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March 30, 2022

By cbdmovers

Packing Fragile Items Here’s What You Need to Do to Avoid Breakage

Packing Fragile Items: Here’s What You Need to Do to Avoid Breakage

When moving to a new house is around the corner, one major concern for all is the safety of fragile items during the move. Packing up your personal belongings can be very nerve-wracking and stressful as a house move, mainly when you have a lot of fragile items. However, it is completely normal to be worried about the condition of delicate items while they are in transit. Furthermore, if any item gets scratched or damage then sentimental value can even get hurt. You need to be extra cautious, otherwise, you need to prepare yourself for the loss you will bear.

While considering the vulnerability of the delicate items towards breakage and prone to get damaged easily, they need to be dealt with the utmost care. We all are well aware that packed boxes go through a huge amount of handling at the time of the move, although there is nothing more frustrating than looking at your valuables shattered at the time of arrival.

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Let us look at some of the nuances of delicate item packaging.

1. Give Importance to Preparation

Give Importance to Preparation

Packing a normal household can be managed but when it comes to packing delicate items, doing preparation in advance is necessary to avoid costly damage to your items. In regards to that, you need to make sure that you are selecting the best packaging material to keep each item safe during transit. Prepare a checklist to collect everything which you require to begin with the packing process.

Once you have understood how to pack fragile items, the next step is to collect the best quality packing materials for shipping, which includes packing tape, labels and markers, quality cardboard boxes, bubble wrap for moving house, corrugated inserts, rope or bungee cords and packing peanuts for filling empty spaces.

However, many people prefer to use materials they already have for packing delicate items, such as old towels or newspapers, this cannot completely secure the items from damage. Whereas, you can put your old blankets and beddings to use while wrapping furniture with that and later for packing materials for shipping.

2. Choose Different Sizes of Boxes for Packing

Talking about boxes, do not purchase all boxes of the same size in a bulk. Packing of items becomes more efficient if there is a variety of boxes ranging from shoeboxes to wardrobe boxes. You require small boxes to pack heavy items like books and equipment. Always place a large book at the bottom and later stack it up with other small sizes of the box. Heavy items require small boxes because it makes it easy to handle the boxes if the size is small and the weight is much.

On the other hand, light goods need big boxes for packing, because all light items can easily accommodate in the big boxes. The variation in sizes is mandatory because you don’t want your delicate items to be sliding around due to excess space inside the box or while transit in the truck. Always get specialty boxes as fragile packing materials that need extreme special care.

3. Tactics to Pack Glassware and Breakable Items

Tactics to Pack Glassware and Breakable Items

Generally, glassware, plates, and china tea sets are the most delicate and difficult items to move safely. You need to follow some tricks and need to learn how to pack fragile items. To pack glassware, put the packing paper inside it and wrap its stems with bubble wrap and tuck it inside. Later, wrap the whole glass with packing paper and bubble wrap and secure the edges with packing tape.

When packing home decors and ceramics, you need to assure extra care around any handles or intricate detailing. For dishes and bowls, use packing paper in each and bubble wrap between the plates, and stack it up with 4-5 plates. Later, wrap the stack of plates in more paper, securing it with packing tape.

In the last step for packing delicate items, place all the items in smaller boxes, make sure to fill the extra space with padding, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap for extra protection.

4. Fill the Bottom and Top of the Boxes with Padding

While packing delicate items a special layer of padding or bubble wrap at the bottom of each box is necessary. This extra layer of padding will decrease the chances of breaking when boxes are stacked or moved. At the time of packing kitchen items or dishware, utilize your dish towels or table linens as protectant layers. At last, add a top layer of packing material for shipping to keep all the items stable and snug before sealing the box with packing tape.

5. Wrap and Pack Each Item Tightly

Wrap and Pack Each Item Tightly

When you learn from professional movers and packers, how to pack fragile items, it may seem excessive to wrap each fragile item to decrease harmful vibrations and keep banging to the least minimum.

Placing the heaviest items at the bottom, line the items in tight rows and layers. Then add sheets of bubble wrap for moving the house between each layer.

Some weirdly shaped items from home decors like lamp bases will require both bubble wrap and packing tape. Do not forget the packing tape, as it adds an extra layer of insulation during accidents or box dropping.

While packing sharp knives, make sure that each knife is wrapped individually, so that it should not penetrate or damage any other item.

6. Leaving No Rooms for Error

To avoid cracking, place packing materials inside jars, vases, bowls, and canisters. Jostling can cause fragile pieces to clank together, which can create the chips and cracks which you are trying to avoid.

If there are any empty spaces or holes left inside the box or object, do ensure to fill it in using airbags, packing peanuts, or packing paper.

Either you can nest individually wrapped items together to save space, such as you’re putting a set of mixing bowls. But this is not appropriate for glasses similar in size because they will get stuck without proper space to nest. Make it a highlighted point to use fragile packing materials to fill in the spaces between your delicate items.

7. Get Professional Help

Get Professional Help

No matter how much you understand and learn how to pack fragile items, still, it would require rigorous effort and skills for packing delicate items. It is better to hire a professional moving company because they have the expertise to pack all fragile items. They have resources as well as expert personnel to assist in planning your safe move. They use superior quality packing materials for shipping and training to pack specific and intricate items.

With professional help, your delicate items are taken care of in an efficient manner which will reduce your stress of damage during the transit.

8. Label Fragile Boxes

Label Fragile Boxes

If you cannot afford professional help and focus on DIY only, then you need to label the boxes ‘FRAGILE,’ once the packing is done. When the packing task is finished, you cannot open it again and again, so it is better to label it for a better understanding of the part that the box is containing delicate items.

While looking at the label, movers can easily figure out that a particular box requires extreme care in handling and storing it. Make sure that the label is bold enough with the upside arrow to explain the top side of the box.

9. Do not Overpack

The last thing which you need to avoid is to overpack the boxes with the items. Always aim to leave one-inch space before the top. This can make storing your boxes inside the truck more manageable. However, stacking the boxes can get sturdier if no bulges are there to let them go off balance.

10. Do not Hustle with the Packing

Do not Hustle with the Packing

It is quite obvious to know that moving is one of life’s most stressful events, but when it involves fragile items, it gets tenser. Do not rush while packing delicate items, because that makes the situation worse. Hustling while packing can create more possibility of damaging the goods.

So, it is better to relax and take your time packing delicate items.

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