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February 25, 2022

By cbdmovers

The Final Moving Day | What to Expect

The Final Moving Day: What to Expect

It’s Moving Day- after prolonged planning and packing, also procrastinating, the event has finally arrived. Apart from that, meticulous planning and hard work have brought down to this outcome when it is just a day before moving to a new house. Now you must be having anxiety while thinking about what to do before moving house.

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There are many factors to consider that can go out of control, so it is better to have a moving day checklist to ensure all things are planned properly.

1. Thorough room checking

Before you lock the door of the house for the last time, visit your rooms and thoroughly examine all rooms. Make sure no family heirloom or other precious belonging is left inside the wardrobe or inside the chest of the closet. Do turn off electrical appliances if not required. Apart from that, do check that you have defrosted and dried your refrigerator. Do final checking of recycling and garbage containers to make them empty. To ensure the packing of items which you might require during the journey to a new home and for the first 2-3 days after moving things are packed separately.

2. Be Ready with everything

Once the major packing part is finished by the professional packers, later you have to be ready with a local moving checklist. As per the moving day checklist, you have to accumulate all the items in one place which need to be packed at the last minute. The complete house must have been cleaned by now and make sure all boxes are easily accessible so the movers don’t waste much time getting the items out of the house and putting them in the truck.

3. Check proper safety

You need to be cautious about safety during the critical 24 hours of the move. Take proper precautions to avoid injuries and accidents while moving things. Make the pathway from the door to the truck clean after removing obstacles and debris from there. If possible, lay down anti-slippery on the floors and stairs to protect property from damage and movers from accidents.

Special attention should be given to kids and pets because they can feel stressed and upset while observing the exhausting activities. Kids might feel panic also in the presence of unknown people in the house and kids are prone to get hurt also while running in the house, especially when items are scattered on the floor.

It is advised to ask your family or close friends to take care of your little ones and keep them occupied in a safe environment.

4. Classify the items that are not going with the Movers

There are specific personal belongings that should be moved by yourself. For instance, overnight bags, medicines, important documents, gadgets, and electronic devices. You need to classify these items and put them in a separate box and label it accordingly so, that they should not get mixed with other items. To avoid any confusion and insecurity of these items, you do mention in the checklist of ‘Things to do before moving house.’

5. Show your availability

Show Your Availability

According to the moving day checklist, the most prominent thing which you need to do is to be available throughout. Keep your schedule free from any kind of task or obligation on the days of moving out and moving in. The team of movers might require your constant direction, so you should be ready to be in charge and coordinate the movers for a much more comfortable moving day.

If the movers have to search you or contact you rigorously then it will be wasting a lot of time and later it could cost you money as well. Making yourself available on moving day leaves the option of clear communication and assisting movers with the placement of boxes and furniture accordingly, which results in less stress.

6. Get familiar with the layout

That can be very awkward if your mover asks you about the placement of the furniture and you say that you have no idea about that. According to the local moving checklist, you need to know the layout of the house, which you can do maybe a week or a day before moving house. You have already imagined the designing of the house during your packing, but now you need to be certain about the placement of the furniture according to the planning and designing of the house.

7. Give control to the Movers

If you have chosen a professional team of movers and packers, then you need to yield your control and hand it over to the experts only. It is very obvious that you want your belongings to be packed efficiently, but you need to keep your suggestions and interference very minimal. Constant interruption can cause discomfort to the packers and as professionals, they have their way of doing things. You need to trust their ability and potential to pack your items in the best way and give them the freedom to do it with their efficiency and caliber.

8. Offer refreshments

Offer Refreshments

Movers do not expect any refreshments, but if you provide them water or lemonade on their accessibility, that represents mutual respect. The stress factor is common in the packers and you, offering snacks will keep them refreshed and energized for finishing the task on time. Make it available near to them, so they can have it when requires. If you are not ready to prepare anything, keep the cash handy to order it from any restaurant or any place around.

Now that you have followed the things according to the moving day checklist, we hope that you will be prepared properly for your moving day to avoid any kind of distress and discomfort.

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