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December 3, 2020

By cbdmovers


Loading Moving Trucks: A Mini Guide

Moving day is here. All your household stuff is packed and you are ready to load them into a moving truck.
But, is it that simple?
If you’re planning a self-move, you need to be extra vigilant while loading your heavy and expensive items in the truck.

Looking for a few tips?
Read this article to know how to load your precious stuff into a moving truck the right way to prevent any accidental damage:

1.   Disassemble furniture items

Disassemble all your furniture or electronic items before loading them into the moving truck.
For instance, unbolt and remove the dining table’s four legs if possible. This will allow you to keep both the flat table and its removable legs in a vertical position on the truck.
Some of the benefits of disassembling heavy furniture items are:

  • Easier to pack and carry
  • Reduces the risk of scratches from other items
  • Maximises empty space in the truck
  • Helps to evenly distribute the weight

Pro tip: Be extra careful while hauling heavy items into the moving truck as it can injure your hands and back.

2.   Load heaviest/spacious items first

Load the truck with the largest and heaviest items such as sofas, beds, dressers, chairs, cabinets and tables first.

Some of the tips to follow are:

  • Place couches, headboards and tables in an upright position
  • Don’t place heavy stuff on top of other boxes storing fragile items
  • Use moving straps or ropes to restrict the movement of the packed stuff
  • Secure each of the items to the sides of the truck with moving blankets
  • Place heavier and larger items on the bottom and smaller and lighter ones on their top

3.   Ensure even distribution of weight

Distribute the weight of your items evenly across the space in the truck.
Benefits of even distribution of weight are:

  • Makes the task of loading and unloading easier
  • Easier to handle the load level while driving
  • Limits the movement of items while moving
  • Safer transportation of your items

4.   Keep all large items in a vertical position

Large items such as sofas and mattresses occupy more space when placed in the truck horizontally.
Keep such items in an upright position to save some space for other stuff.
Also, place large paintings and mirrors upright between mattresses and headboards and glass tables.
To add an extra layer of protection during the hustle and bustle of moving, provide padding to your fragile items.

5.   Roll up carpets and mats

To save some space in the moving truck,

  • roll carpets or floor mats upside down,
  • wrap them in a plastic wrap, and
  • and securely place them in a vertical position.

This will keep your rugs and carpets in tip-top condition. Make sure to clean them before rolling up to avoid bad odours in the truck.

Bonus tips

  • Choose the size of a moving vehicle as per the number of household items.
  • Use various equipment such as a moving dolly, furniture sliders and ropes to avoid property damage and personal injuries.
  • Use high-quality packaging materials to protect your belongings.
  • Keep the most valuable possessions such as documents and jewellery items in your handbags.
  • Load the front of the truck first.
  • Make sure to wrap every item with quality packaging material and extra padding where needed.

In the end…

Loading a moving truck is a time-consuming and arduous task.
It’s recommended to hire a professional moving company in Canberra to take the load off your shoulders and to avoid any self-moving risks.
Request Call Back Or Dial 1300 223 668 to talk to our friendly staff member for arranging your move.
Have a safe relocation!

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