CBD Movers Local Removalists in Sydney are Eager to Help you Relocate

CBD Movers is an efficient and professional removalist outfit that has been operating in Sydney as well as the rest of Australia for several years now. The furniture removals company is involved in home removals, office removals, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, as well as a variety of similar services. CBD Movers offers cheap Sydney removal packages. They are an affordable movers option in Sydney if you are looking to move quickly without shelling out a whole lot of money.

As mentioned, CBD Movers has many years of experience in the removalist domain. During this time, our furniture removalists have worked with more than 8000+ families across Australia and in Sydney. All in all, the company has completed more than 100,000 relocation jobs per year. Our team is made up of around 325 personnel, all trained and licensed in packing and moving. CBD Movers aims to serve its customers with honesty and dedication. Work ethic, professionalism, and quality of service are all important here at CBD Movers.

Our removalist company has found its niche in furniture removal although we take up all kinds of projects. CBD Movers can help you move your premium quality pianos or your expensive couches all across the country to and from Sydney.

CBD Movers offers free removal estimates that are transparent and free of hidden charges. If you have queries, you can call the support team who will explain to you the entire process. To book a move with our home, office, and furniture removalists in Sydney, call us on 1300 223 668.


Our Impressive Removalists Sydney Services


Home Removals Sydney

CBD Movers offers the complete package that’ll take care of all your home removal needs. Even if you are moving with a large family with lots of kids and pets, CBD Movers completes the removalist job with professionalism and finesse so that you can focus on your family. Talk to us about home removals in Sydney.

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Removalists Sydney and Beyond

Our furniture removalists operate in the entirety of the country with a major focus on cities such as Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne. Imagine moving from the West Coast to the East Coast for a new job! Well, CBD Movers has it covered!

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Cheap Furniture Removals Sydney

Our removalist company conducts furniture removals in Sydney with the help of a trained and licensed staff who are equipped to handle heavy furniture. They use standardised equipment to carry and transport your expensive furniture to avoid any damage during packing or transit. Chat to us for furniture removals in Sydney.

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Sydney Removalist Services

Our company follows a well-designed set of operations to complete removals quickly and efficiently. The team uses standardised equipment and the latest moving trucks and carriers to take care of your removal needs smoothly and in a comparatively smaller time frame, especially in cities such as Sydney.

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Licensed Removalists Sydney

The CBD Movers team is trained and skilled at using equipment to pack, unpack, load, unload, and move your items across the country. As removalists in Sydney with years of experience, CBD Movers has a full team who can help you move easily and stress-free. Contact our furniture removalists to get started.

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Storage Spaces in Sydney

CBD Movers also provides safe storage spaces in Sydney to temporarily keep your items when the move is underway. This method helps complete the job more efficiently whilst ensuring the safety of your items during the removal. For storage during your big move, talk to our furniture removals company today.

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What Can We Move?

CBD Movers can handle all your removalist requirements. Here are just some of the items we can move for you:

  • Pool tables
  • Bulky items
  • Fragile items
  • Heavy furniture
  • Pianos
  • Large screen TVs
  • Antique items
  • Heavy glass tables
  • Expensive furniture
  • Pets and Plants
  • And much more!

Business Hours

CBD Movers will work closely with you to ensure your move is completed seamlessly and according to schedule. As well as standard business hours, our team is available around the clock to ensure your move is a success.

Reasons for Choosing CBD Movers as your Sydney removalists

CBD Movers offers excellent removal services all over Sydney

  • Experience of 15+ years as removalists in Sydney.
  • Adept at handling furniture removals.
  • Extremely helpful and agreeable staff.
  • Licensed to handle and drive moving trucks.
  • Easy on your wallet.
  • Good quality equipment and a large fleet of carriers and trucks.
  • 24x7 customer support.
  • Free quotations.

