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July 14, 2022

By cbdmovers

How To Prepare My Home And Myself For The Move Day

How To Prepare My Home And Myself For The Move Day?

There is not much that you have to do to prepare yourself for the big move. You have already made up your mind and this is why you are thinking about hiring a professional packing and moving services provider at the moment. But there are a few things that you have to do to prepare your home for this big step in addition to creating a moving home checklist. These are:

1. Set Your Budget First

You need to set your budget for the entire packing and moving process. This is going to help you save a lot of money. There are a few things that you can do on your own such as packing some of your critical appliances and equipment, arranging for old boxes, getting your friends to help you out, segregating items that you need in your new home, and also performing a deep clean of your house before you move out.

2. Create A DIY Move Plan

Create A DIY Move Plan

Make sure that you pick the right vehicle and the shortest route possible. Start saving up for fuel at least a month before. If you have any small-sized furniture, make room for the same in your personal vehicle. It is also advised to start packing for your DIY move at least a month in advance. You can also start transporting your belongings bit by bit 3 or 4 weeks before the actual moving day. This way you have enough time to set up some of your furniture in your new home by the time you have moved into it.

3. Declutter Your House

You will also have to learn how to declutter your house before the move. This helps you separate the items that you want to take to your new house from the ones that you might want to discard or sell in a garage sale. You might want to get rid of all your old crockery and utensils. The same applies to your old mattresses and some of your sofa chairs as well.

4. Get The Right Packing Supplies

Get The Right Packing Supplies

The next step is to get the light packing supplies for the big move. You will have to invest in durable packing boxes and containers in addition to the most useful and practical padding materials such as moving blankets, old newspapers, packing paper, styrofoam, and the like. You should also invest in nylon rope, packing tape, a permanent marker, and a label maker.

5. Begin With Packing Your Essentials

You should begin by preparing a box of all your essential items. These can be your mobile charger, toiletries, important documents, medications, prescriptions, change of clothes, food items, baby products, and a lot of other stuff that you might need more frequently. 

6. Interview The Movers

Interview The Movers

How can you forget this one important step? Interviewing the packers and movers is absolutely vital if you want to get the right packing and moving professionals for the big day. You must understand their pricing structure and also the entire plan that they will come up with for the final day. Talk to them about the route that they would be taking. Are they going to be constantly connected with you during the transit? What about their licenses and also a few referrals if they could provide you any?

7. Learn How To Work With Moving Professionals

Remember that packing and moving professionals work at a totally different pace. It might take a bit of effort on your part to match every step with them. They are highly skilled and much more experienced. You will have to stay connected with your move manager so that you can keep yourself updated about the entire process without skipping a beat.

8. Understand How Professional Moving Unfolds

You will also have to understand how the entire professional packing and moving process unfolds. For example, all your flammable items, chemicals, liquids, oils, and similar belongings will be contained in a particular section of the moving vehicle. They will make sure that they add an extra layer of protection to these boxes so that they do not cause any damage when in transit. All your heavy boxes will be stored at the front of the truck so that they can be moved immediately when you have reached your destination.

9. Invest In A Few Tools And Equipment

Invest In A Few Tools And Equipment

This is another way to prepare yourself for the big move. There are a few items that you should invest in right away:

  • A Push Cart

Whether you are moving to a new big house or a small apartment, it is important to invest in a push cart because that can help you move all your heavy items from one location to the other without much of a problem. You just have to load them on these carts and roll them across the floor all the way to the truck and then all the way to your new home’s entrance on a moving day.

  • Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are also very important because they give your items an extra layer of protection. They protect your expensive furniture and also your antique items including your ceramic statues, crystal lamps, décor items, and a lot more. These can be kept away from any potential damage with the help of these moving blankets.

  • Blank Labels

Blank Labels

This is probably the most useful tip that you will come across. You must remember to label everything. Your boxes must have detailed labeling on them and not just which side goes up or down. They must tell you what all items are contained in them so that you can decide upon their location inside the moving truck. This will also help you pick which boxes need to be unpacked first and which ones can be delayed for the time being.

  • Stackable Containers

Don’t underestimate the utility of stackable boxes and containers. These can help you save a lot of space. These are also easy to carry and their locking handles and latches protect all the items contained in them. Stackable containers also help you speed up the moving process greatly.

So There You Go!

Now you know how to prepare for a house move. It is time to call professional packing and moving experts and let them know the day and date of the move.

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Happy moving!

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