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July 11, 2022

By cbdmovers

How Much Do Packing And Moving Services Cost In Australia

How Much Do Packing And Moving Services Cost In Australia?

I am afraid there is no one objective or particular answer to this question. It is very subjective and it is going to depend on several factors that have been discussed in this blog. If you are looking to get a few quick quotes from several Australian moving companies, you can reach out to them and get a price range. Apart from the price range, you should also understand the various factors that go into calculating this cost.

What Determines The Cost Of Packing And Moving In Australia?

Again, how much a removalist is going to charge for its services will depend on the following three primary factors:

1. The Size Of Your Cargo

The Size Of Your Cargo

In many instances, the cost of the entire packing and moving service is going to depend directly on the size of your cargo. Your beds, sofas, television sets, chairs, tables, refrigerators, washing machines, and other equipment are going to determine what the removalist is going to charge for the entire move. If you have a clear idea about the cargo that needs to be moved, you will get a more accurate estimate of the entire expense that you will have to bear. It will also include the cost of the fuel and the truck that you will require to transport your belongings to your new house.

2. The Distance Of Your Move

Another very important factor that the removalist is going to consider is the distance that you want to travel. Usually, local moves are more affordable. Long-distance moves are obviously a little more expensive given the distance, the time is taken, fuel consumed, and highway taxes if any.

3. The Quality Of Service

The Quality Of Service

Now, this is very critical. You should never choose a cheap removalist because nothing good comes at a dirt-cheap price. This means that you always end up getting what you pay for. However, if you go with a minimal packing and moving service, you might have to pay significantly less as compared to other full-fledged and comprehensive services. But if you find an offer in the market that is irresistible or perhaps too good to believe, don’t believe it.

Calculating The Cost For Long-Distance Moves

1. Distance And Location

Distance And Location

The distance will be calculated in either miles or kilometers. The price of fuel is also factored in when calculating the cost of interstate moves. For example, a move from Melbourne to Sydney will be much more affordable compared to a move from Melbourne to Perth. The travel distance is going to impact the travel time directly, which will increase the overall moving cost as well.

2. Size Of Your Load

The inventory or the furniture pieces that need to be moved will directly impact the overall cost of the move. The more pieces you have, the larger the truck you will need to transport them. All in all, a bigger truck is always going to cost you more. The more inventory you have, the more manpower it will require to move all your boxes to the moving truck.

3. Additional Services

Additional Services

If there are any additional services such as storage, packing materials, special insurance, aquarium removal, antique removal, pool table shifting, packing and unpacking service, and other benefits, all of them are going to cost you more.

4. Flexibility

The flexibility of the packers and movers is also going to add to the overall pricing structure. For example, if you want to change the date or the timing of the move, you might have to pay a little extra for this feature.

5. Professional Packing Services

Professional Packing Services

High-quality packing services are usually included in the entire package. However, if you choose to include it at a later stage, it may cost you a little extra. Some packers and movers provide you with an instant quote for the entire service, while other packing and moving companies keep the costs of packing and moving separately.

Understanding The Per Hour System Used By Several Packers And Movers In Australia

Now, some families and homeowners find it much easier to wrap their heads around the per-hour system of cost calculation. The flat fee system is also quite popular, but then it is all a matter of their personal choice. The hourly charge system falls under the time-based pricing structure. This proves to be beneficial in many instances. However, you will have to make sure that you only choose a highly reputable company that has ample experience. Several companies in the country do have an instant cost calculator that allows you to determine the entire cost of the process within a matter of a few minutes. This helps you plan your budget wisely and keeps you within your financial limits.

Comparing Removal Costs To Get A Better Deal

Comparing Removal Costs To Get A Better Deal

Of course, you want to get a better idea of the entire moving cost. It is advised to get at least four or five quotes from multiple movers. 

  • Do not rely only on online cost estimators
  • Count all your boxes and heavy inventory as you make your moving checklist
  • Do not forget your beds and mattresses, and even your small boxes
  • You should also specify the kind of property that you will be moving to your new house
  • Write down in particular about the access points of the new building, such as elevators, stairs, ramps, and others

In The End, Don’t Forget To Read The Reviews

This is also a very important factor that will help you decide upon which removalist to choose according to your budget. Go through their official website. Visit their social media pages. Scan through their reviews and testimonials. Make sure that they are verifiable. You are bound to find a lot of useful information about the company and the way it conducts its business. And don’t forget to connect with their previous clients to understand whether their service was worth the money spent or not. Their response will help you make a decision faster.

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