We are chosen by Families as their Sydney Removalists Presenting CBD Movers

  • Budget friendly house removalists.
  • Well-equipped office removals.
  • Quality commercial removals.
  • Efficient furniture removalists.
  • Estimates free of cost.
  • Several years of removalist experience.
  • Operated and managed 100,000+ removals per year in Sydney and the rest of Australia.
  • A huge fleet of trucks and the latest equipment.
  • 24x7 customer support.
  • Sells cheap packaging supplies.
  • Secure storage spaces.

Sydney: A Hub for Removalists for a Few Very Simple Reasons

Sydney is one of the most important cities in Australia. The city is home to a population of 5.3 million people, making it the most populous city not only in Australia but even Oceania. Sydney is divided into more than 60 suburbs and 33 administrative subdivisions. Large in size and a hotspot for commercial and tourist activities, it is no wonder that Sydney is a hub for home, office, and furniture removalists.

Home to world heritage buildings and fine and unique architecture, Sydney witnesses a large number of foreigners settling into the city. Sydney is one of the top ten cities in the world that is well integrated into the global economy.

For all these reasons and many more, Sydney has grown to become a hotspot for removalists. The demand for people wanting to move to this beautiful city increases by the day!

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    Frequently Asked Questions On Removalists Sydney

    After the move, if you find some broken items, then you should call the customer service team of the moving company and ask them for assistance. They will definitely help you and solve your problem. You can request to get repairs, replacements, or refunds of the broken items. If your goods are faulty, unsafe, or do not work, then you have the right to get compensation or a refund. You will get your compensation as per the company’s policies.
    When it comes to furniture removalists in Sydney, almost all moving companies hire professional and skilled removalists to provide the best moving services to clients. Moving companies also train their movers to ensure that customer belongings are treated with care to prevent losses.
    Below are steps undertaken by our furniture removalists in Sydney to protect your belongings during the move: 1) Removalists disassemble larger items before you move. They can save time and resources by disassembling larger items before they are loaded into a moving truck. Below are some examples of items that can be disassembled to facilitate the moving process: (a) Beds: Pack sheets and bedding in a box or in a bag; remove the mattress and rails from the bed frame. (b) Tables: They can often remove the tabletop from the base of the table to facilitate a more secure moving process. (c) Shelves: Disassembly steps will depend on whether you have wire shelves, metal shelves, or wood shelves. 2) Furniture removalists make sure they’ve got a lot of blankets. Moving blankets provide a great deal of protection for your furniture and larger valuables. They cover the surface of your valuables and prevent them from causing damage when they are being transported to your new home. If you use the services of a furniture removals company, they’ll probably already have a lot of blankets. 3) Furniture removalists generally label boxes containing fragile items. Fragile items would be labelled and carefully wrapped and packed in solid boxes or cartons by removalists. Boxes and cartons will be sealed with shipping tape and labelled “Fragile” for extra safe handling. Below are some recommended materials to be used when packing fragile items: (a) Bubble Wrap (b) Package of liquid foam (c) Polystyrene filler 4) Removalists carry carefully small, high-value items. 5) Furniture removalists will nest smaller objects inside larger ones. Nesting is a technique that helps maximise space on moving trucks and protects smaller fragile belongings. This technique is widely used by furniture removalists in Sydney to protect fragile items and make optimum use of space while moving. Nesting is an option when moving any larger items with internal storage space that can be used to house smaller, securely wrapped items or valuables while moving.
    The moving company of course will take strict action against its employee. When furniture removalists of a moving company in Sydney misbehave with their customer, then the customer should complain against the removalist and the company will investigate the matter. If the result of the investigation is against the mover, then the company will take serious action against them.
    Several moving companies in Sydney provide a damage policy, and some companies don’t. It will take some time because it depends on what kind of item has been broken during the move. Furniture removalists take all responsibility for the damage resulting from their actions and they try to resolve the problems as soon as possible.
    Reputable moving companies will greatly minimise the chance of any damage. If something does get damaged, then the professional moving company will refund for the damage according to their policy for damaged items.
    A reputable moving company will inform you in advance if they will be late on a moving day. If for some reason they get delayed and have not informed you in advance, then the moving company would be responsible for covering additional charges as both of you have signed the terms & conditions before the move.
    In this situation, the customer service team will call you and inform you that the movers will not be able to arrive on a moving day for some reason, and they will reschedule your service, or if you have paid in advance for moving services, they will return it to you within a week.
    If you paid twice for the same services to the moving company at the same address by mistake, then you don’t have to worry about your money. You need to contact the movers and tell them about the problem. They will definitely solve your problem as soon as possible and return your payment according to the turnaround time fixed for a refund.
    Every moving company in Sydney has certain cancellation policies and terms and conditions. If the customer cancels the booking, the company will deduct a certain percentage of the prepaid payment. However, the goal of good furniture removalists is to have a good relationship with their customers so that they can improve their services in the future and maintain high standards. In the case of new start-up companies, they struggle to have a good relationship with their customers and have less experience in the moving industry. That’s why they refuse to repay the prepaid payment of the services. You will not experience this problem when you choose our furniture removals company.
    14 kinds of packaging materials are used by our removalists in Sydney to move all belongings safely and securely without any damage: 1. Cardboard Boxes 2. Specialty Boxes: Here are the types of specialty boxes that movers may consider for the optimal safety of your belongings. (a) Wardrobe boxes (b) Heavy-duty boxes 3. Cell kits 4. Electronic boxes 5. Wrapping Paper 6. Bubble Wrap 7. Packing Peanuts 8. Wrapping Foam 9. Moving Blankets 10. Movers Stretch Wrap 11. Box Labels 12. Cutters and Scissors 13. Mattress Bags 14. Packing Tapes
    Not every reputable mover in Sydney will charge customers for the mistakes committed by their furniture removalists. They are subject to certain terms and conditions for additional charges. If moving companies take additional charges from you, then you should know why they charge you more. But in this situation, well-experienced companies do not take additional charges because of their own mistakes. They care about their reputation and the company’s growth. Before moving, they’ll inform you about their policies so they don’t have hidden charges for moving services, and if they make any mistakes, they’ll compensate customers in that situation.

