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July 29, 2022

By cbdmovers

10 Tips For Your Next Long-Distance Move From A Reputable Moving Company

10 Tips For Your Next Long-Distance Move From A Reputable Moving Company

The biggest difference between a local move and an interstate move is the time taken to complete it and the distance traveled. But there is one more thing that everybody anticipates and that is nervousness coupled with palpitations. It is the stress that comes with a long-distance move. You might have moved house or office locally or perhaps within the city but it is nothing compared to the complications that arise when you are about to move to a distant location. It can be another city and it can also be another state. Whatever the case may be, you must find out a few ways to dial down the stress and make the entire process simpler for you.

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1. Begin By Planning Ahead

Begin By Planning Ahead

This goes without saying. Create an interstate moving checklist. You will also have to come up with a plan to ensure that all things go smoothly. Have a closer look at all the furniture pieces that you want to move. Categorize them as durable, medium-weight, and heavy. Buy relevant moving supplies for each one of your cargo categories. Invest in padding materials for your moving boxes. Plan the entire budget for the move at least 3 months before the date of moving. Visit your new home and have a close look at the property to understand how you will go about moving your furniture pieces and setting them up.

2. Get Estimates To Compare

You will need to connect with at least 5 or 6 house or business relocation companies in your city. Ask them for an initial assessment of your cargo so that they can come up with a practical quote for the entire service. Compare their packages to understand which one suits your needs the best. Remember not to go only with the price that they quote. Consider the services that are included in the package and pick something that is more value for money than others.

3. Research Various Interstate Moving Companies

Research Various Interstate Moving Companies

This is also important because it will help you understand how each packing and moving company functions, especially when it comes to interstate moving. Understand their pricing structures. Go through their official website and examine their services closely. Visit their social media profile to understand what their previous clients are saying about their service. Get in touch with their customer care executive and ask them to give you a complete breakdown of the price and the services included in each package they offer.

4. Downsize Your Inventory

This is an intelligent decision and it is highly recommended that you do it, especially if you are moving a long distance. Make sure that you sort through your belongings and choose the stuff that is absolutely essential. There will be a few pieces, fixtures, furniture items, and equipment that can be replaced or bought again once you have moved into your new place. This means that you can sell off a major chunk of your belongings before you move out of this house. It is not only going to lighten your burden but will also reduce the entire packing and moving cost significantly.

5. Label Your Boxes Correctly

Label Your Boxes Correctly

Do you think that labeling the box as “durable” or “delicate” is going to be enough? No, because that is not going to say much about the contents of the moving box. You must make a list of all the items that go into a particular moving box. You must list those items outside of the box. Make sure to mention on the box which side goes up / down. Also, write down your name, address, and telephone number in case you have decided to go for a shared moving truck.

6. Try To Move In The Off-Season

This makes a lot of sense. It is also going to help you save hundreds of dollars on the entire expense. Moving in the off-season is also helpful if you are in between jobs and are trying to save more money.

7. Get Acquainted With Your New Location

Get Acquainted With Your New Location

You will have to make another trip to your new location during the months leading up to the final moving date. This will help you understand your new home better. You can also memorize the various routes around your property and also explore the area a little bit. This way you can easily spot the local grocery store or any utilities or services that you might need right after you have moved into your new home.

8. Cushioning And More Cushioning

When packing your kitchen appliances or any delicate gadgets and other belongings, make sure to include adequate padding in the moving boxes. Invest in styrofoam balls, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, cotton balls, plastic wraps, and similar padding materials. You can find them with your packers and movers or you can get them at your local hardware store.

9. Decide Upon The Placement Of Your Furniture Pieces

Now that you have downsized your inventory, it is a great idea to decide upon the placement of the furniture pieces that you are going to be taking with you. You had already visited your new home as suggested above. Now you can plan to purchase new fixtures and furniture pieces. You must have a lot of ideas on how to populate your new space by combining your old belongings with your new purchases. Decide upon the placement of all your cargo including your beds, dining table, center table, sofas, recliners, wall units, television sets, gaming consoles, and the like.

10. Understand Long-Distance Move Coverage

Long distance insurance is different from local moving insurance. The biggest difference is the amount of coverage that you get. If you are covering a distance of 1,000 km, you will be a little more paranoid about what could go wrong as compared to when you are covering a distance of 20 or 50 km. So yes, understand what coverage options you have and also inquire about the same with your interstate packing and moving company.

Final Thoughts

Interstate moving is not easy. But you can simplify it by following the tips given above. If you are not able to do it on your own, it is better to connect with a dependable and highly recommended long-distance moving company in your city. Let the experts do the job so that you can move stress-free.

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