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August 4, 2022

By cbdmovers

Items We Don’t Move – 11 Things You May Have To Transport On Your Own When Moving

Items We Don’t Move – 11 Things You May Have To Transport On Your Own When Moving

You shouldn’t hold this against them because they are helpless when it comes to transporting a few materials and objects and some of the most commonly used household items that you find very mundane.

Yes, your packers and movers might not agree to transport a few of your items that are on your moving day checklist already. And it is quite fair because taking them from one location to another can put the vehicle and the moving personnel at risk. In many cases, it can lead to unnecessary and unhealthy exposure to these hazardous materials which can be fatal. What are those items? What do the movers don’t move? Let’s find out:

1. Your Expensive Family Heirlooms

Some of the packers and movers in the city would avoid transporting the expensive family heirlooms that have been passed on to you from your previous generations. This is for the simple reason that they do not want to take responsibility for an item that holds so much value to you. In the event that any such item comes in the way of harm or damage, the cost of replacement for the moving company is going to be obnoxiously high. This is the reason they stay away from such items.

2. Live Plants

Live Plants

Transporting your live plants and especially the heavy ones is very difficult. Live plants are complicated to manage. Moreover, if you take too much time to transport them from one location to another, they might start to dry up and shrivel. This is a risk that even you don’t want to take. It is highly advised that you should move your plants in your personal vehicle and before you do that, make sure to trim down their leaves and branches as short as you can.

3. Barbecue Equipment

Barbeque equipment can be very complicated. Needless to say, it is quite heavy as well. It has a grill or a smoker and it also has a lot of charcoal pieces. There is a lighter fluid as well which is extremely flammable. No moving company in Melbourne would want to take this risk. But there are few professionals that would think about a few ways to work around this equipment. You will have to do your research before you say yes to any packing and moving company. For the most part, you might have to clean the barbeque equipment and secure all the fuel and inflammable items yourself as you prepare it for the move.

4. Your Pets

Your Pets

Your pets can be a true nuisance at times. Your dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, hamsters, and any other woodland creatures that you have adopted should ideally go with you in your personal vehicle. Packers and movers are not the ideal people to handle your pets in any case because they will tend to get a lot more restless, nervous, and fearful around them. Also, packing personnel doesn’t know how to control your little furry friends.

5. Firearms And Ammunition If You Have Any

If you happen to carry any firearms and ammunition, transporting them could be a little tricky. Depending upon what the size of the firearm is, your packing and moving company is going to lay down a few rules. And also, each state across the country has different sets of rules and regulations for carrying them. You should hand over these gadgets only to a professional moving company that is certified to transport them across state borders.

6. Fireworks And Similar Items

Fireworks And Similar Items

Fireworks and similar items are also very risky and this is exactly why several packers and movers avoid handling them in the first place. You can buy all the moving boxes and even ask to handle the loading and unloading yourself but it is still going to be complicated. They are categorized as potentially hazardous materials so yes, it is better to either dispose them of or give them to your friends in your old neighborhood.

7. Cleaning Supplies That Have Gone Without Usage

Cleaning supplies are also very risky and the fall under mildly hazardous materials category. It is not safe to travel with them in any case. If you have any plant-based cleaning solutions and other portable cleaning equipment, you might want to carry them in your personal vehicle. Because several of these containers have flammable mixtures and components, the moving company might be concerned about the safety of the vehicle and that of their moving personnel.

8. Liquor Boxes And Bottles

Liquor Boxes And Bottles

If you haven’t kept your liquor safely, the packers and movers are going to refuse to transport it to your new destination. Also, liquor laws are going to vary by city and state. The amount of alcohol that you can bring into a particular state is also going to differ. Moving trucks and vehicles have a climate-controlled environment. If you want to transport liquor in these containers, it could lead to a massive accident and even an explosion which you don’t want to risk.

9. Chemistry Sets If You Have Any

Chemistry sets are also quite risky. If you are doing it for a friend or schoolmate or a teacher of yours, you must understand the risks involved here. Any kind of combustion, extreme temperatures, natural chemical transformations, reactions, and even contact with moisture is going to result in a serious situation for the vehicle and the driver. And yes, even your bath bombs, perfumes, bath salts, and essential oils come under the hazardous materials head.

10. Scuba Diving Gear

Scuba Diving Gear

Any moving company in Melbourne is almost certainly going to say no to your scuba diving gear. You will have to think of an alternate way to get your equipment to your new home. Because scuba tanks contain highly pressurized oxygen and other gas mixtures, it becomes extremely dangerous to transport them with all of your other stuff and furniture pieces.

11. High-Value Items That You Have Had For Years

High-Value Items That You Have Had For Years

Some moving companies are going to say no to your high-value items. These are your expensive appliances and gadgets including your expensive home decor items such as antique pieces, pool tables, and aquariums. Because these items are at a higher risk of breakage, packers and movers would want to avoid transporting them at all. Unless you have hired a highly skilled and experienced moving company in your city, it is not a good idea to hand them over to anyone at all.


Remember, these items are not a total no-no. Some packers and movers in Melbourne might be more than capable of transporting them safely to your new home without any supervision at all. You just have to do your research and choose the most suitable company for moving to Melbourne.

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