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December 3, 2020

By cbdmovers


Moving Without Breaking A Sweat: Tools that Lifts-off Burden

Moving is a stressful and arduous task, especially if you have to self-pack, lift, and transport heavy stuff like electronic devices and furniture items.

However, there are basic moving equipment and tools that can make your move both easier and safer.
Check the blog to know 5 equipment to make your relocation a breeze:

1.   Furniture sliders

Heavy furniture items such as sofas, tables and dressers can be hard to lift and move around.
Furniture sliders offer a convenient solution to move your heavy furniture items easily without causing any pain in arms or legs.
Some of the benefits of furniture sliders are:

  • Offer protection to the floors from getting damaged
  • Protect the furniture items against any scratches or cracks
  • Avoid the risk of any serious physical injuries
  • Effortless furniture moving

2. Hand Trucks

A two-wheeled cart that is designed in L shape. The platform is small but useful to move your heavy objects by hand.  Smartly slide the bottom platform just below the item to be lifted and then pull the hand truck to the moving truck or anywhere you want.
Sometimes, hand trucks come with four wheels and a broader platform.

3. Moving dollies

Dollies are perfect for moving large and heavy household items such as electronic devices, pianos, bookshelves and sofas.

Benefits of a moving dolly are:

  • Accelerates the moving gig
  • Prevents injuries to your back that may happen while carrying a dresser, couch or other heavy furniture items
  • Holds more weight than hand trucks
  • Balance the weight well
  • Ensures safe transport of your items
  • Offers flexibility and easy to use

Pro tip: Seek the help of your friends or family members to load items onto the wheeled stand.

4. Straps and ropes

Moving straps and ropes are necessary to easily lift, move and secure items loaded on a dolly, slider or even moving trucks.
Types of straps and ropes that you can use during the self-move are:

  1. Shoulder dolly strap: This 2-person lifting system helps you in moving the heavy stuff and lowers the risk of injuries.
  2. Forearm forklift: This moving strap pulls up large items but not as conveniently as shoulder dolly.
  3. Elastic straps: These can be used for securing the load on the moving dolly or slider.
  4. Ratchet straps: These are best for holding items together on the moving vehicle.

Pro tip: Use proper lifting techniques to prevent accidents on the moving day.

5.   Toolkit

To make your DIY move easier and efficient, keep a toolbox by your side.

A toolbox consists of a number of tools to support other moving equipment.

  1. Measuring tape: It helps to determine whether or not large furniture or electronic items will pass through a doorway.
  2. Scissors: It is very helpful while packing boxes.
  3. Screwdrivers: It can be used to disassemble and reassemble furniture pieces.
  4. Pliers: It can be used for basic wiring tasks.

Your moving vehicle

A moving vehicle is very important for loading and safely transporting your items from one location to another.
When it comes to choosing a moving vehicle, you’ve 3 options:

  1. Your personal vehicle: In case you own a truck or a cargo van, then you can easily perform a self-move.
  2. Hire a friend’s truck: Think about someone from your family, friends or social groups who owns a moving van.
  3. Rent a moving vehicle: Hire a moving vehicle from the local truck rental agency.

In case you are relocating within the same city, you can easily do it on your own or else hire a moving company.
Pro tip: Choose the size of a truck as per the quantity of your stuff to avoid extra charges.

In the end…

Self-moving and transporting your household goods is not an easy job.
Moreover, buying and renting all the essential moving equipment can cost you much more than hiring a professional moving company.
A professional moving company in Adelaide can take all the stress out of the toughest tasks of relocation.
Request Call Back Or Dial 1300 223 668 to talk to our friendly staff member for arranging your move.

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