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January 4, 2023

By cbdmovers

10 Tips For Packing All Your Oddly-Shaped Objects For A Move

10 Tips For Packing All Your Oddly-Shaped Objects For A Move

Now we all know very well that moving to a new house can be very frustrating. If you add the responsibility of packing and moving oddly shaped objects to the mix, you have a totally different kind of headache waiting for you. 

  • What about that beautifully carved mirror in your bedroom? 
  • How do you plan to pack your lampshades?
  • Have you thought about the moving box that you are going to buy for your small decorative show pieces that are currently sitting in your wall unit? 
  • What do you think you are going to use to carry those beautiful ceramic flower pots to your new house?

These are the questions that are bothering you right now among many others that you wish to find answers to. 

The one thing that is going to help you in packing odd-shaped items is how efficiently you are able to manage space for all these items whether in your moving truck or your personal vehicle. The idea is to keep them stable and eliminate any chance of them rattling or colliding with anything in transit. Half the battle is won if you are able to ensure all of this. Rest, we have a few more tips for you right here:

How To Pack For A Move With Odd Shaped Items – Choose The Right Packing And Padding 

  1. Moving Boxes Of All Sizes
Moving Boxes Of All Sizes

The first thing that you are going to need is moving boxes of all sizes. Let’s say that you have a crystal accessory that you want to transport to your new house. The best approach is to store it in a box that can contain the object in its entity. The box should neither be too large nor too tight. The next trick is to stuff the box with enough padding so that the accessory is stable. You are good to go.

  1. Plenty Of Bubble Wrap

Now, what is that padding going to be? You have numerous options such as bubble wrap, styrofoam balls, old towels, and wrapping paper. These padding materials will eventually cushion the accessory from all directions and will stay in place because of the confines of the box.

  1. Layers And Layers Of Packing Paper
Layers And Layers Of Packing Paper

This is a great tip for all those heavy items that you cannot risk storing in a moving box. These can be your heavy and beautiful carved vases and showpieces. To wrap them efficiently you will need lots of packing paper and then some more of it. Tie them up with nylon rope and cover them with two layers of bubble wrap all over. You have enough padding now and due to their weight, they are going to stay stable in your car.

  1. Duct Tape As And When You Need

Duct tape along with nylon rope is going to help you stabilize most of your items that are oddly shaped and at the risk of falling or tripping while they are in transit.

  1. Extra Moving Blankets

Extra moving blankets also help you create a very strong and soft layer of cushioning around all the intricately designed and complex items that you are carrying from your old house to your new home. You can also use them as padding materials inside moving boxes.

  1. Permanent Marker
Permanent Marker

once you have collected the right packing materials for moving, it is time to choose permanent markers. These should be waterproof and high quality. Make sure that you label all your boxes once you have packed them nicely.

Now Let’s Come To A Few Specific Tips On Packing A Few Specific Items

  1. Mirrors And Photo Frames
Mirrors And Photo Frames

All your mirrors, paintings, artwork, and photo frames are going to go in a flat moving cardboard box. If they have any complicated designs and carvings on them, you can make use of the padding materials mentioned above. Make sure that the box is not too big. It should be 1 inch thicker than the thickness of the photo frame that you carry. Make sure that it is double-lined to avoid any breakage. Once your mirror or photo frame is inside the box, stuff an adequate amount of padding material to stabilize it and then tie it with a nylon rope.

  1. Furniture Pieces

Furniture pieces can be very oddly shaped. If you have any bar stools, for example, these can be very difficult to transport, especially if you forget to dismantle them. Their base should be separated from the stem. The seat should be disjointed as well. All these separate components should be packed individually. Bar stools are very prone to breaking. Therefore, you will have to wrap them up nicely with enough padding. Make sure that the boxes you use for them are heavy and durable.

  1. Power Tools
Power Tools

Your power tools are also very critical. You don’t want any of them to get damaged. Make sure to use old and crumpled newspapers to give them the initial layer of protection. If they have any sharp edges, use at least two or three layers of bubble wrap to prevent those edges from sticking out. The final layer can be a moving blanket and then all of these individual tools can go inside a moving box that will contain bits of wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and styrofoam balls for stability.

  1. Lamp Shades

Lamp shades are very tricky. Make sure to always wash your hands before you deal with these shades because they attract a lot of dirt and can get sold very easily. Do not bend them or stack them over one another. Wrap them in paper towels neatly and place them inside your own vehicle. Make sure that they are stabilized with the help of other stuff that you are carrying with them. They are very fragile so make sure that nothing falls on them while they are in transit. The stem of the lampshade can be conveyed to your new house either in your own vehicle in the back seat or via the moving truck.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know a few tips on how to pack odd-shaped items, you will have to be a lot more creative than you usually are. Given the nature of these items, their fragility, shape, and the material they are made of, you will have to choose the most appropriate packing, padding, and boxes. Just like mentioned above, try a mix of all these and you will be good to go. Happy moving!

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