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June 20, 2022

By cbdmovers

How To Pack Heavy Items For Your Move

How To Pack Heavy Items For Your Move

This task could be one of the most complicated and quite frankly something of herculean proportions for the most part. If you haven’t done it before, it could easily annoy and frustrate you at the same time. Moving your heavy cargo and critical appliances is never an easy thing. It is very tiring and highly demanding. Your heavy items could comprise your winter clothing, heavy shoes, critical kitchen appliances, complicated office equipment, old books, bulk bakery items, art supplies, and several of your furniture pieces. 

If you aim to transport all of these to your new house all by yourself or if you want to pack them according to your requirements you must be well prepared for it. You’re gonna need all the packing tips for moving you can possibly get. Let’s begin by giving you a few right now:

  • Start By Choosing Appropriate Packing Materials

1. Go For Stronger Boxes

Go For Stronger Boxes

It is always recommended that you go with stronger and thicker boxes. Some of them are double padded and come with double-ply fittings as well. These boxes are capable of withstanding a lot of pressure and weight. They are suitable for most of your complicated office equipment and highly appropriate for your delicate items as well. 

So if you have any modern kitchen appliances or any gadgets that you want to protect, these boxes will be perfect. They are also suitable for your expensive picture frames and crystal vases, costly jewellery, and some of your oddly-shaped and fragile belongings as well. But with them, you will have to invest in proper padding as well which we will talk about later.

Note: When choosing moving boxes for your heavy items, it is advised to go with the right size. This means that if the item is 6×12 inches, do not go with a medium-sized box. Go with something that is either 7×14 or 8×16. This way you will prevent the box from rattling when it is in transit. Also, you will require much less padding to give the container more stability and firmness.

2. The Wrapping Paper Should Be Thick

The Wrapping Paper Should Be Thick

The wrapping paper should be very thick. It has to be very sturdy and if you can get something stretchable, you are sorted for the entire move. You can also make use of moving blankets and those double-layered garbage bags to add more protection to your items. Thicker wrapping papers are easily available in the market and they are well within your budget too. They add a lot of protection to your expensive items and protect them from any unexpected bumps and collisions when moving heavy items.

3. Cushioning Must Be Sturdier

Cushioning Must Be Sturdier

Padding or cushioning is a very integral part of packing your critical items. There will be certain boxes and containers that might go almost empty even after you have put your heavy furniture pieces inside them only because of their peculiar shape and form. What are you going to do you? 

Add extra large bubble wraps and corrugated cardboard inside them to fill in the empty spaces and give them more stability and firmness. Foam padding is also very important, especially if you are carrying those odd-shaped items that we just talked about. So yes, these are a few things that are going to reinforce the entire structure of the container greatly and will ensure more protection for your heavy items.

  • Now Coming To Packing Heavy Appliances

Now Coming To Packing Heavy Appliances

Heavy appliances are usually the most difficult to pack and unpack. You can find these in your kitchen and your bathrooms as well. Your washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, induction cooktops, and pressure cookers are going to give you nightmares if you haven’t done your research on how to pack them like a professional. The following packing tips for moving your heavy and complicated appliances should help:

1. Unplug Them

You must unplug all your electrical appliances from any extensions, sockets, wires, or any additional plugs or other attachments before you pack them for the move. Their preinstalled wires and sockets can be separated as well if the appliance allows for it.

2. Empty Them Out

If they contain any food items or perhaps any pieces of clothing in the case of your washing machine, make sure that the appliance is first emptied.

3. Dismantle Them

Dismantle Them

The next step is to dismantle the various components that can be removed from the electronic appliance. There can be several compartments, shelves, and drawers, or maybe a few tubes, valves, panels, and other setups that can be dismantled and removed.

4. Invest In Shrink Wrap

Invest In Sharink Wrap

You will have to use a shrink wrap to protect every individual component of the appliance before you start putting them into your moving boxes.

5. Give Them Enough Padding

As you put them into your moving containers and boxes, make sure to stuff supportive padding and cushioning as well. Use bubble wrap, moving blankets, and old newspapers for the purpose.

  • Packing And Transporting Your Heavy Clothing

Packing And Transporting Your Heavy Clothing

As pointed out before, your winter clothes, leather boots, outerwear, formal clothes, and a lot of your other items can be pretty heavy. What are you going to do with them? You can pack all of these items individually and store them in a heavy box. If there are any items in those boxes that you do not intend to use for a long time, make sure to layer them up with a bar of deodorizer. This way you will be maintaining their freshness for at least the coming 6 months. If you have any leather boots and winter shoes, this tip is going to work wonders. Make sure to wrap your heavy winter clothing in wrinkle-free wraps only.

  • Do Not Forget Your Heavy Furniture

Do Not Forget Your Heavy Furniture

Packing all your heavy furniture pieces begins with dismantling their components and transporting them individually but within the same container. You can take apart your beds, cabinets, panels, wall units, sofas, recliners, tables, and chairs very easily. You must have the necessary equipment and the tools needed to do this. If there are any fragile parts of the furniture pieces that you are dismantling, make sure to pack them separately in a different box and preferably with a lot more padding and cushioning. 

If there are any screens or plastic components in addition to glass and crystal parts, make sure to transport them only in your own car instead of handing them over to the moving company. You might want to think about taking some of the components to the edges/walls of the box for extra protection. Stuff the empty spaces with adequate moving blankets and newspapers to give the box or container more stability.

So There You Have It

Now you know very well how to pack heavy items for moving to your new house. Remember, don’t go overboard with the size of the boxes. Don’t get too excited when purchasing cushioning and padding. Make a budget for all the materials and also size them up nicely before you shell out any money for them. Happy moving!

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