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November 21, 2022

By cbdmovers

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Making A Move On A Rainy Day – 8 Tips To Help You Relocate To Your New House Effortlessly

That is simply shocking! You had planned this move for at least 3 months. You had everything sorted out and now according to the latest weather forecast, it is going to be raining heavily throughout the day. One is not in a position to change their moving date so frequently, especially if they have got a fantastic deal with the house removalist. They have been quite cooperative ever since you got in touch with them. The assessment of your cargo was also very fast and the entire arrangement turned out to be quite affordable. The last thing on your mind is delaying this process anymore. What do you do? You learn how to prepare for moving house on a rainy day with this blog.

Let’s get you started with a few tips to make this happen effortlessly:

Always Check The Weather Forecast

We know that you already did that but it is important that you only choose the most reliable sources of information, especially when it comes to checking the weather forecast. Follow the weather report daily on a highly trusted news network only. You can also use some weather apps for the purpose. If you are suspecting any extreme weather in the coming days or probably close to your moving date, ask your moving company to be a little flexible with the timing or the date so that nothing gets wet. Prevention is after all much better than any other remedy.

Invest In A Lot Of Garbage Bags

Let’s say that you have stuck to your original date. And you are certain that it is going to rain that day. Start buying durable garbage bags for all your items. They are an easy way to protect your delicate belongings including your clothes, household items, electronic appliances, and books as well. Once you have made separate boxes and containers for all your belongings, the intelligent thing to do is wrap them up neatly in plastic bags. You should be able to find several types and thicknesses in the market in addition to various finishes and sizes for all your moving boxes. Just make sure that all of them are sealed properly and remember to label them as well.

Buy Proper Footwear For Everyone

This is the next step and is completely unavoidable. You cannot imagine moving from your old house to your new apartment without investing in waterproof shoes for everyone. If it rains quite heavily in your region, waterproof footwear is going to prevent you guys from slipping and falling. These rubber soles are very high on friction and they allow you to grip the ground very easily. No matter whether it is a storm or a blizzard, nothing can stop you now.

Choose The Shortest Route

The most practical moving advice that you will ever get from anyone in such weather is that you should always take the shortest route possible to your new house. Also, this applies to your house and the moving van when you are moving your furniture pieces to the vehicle. Make sure to park it right inside the property and as close as possible to the main entrance of your house. This will eliminate any chances of anyone slipping and falling. When you are setting those planks and ramps, make sure that everything is stable and dry. Keep a few old towels easily accessible to wipe off any moisture or water from the moving equipment, boxes, containers, and trolleys as well.

Always Work Together As A Group

When the weather is this bad, relocating to another place is going to become very stressful. One of the most effective tips for moving house in rainy weather is to work as a team. Divide the responsibilities and tasks among yourselves. Coordinate with the packing and moving staff to speed up the packing and loading process. You can also call your neighbours and friends for a little help and assign specific duties to every one of them. Someone can be in charge of packing and a few can be in charge of lifting the heavy furniture pieces. Likewise, 2 or 3 people can take up the responsibility of loading your belongings onto the moving truck.

Wrapping Your Items Neatly And Intelligently

Let’s come to wrapping and packing your items because when it is raining outside, you will need all the packing material you can get. Of course, as mentioned above, you will be wrapping them up with plastic sheets but before that, you will need to do the following:

  • Place all your clothes and paper items into moving boxes of appropriate sizes
  • If you have any expensive art pieces, make sure to wrap them first in plastic wrap and then place them inside the moving box
  • Cover all your furniture pieces with plastic wrap first and then use a nylon rope to tie them up nicely
  • If you have shrink wrap, you can use it to protect your antique pieces and expensive jewellery items

Managing Excess Water

You will have to manage excess moisture and water as well. Remember to keep on wiping down the water with towels at regular intervals. Do not let any water get accumulate inside the house. If you have any leakage, remember to put a bucket or tumbler underneath it. If you find that some of the boxes have already been compromised with excess moisture, reopen them and pack them again.

Self-Care Is Important Too

Now let’s come to a very critical point. Self-care is very essential, especially if you are moving during the rainy season. Understanding how to prepare for moving your house in extreme weather conditions can always wait. The one thing that cannot wait is how well you can deal with this situation. Sleep on time and work out regularly throughout the time leading to the moving date. You must practice a bit of meditation and take long deep breaths every 2 hours or so. This will help you calm down and keep away all the stress, anxiety, and tension from your mind. Remember, moving your house in the rain can be a lot of fun. It will be an adventure that you will probably never forget for the rest of your life.

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