there.

Final Thoughts

Moving interstate is never going to be easy. You will need all the help you can get from every source possible. Get in touch with your friends. Call up your old colleagues and everyone you know has moved from one city to another. They will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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