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August 8, 2022

By cbdmovers

Moving Your House Yourself Vs Hiring Professional Movers

Moving Your House Yourself Vs Hiring Professional Movers

This seems to be a very difficult decision because you are already aware of the various pros and cons attached to each of them. You don’t know whether you want to move house yourself or hire a mover for the purpose. A moving company can definitely take away a lot of your stress but then if you are a more DIY-moving person, you might end up saving hundreds of dollars. So, which one is it going to be?

Let’s discuss this in a little detail in the following section:

Moving House All By Yourself

Moving House All By Yourself

When you decide to move your house or office by yourself, you are going to pack all your items on your own. You will work according to your convenience and speed. You will not have any deadlines to follow. You will either go with your own vehicle or go for a rental truck or a similar automobile. The cheaper the van or the truck is the better it is for you. You can also borrow your neighbor’s truck if he is comfortable lending it to you.

Merits Of Moving Yourself

  • You have all the control over the entire packing and moving process 
  • You obviously don’t have to pay the movers anything
  • You can complete the move according to your own timeline and convenience

Demerits Of Moving Yourself

  • You will be creating a lot of work for yourself 
  • Packing supplies can be difficult to find 
  • A great rental truck can be out of stock 
  • It is going to take much longer than you expect 
  • Miscellaneous expenses can add up to your moving cost

Understanding The Cost Associated With Moving House Or Office By Yourself

1. Truck Rental

Truck Rental

If you do decide to rent a truck, it is going to cost you a little extra. The pricing for the rental is going to depend entirely on the distance you’re moving and the size of the truck as well. Renting a small truck for a move within the city is going to cost you much less than something of an outstation move with a larger van or automobile. Also, you must factor in the cost of rental insurance for the moving truck.

2. Cost Of Fuel

You will have to bear the cost of the fuel that goes into the moving truck. This is going to come as a constant reminder quite literally from the transport company as well.

3. External Assistance

External Assistance

You might need external assistance to move your stuff out of your house and to the moving truck. You can hire labor or independent moving helpers as well but that is again going to cost you a little more. You can go through the local classified ads to get the necessary help that you want. Extra labor is going to cost you more. Period.

Moving House With A Moving Company

Moving House With A Moving Company

Moving house with professional packers and movers is a lot easier because you don’t have to buy the packing supplies or prepare large boxes for moving out or even arrange for the vehicle. When you are moving from point A to point B, you can rely on the services of experienced professionals.

Merits Of Moving With A Packing And Moving Company

  • You have a lot less work to do 
  • You do not have to lift any of your heavy furniture pieces 
  • You don’t have to brainstorm over the dismantling and reassembling of your furniture pieces 
  • There is no risk of injury or any accidents 
  • The moving company is also going to insure your belongings

Demerits Of Moving With A Packing And Moving Company

  • You will have to work according to their timeline 
  • There is less control over how fast the move goes 
  • The moving cost is a prominent factor that you must consider

Costs Associated With Hiring Professional Packers And Movers

1. Basic Charges

Basic Charges

The basic charges are usually calculated on the amount of cargo and the distance you want to travel. Some companies have a per-hour basis as well. Some moving professionals calculate the price based on the distance and the weight of the cargo.

2. Insurance

Movers usually provide liability coverage for the belongings of the individual. However, it is not going to cover replacement costs and lost items. You will have to purchase the relevant insurance cover yourself.

3. Gratuity


It is upon you how much you want to tip the packers and movers.

4. Miscellaneous Charges

This is subjective. Some companies may not have any miscellaneous expenses or any charges that are going to pop up later. This is why it is advised to go through their pricing structure before you hire them for the job.

Can You Perform A Hybrid Move?

These days many families have been constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of moving houses and trying to incorporate the professionalism of packing and moving companies at the same time. You can think about a hybrid move by hiring the services of dependable and highly recommended furniture movers for specific tasks and performing several other functions on your own.

Hybrid Move Option One

  • You can employ the services of the packers and movers to have your stuff packed and secured in moving boxes.
  • They are also going to assist you in moving your belongings to your van or vehicle.
  • The rest of the responsibilities will be on you. You will have to drive the vehicle to your destination, unload your stuff, unpack your furniture, and then finally have it all set up in your new home.

Hybrid Move Option Two

  • You can ask the furniture movers to come up with a suitable moving plan and a dependable vehicle for the big day.
  • All the responsibilities of packing your stuff, dismantling and reassembling furniture pieces, and moving them to the boxes will be on you.
  • You and the moving team can transfer your moving boxes onto the vehicle together.
  • Driving the vehicle to your new home will be their job.

Even The Hybrid Move Option Is Going To Depend On A Few Factors Such As:

  • How long a distance do you have to travel
  • Are you aware of the packing supplies that you are going to need? 
  • You must determine the area in which you are going to need the most help 
  • Are you skilled at packing and arranging moving boxes? 
  • You need to assess how much physical labor will be required of you if you decide to do the majority of packing and moving yourself


In the end, whether you hire a mover or move your house yourself, is a very personal choice. A very important factor to consider here will be your budget. The value that you can get from professional packers and movers should justify the price that you have paid. And if you are not able to find anyone reliable and skilled, perhaps you are better off on your own.

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