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June 22, 2022

By cbdmovers

Moving House Checklist

7 Things To Do When Movers Are Packing

What do you do when movers are packing? Make yourself useful, I’ll say. But how exactly do you do that? You are not a professional. Neither have you had any prior experience in packing your stuff and moving to a new location. You don’t know anything about packing materials or lifting heavy objects without damaging them or breaking your back. You couldn’t possibly come up with useful and practical ways to help the packing and moving professionals. But there is always something that you can do. Yes, you might not be professionally trained to pack your heavy equipment and drive a moving truck to your new location all by yourself but you are diligent, clever, savvy, and sensible.

So How Do You Begin?

1. Bring Them Some Refreshments

Bring Them Some Refreshments

Being a good host should also be on your moving house checklist. Get them something to drink. You can move beyond your regular lemonade. You can get them some snacks or maybe a cup of coffee for each one of the workers. You can also ask them what they would like to have before they begin packing and moving your stuff around. 

Some of them are likely to choose a hot coffee because that is going to fuel them up for the whole day of work. They are going to appreciate this little gesture of yours. It is very important to be a good host, especially when someone is going to be working throughout the day on your property without many breaks.

2. Refrain From Telling Them What To Do

It is advised not to tell them what to do. They are professionals, trained and qualified. They know what to do and how to handle even the most critical furniture pieces and components that you have had no chance of dismantling or reassembling ever in your life. They have the experience of moving large houses and various kinds of offices from one location to another. So yes, it is advised that you calm down a little and avoid telling them what to do and how to pack heavy items.

3. Keep Your Pets And Kids Occupied

Keep Your Pets And Kids Occupied

Wouldn’t this be a fantastic idea? Your kids and pets can create a lot of trouble for the house movers. They tend to get hyperactive around strangers. They also try to throw a lot of tantrums when you are occupied with guests. The best approach here is to ask your neighbors or your best friend to take them away for a day. This way you can keep them occupied while the packers and movers are doing their job. 

It is also going to prevent them from getting in their way and injuring themselves. Needless to mention you will not end up spending most of your time looking after them or keeping them busy if they are not loitering about in the house. Just make sure that you drop in their favorite toys in their backpack before your friend comes to pick them up.

4. Clean Your House Before They Come

This goes without saying because packing all your stuff and moving them to the van is not going to be possible unless you have cleaned your property well enough. You need to declutter your house before the packing begins. This is also going to ensure that all the stuff that you want to leave behind or perhaps put up for a garage sale doesn’t get transported to your new house. 

Make sure that everything is ready to be packed and moved to the truck before the packers arrive. You might want to buy a few new items before the move. Make a list of all those things. This is going to help you understand what exactly you need to discard and what new items you need to buy from the market before the packing begins.

5. Remember To Pack Your Valuable Items In Advance

Remember To Pack Your Valuable Items In Advance

This item on your moving house checklist will prove to be extremely helpful for the packers and movers. It is always a good idea to pack your valuable items including your jewelry, small electronics, important papers, perishable items, flammable liquids and containers, family heirlooms, expensive antiques, and other items before the packing and moving professionals arrive. It is better to just make a box of all these items and keep them in your car instead of just letting them be sprawled across your property.

6. Make Sure They Have Clear Pathways

Decluttering is important because it also helps you clear away all the stuff lying around including baby and pet toys, small pieces of furniture, cleaning supplies, jewelry pieces, medicines, boxes and containers, and other fragile items. This gives the house movers a clear path and simplifies the move. You should get rid of all the unwanted stuff long before the packers arrive. Now that the passageways and hallways are clear, the moving process can begin.

7. Give Them A Tour Of The House

Give Them A Tour Of The House

You can do this at any point in time. You can give them a tour of the house either on the very first day when they come for an initial assessment or you can do it on a moving day. Either way, it is going to help them come up with an instant moving plan that will speed up the entire process. 

Create a household moving inventory list and hand it over to the movers. It is going to give them more clarity as to what needs to be packed first, where the packing is going to take place and the exact location where all the packed boxes will be stored so that they can be accessed when finally the moving truck gets into position. It will also give them a better idea as to where and how to place the plank or the temporary staircase to move the boxes inside the truck.

And To Sum It Up

See? There is a lot that you can do to make it easier for the packers and movers to transport you to your new location. You do not have to be professionally trained or skilled for any of this. It just takes a little bit of common sense and a practical approach. Happy moving!

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