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August 1, 2022

By cbdmovers

Moving To Melbourne 13 Reasons Why Living Here Is Simply Awesome

Moving To Melbourne? 13 Reasons Why Living Here Is Simply Awesome!

Are you moving to Melbourne? Congratulations because you have hit the jackpot! Moving to the city is probably the best thing that you could do with your life. If you are looking for more growth, a beautiful and exemplary culture of art, heritage, and architecture, some of the most gorgeous beaches, and the friendliest people, relocating to Melbourne is a good decision.

Let’s have a look at a few more reasons why moving to this city would be a life-changing step for you.

1. The Most Livable City In The Country

Do you know that Melbourne has been labeled as the most highly livable city in Australia? If you have a look at the Global Livability Index for 2022, you will know that Melbourne is highly preferred due to several reasons. There are numerous public transport options, a very low crime rate, and practically endless employment opportunities. The art and culture scene of this city is captivating and refreshing and there are some of the most coveted universities in this city too. Needless to say, the easy lifestyle and gorgeous locations of Melbourne are second to none.

2. Fantastic Accommodation Options

Fantastic Accommodation Options

You should be happy that this city also has some of the most stylish, affordable, and world-class accommodation options. They are designed to suit probably every lifestyle and budget. Whether you are an international student moving from Los Angeles or a family of 4 looking to relocate from Sydney, you can find practically endless options for accommodation in this city. There is something to suit everybody’s taste.

3. World-Class Education

Your kids are going to be happy studying in Melbourne. Victoria is known as the education state and it is no surprise that Melbourne is the hub of some of the most reputable colleges, schools, and universities in the world. Several of the universities in this city are among the top-ranked ones in the country and the world. The most popular examples are the University of Melbourne and Monash University.

4. Rich In Culture

Rich In Culture

Melbourne is also quite vivid and rich in culture. The allyways of the city are colorful, bright, and feel like real-life Wonderland. You just never get bored of the wandering musicians, endless shopping arcades, and streetside book cafes that are the USP of this city.

5. Country’s Best Coffee

Do you know that Melbourne is also the home to some of the most incredible coffees from all around the world? If you are a coffee lover, this city is the place to be for you. It has the most highly skilled and experienced baristas from all over the world that serve superb coffee throughout the day 7 days a week.

6. Immensely Diverse

Immensely Diverse

Do you know that Melbourne is also known as the cultural capital of Australia? While you are here, do not forget to check out the National Gallery of Victoria and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. And how can you forget the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art? Melbourne is a city where the world comes together to share and celebrate its culture.

7. Fun Infrastructure

This is a city also known for its superbly efficient and world-class infrastructure. The trams in particular are a lot of fun. The people of this city are exceptionally proud of the tram system and they are very proud of the transport and infrastructure of the region as well.

8. Numerous Business Opportunities

Numerous Business Opportunities

This city is also known for its high number of startups throughout the year. So if you are thinking about starting a business in Melbourne, you have the best resources, and finding an angel investor for your business is not going to be difficult at all. There are several small business grants as well that are offered to new and budding ideas that bring creativity and innovation. Also, Melbourne is the only city that rivals the economy of Sydney. It is considered the business center of Australia. According to several government projections, Australia is going to witness a big surge in jobs by 2025 and the numbers could be anywhere between 5.6 million and 6.4 million. The majority of those jobs are expected to sprout from Melbourne and Sydney in that order.

9. The Perfect Weather

While Australia is popular for its unpredictable weather, Melbourne is a little different. It has a very mild climate that is highly suitable for every skin type. Despite being the heart of Victoria, the weather here is less disturbing and very conducive for outdoor sports. On average, Melbourne gets close to 2200 hours of sunshine every year. You also get heat waves and electric thunderstorms but then all remains under control due to the geographical location of this city.

10. Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful Beaches

Melbourne also has some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world. If you are planning a long lazy summer day over the weekend, you have the best coastal destinations right next to you. Right from secluded spots to bustling beach locales, you have everything in this city.

11. The Friendliest People

It goes without a doubt that Melbourne has some of the friendliest people on earth. Their warmth and affection are almost palpable. You will find a lot of people who are constantly planning road trips, dinners, luncheons, and local getaways practically every weekend.

12. Environmentally Conscious

Environmentally Conscious

The people of this city are highly environmentally conscious as well. They take care of the choices that they make. They are highly sensitive toward the waste that they create and take measures to dispose it of safely. Even the city’s administration has taken numerous steps to balance the urban ecology of the region and maintain a balance between its flora and fauna, water cycles, resource preservation, and waste management.

13. Travel Opportunities

Travel Opportunities

Melbourne is quite close to Singapore, Japan, Bali, Fiji, and New Zealand. It is like they are located next door. Interstate travel from Melbourne is also very affordable. Cities like Canberra and Adelaide are also quite nearby. And there are regular international flights to probably every destination across the world.


You better start looking for the best suburb to live in Melbourne if you are planning to move to this city. Do your research at least two or three months beforehand. This is going to be the best decision of your life. This was just a quick Melbourne moving guide for you.

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