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    Our Standard Removalists Sydney Process Take a Look at how we do!

    “CBD Movers is an all-round problem solver for removalist needs in Sydney”

    On receiving a request for removals in Sydney, we follow our standard procedure, which includes the following steps:

    • Collect all the relevant details and information about the move.
    • We discuss everything in-house to calculate an estimate for the job.
    • We share the best estimate for the job and wait for the client to accept.
    • On receiving a go-ahead sign from the client, we schedule a visit to the worksite to get details about the household furniture and other items.
    • We schedule the day and time for packing in coordination with our client.
    • We load everything on the trucks.
    • We transport, unload, and unpack your belongings at the new location.
    Our team leaves the site once the job is complete and payment is received. Our team is professional, friendly, and hardworking. Do not hesitate to share genuine words of encouragement to keep us going. It matters to us.

    Free Sydney Removalist Quotes and Estimates for our Valued Customers

    “Cheap local removalists in Sydney”

    We offer honest estimates and conduct mandatory surveys of your items before initiating the move. All paperwork is done prior to the actual job to make sure that there is no confusion between the customer and the removalist. Moving packages and solutions are tagged at low costs to allow all kinds of people to move easily and quickly. CBD Movers wants to solve all challenges pertaining to Sydney removalist services. We have been in the Sydney removalist industry for a while now and have a good grasp of the industry secrets. To work with an experienced furniture removals company, contact our team.

    Complete moving and removalist solutions at low prices in Sydney.

    Request a quote or call us on 1300 CBD Movers.

    Perks of Hiring CBD Movers


    A Deal That Suits You!

    When it comes to affordability, you can’t go past CBD Movers. Our professional removalists offer affordable prices with no hidden costs. We will let you know our hourly rates when applicable and any other costs you may face, meaning there are no nasty surprises.

    Best of all, CBD Movers can tailor a moving package to suit your needs.

