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June 24, 2022

By cbdmovers

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9 Things You Should Look For In A Good Moving And Packing Services

Moving your house on your own is never a good idea. If you haven’t done it before, refrain from lifting any of your heavy furniture pieces by yourself. You could seriously injure your back. Instead, start looking for a dependable moving and packing services provider in the city. But you don’t know where to begin when hiring movers for packing. Well, this is something we can help with.

The following section talks about a few things to do that you should look for in good packing and moving service in your city. Always make sure that the moving company:

1. Prioritizes All The Items That Need To Be Moved

Prioritizes All The Items That Need To Be Moved

You need to make sure that the professionals are aware of what needs to be packed before anything else. They should also be aware of any special circumstances in which you might be moving in. Invite them for an assessment of your property so that they can get a better idea of where the moving truck is going to go when they finally start moving your stuff inside it. They should follow a chronological order when it comes to packing and shifting your stuff to the moving van. The heavier items are supposed to go to the far end of the truck. These are the ones that you won’t be needing right after you unpack at your new house. The second category of cargo will be your frequently used furniture items and equipment. The last will be the items that you have to unpack immediately after you have moved into your new houses such as your lightweight chairs, recliners, comforters, computers, modems and fittings, kitchen appliances, beddings, and mattresses.

2. Answers All Your Questions About The Contract

You need to ensure that the moving company has all the answers with them. If you have any queries about the movers’ liability for your expensive possessions, ask them all the pertinent questions before you sign any contract. Confirm the pick-up and delivery date and also any insurance-related questions that you might have in your mind. Ask them about a few references that can be verified. Always be clear about the cost that you might have to pay upfront. To be fair, there should be any.

3. Sticks To The Delivery Date Decided Upon Earlier

Sticks To The Delivery Date Decided Upon Earlier

Does the removalist have a reputation for sticking to his delivery date? Can they complete the move within the exact timeline that you have decided? Will they be able to provide you with an instant move if you decide to change your moving date? Remember to ask these questions before you hire them for the job. Also, it is going to work well in your favor if you know how flexible they are when it comes to providing you with an alternative date if due to any reason you have to postpone or prepone your plans.

4. Is 100% Legitimate

This is a very critical step that you will have to perform. You must check out their official website. You will also have to pay a visit to their physical office. Make sure that the company is 100% legit. Check for any online reviews and testimonials on their Facebook page. Log in to your LinkedIn account and find the business name they are registered with. Most companies do have a LinkedIn profile these days so yes that is a great way to find out about their legitimacy. Get in touch with some of their previous clients to understand how they function.

5. Gives You A Quotation For Per Room And Full Home Package

There is always a per room package and a full home package or any similar arrangement that several furniture removalists in the city have with them. You should look out for those packages before you agree to any of their terms. If you have a small studio apartment, you might benefit a lot from a full home package which can get heavily discounted depending upon the number of belongings and the amount of cargo that you have. Also, if the distance that you wish to travel is relatively less, it could turn out to be even more affordable. So make sure to ask about the various packages that they offer and also if it would make any difference if you book them one month or 2 months in advance.

6. Takes Care Of Your Expensive Art Pieces

Gives You A Quotation For Per Room And Full Home Package

So you are a creative soul. You have been collecting art pieces and beautiful antique items all your life. You should always hire removalist who isWhen Movers Are Packing capable of helping you with all those beautiful items and the intricate pieces that you have collected over such a long time. Make sure that they understand their value and take the necessary steps to protect them from any kind of damage whatsoever.

7. Brings In The Necessary Equipment

Brings In The Necessary Equipment

That brings us to a very important concern which is the right equipment. Unless they have the right packing materials such as packing tapes, adhesive bandages, garbage bags, moving blankets, paper towels, cutters, markers, bubble wraps, and all kinds of paraphernalia needed to pack your stuff safely, do not hire them. The bottom line is that they should know the drill. If the moving and packing services provider does not have the right equipment, how can you possibly imagine them packing and moving your furniture safely to its new destination?

8. Discloses Any Additional Costs Beforehand

Yes, there is always a possibility that the moving company is going to have some additional costs. Ask them upfront if they are going to charge you any additional fees or surcharges at a later stage. Trust me, you are not going to like any surprises that they throw at you once you have moved into your new home.

9. Does Not Charge You For Unpacking Services

Does Not Charge You For Unpacking Services

Is that so? Do packing and moving companies do that? Do they charge you extra for their unpacking services? Well, the two movers and a truck that you have hired might think that way. You don’t want any of that. You want the packing and unpacking services to be included in the overall package. You shouldn’t have to pay for the unpacking of your cargo separately.

And To Sum, It Up

These were a few things that you should definitely look out for in packing and moving service providers. If the professional can check all these boxes, do go for them. They will prove to be a reliable partner in your move.

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