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July 2, 2020

By cbdmovers

How To Declutter Your Home Before Moving

How To Declutter Your Home Before Moving?

While moving, keeping things that bring value to your life and letting go of unwanted stuff makes the process smooth. The minimalist move helps you to live well without any stress of managing so many things.

The easiest way to lessen the mess is to declutter your home before moving. Investing a little time and effort in clearing out dead weight will make your life much more freeing.
Herein, we are suggesting 5 creative ways to downsize your home before moving:

1.    Implement the four-box strategy

The four-box decluttering strategy can help you to get on top of the problem. All you need to have is four boxes and a little inspiration to get started.
Label the boxes as “Keep and Use”, “Sell/Charity”, “Storage”, and “Trash or Toss”.
Each box has a unique purpose to serve.

  • Keep and Use: Put commonly used items in this box and place it in the proper spot. If “keep” items belong to the decluttering area, don’t put it in this box and put it away.
  • Sell or Charity: One person’s unwanted stuff is another person’s prized possession. If you no longer need an item that can be useful to someone else, donate it, or sell it in a garage sale. For instance, old clothes or books can make a way to charity.
  • Storage: This box should incorporate items that you cannot part with but don’t use daily. For instance, decor material, flower pots, or seasonal clothing.
  • Trash: This box includes anything that is in poor condition, can’t be repaired, recycled, and sold.

Pro tip:  For every new item you bring to your home, make an effort to purge or donate two other unwanted items.

2. Host a yard sale

To free up your energy and to make some money, host a garage or yard sale. Display your items in a neat and classified way. Put a price tag on them so that people can have a rough idea and can get ready to bargain.
You have good items for sale, a great location, a great day, but still, there is no fun in organizing a yard sale if you don’t market it well.
Put up posters around your neighborhood, offer last-minute discounts, half-price deals, and special offers to attract more customers. Also, seek help from family and friends ahead of time, so that you don’t get tired at the end of your sale.
Pro tip: Once in a year, organize a yard sale to get rid of overused items.

3. Declutter by category, not by room

Rather than decluttering a specific room, start with a particular category. Make a list of potential categories for purging including clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental items.
Talking about the clothing category, take a quick tour of your closet and pull out all the unnecessary clothes. Keep the clothes you need and donate the rest.
The steps to declutter by category are:

  • Begin by clearing a space for your items, such as a table or floor.
  • Gather all items in the category and bring them to the sorting spot.
  • Properly check all the items.
  • Sort your items into donate/sell/trash/keep boxes.
  • Move to the next category on your list.

4. Digitize papers

Do you still have tons of documents you no longer need? It’s time to get rid of them. But before shredding, make digital copies of them. Many apps will help you to scan your paperwork and store them online.
Check your documents thoroughly and decide what to digitize, and what should be thrown away.
Digitizing some of the papers will free up your drawers and cabinets. Also, scan your photos and save them to a computer to get rid of boxes of photos and albums.

5. Seek professional help

Tired after decluttering? Hire house movers in Perth for all the assistance in packing and moving your belongings. You can sit and relax as a professional team is dedicated to simplifying your moving experience.

With a pool of experience and the capability to view your goods with a real eye, movers can help you cut down cost on packing via using existing supplies. So entrusting a local mover in Perth can help you with many tedious tasks as you plan to relocate.

Wrap up

No matter which tip you start with, the aim is to take your first step to declutter your life as you plan the relocation. There exists a world of freedom and fresh air behind that clutter piling at your home.
In case you are struggling hard to declutter your home before moving, seek help from your friends. Work together to organize your belongings in your new home so as to celebrate new beginnings.
Feel free to call us at 1300 223 668 for a FREE quote.
Get on board to know how much you gain even while losing your personal stuff.

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