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    Peace of Mind

    Moving can be a stressful time, and CBD Movers can take some of that stress off your shoulders. We offer professional packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, as well as storage services. All of this is backed by comprehensive transit insurance.

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    Experienced Team

    Every time you move, you will face brand new challenges. Whether you’re moving for the first time, or you’ve moved many times before, CBD Movers can ensure everything goes smoothly. Our experienced team has encountered all the obstacles you may face, and we can help you overcome them for an easier move.

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    You Can Focus on What Matters

    Whether you’re moving to a new home or office, you definitely have other things to focus on. Let CBD Movers help you relocate with stress-free moving services. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your big move, from business decisions to personal finances.

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    Fully Planned from Start to Finish

    A lot of planning goes into the moving process! When you choose CBD Movers, you can book with confidence, knowing that we will take care of it all. Our friendly team of professionals will work with you to ensure everything is taken care of according to plan – including important deadlines and budgetary considerations.

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    Sit Back and Relax Faster!

    Moving is supposed to be a joyous experience. With CBD Movers on your side, you can get into your new property faster, giving you a moment to sit back, relax, and plan your future in your new property. Get in touch today for an obligation-free quote.

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    See What Our Ground Staff Have to Say While Working for Our Sydney Removalists

    CBD Movers will take care of your office and home removals in Sydney with low-priced solutions.

    As dedicated furniture removalists in Sydney, CBD Movers can help you move a one-bedroom apartment or a bungalow with the least amount of effort. The number of trucks required to conduct the removalist job depends on the volume of items that need to be moved. After the mandatory assessment of your property is completed by CBD Movers, the removalists will be able to tell you the number of transports required.

    Removals in Sydney are now easy and cheap with CBD Movers! We have an extensive fleet of trucks that will take care of jobs!

    Contact our home, office and furniture removals company! Call 1300 CBD Movers now to book a move.

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    If you are Searching for the Right Sydney Removalists, Here are a Few Pointers


    Sydney Removalist Experience

    In large cities such as Sydney, there are many moving companies looking for the top spot. Go for ones who offer additional services and are experienced at specific niches such as furniture removals or packaging and unpacking.

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    Sydney Removalist Services Offered

    Look for top notch services where customers just have to sit back and enjoy the packing and moving experience. Go for a company that offers additional services that offer great value for money.

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    Sydney Removalist Costs

    Knowledge of the right prices also comes with experience. Good removalist companies are moderately priced and do not overcharge their customers. In Sydney, there is a certain standard of costs. CBD Movers offers free estimates for removals.

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    Removalists Sydney - Packaging Supplies

    Few removalists offer packaging supplies such as cartons and boxes during the move. CBD Movers offers these supplies to make the move smoother. In large cities like Sydney, procurement can be hectic, so rest assured that our furniture removals company has the solution for you.

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    Removals Sydney Staff

    A helpful and trained personnel is paramount in any good removalist. A certain standard must be maintained by all removalists in Sydney. The customer is king and deserves due time and care.

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    Removals Sydney Checklist

    It is crucial to make a list of everything that has to be moved or a list of tasks that you and your family have to do during the move. The removalists will certainly assist you, but you still need to be prepared as well.

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    What You Can Do As the Customer of Sydney Removalists

    • Keep a tab It is very important to know where all your belongings and items are before the process of moving out begins. Once the removalists arrive, things can get confusing for you. Things may get lost, so keep in mind that an inventory is necessary.
    • Declutter and Discard Discard and throw away anything that is not useful. You can also arrange a garage sale before the removals begin.
    • Secure your Documents and Essentials Medicines, school work, driver’s license, etc. They are all essentials that need to be taken care of. When the removalists are hauling everything outside, there are some things that you need to keep on your person.
    • Your contacts need updates Moving in or out of Sydney? Either way, you’ll need to add new contacts that may prove to be useful in your new house. Make sure your phone is ready before the move.
    • Transfer your services Our removalists will help you with most of the aspects of the move but there are some things like transferring utilities that you will need to do.

    Locations CBD Movers Serves as Removalists in Sydney include:

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