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CBD Movers is a pan-Australia removal company specializing in home and furniture removals. Based in Melbourne, the removalists also operate in Gold Coast and have been doing so over the past few years. Their infrastructure and expertise both act as pushing factors to serve customers better in the coastal city.

CBD Movers has a bunch of experience in different areas of the removals industry. They are experts at furniture removals but can also handle office removals with grace. Apart from this, the removalists offer cleaning services, pet removals, packing and unpacking services, and sell packaging materials at low costs.

The removalists are a cheap and locally available option for a quick removal from and to Gold Coast. However, the fact that they have executed large scale commercial and industrial removals across the country speaks for itself. The diversity and versatility of the removalists helps customers move at low costs without compromising with quality.

CBD Movers are interstate and intercity removalists. You can move anywhere across Australia with CBD Movers. Their estimates are free and hourly moving rates are standard. One of the top removalists in Gold Coast at present, CBD Movers will help you with home and office removals at surprisingly low prices. To book a move, call CBD Movers at 1300 223 668.


Our Removalist Services in Gold Coast


Home and Office Removalists Gold Coastls

CBD Movers offer premium office and home removal solutions in Gold Coast. The removalists are experts at furniture removals and move large and heavy items safely and quickly. The pricing plans are affordable and manageable.

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Interstate Removalists Gold Coast

You can move across the state and beyond state lines with CBD Movers. The interstate removalists are locally available in Gold Coast to help you move anywhere in Australia. With a wide network of trucks and movers, interstate removals are not a problem for CBD Movers.

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Furniture Removalists Gold Coast

CBD Movers have experience furniture removalists. You can move heavy items such as pianos and pool tables with the removalists at surprisingly low prices. They have all the right equipment to move safely and smoothly.

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Premium Removalists Gold Coast

Premium removalist services such as valet assistance and pet removals are also available in Gold Coast. CBD Movers provide more services such as antiques removals and eBay deliveries in the coastal city.

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Networked Removalists Gold Coast

CBD Movers manages a fleet of 150+ moving vehicles that regularly services and maintains. The removalists also have a moving staff of 350+ movers that are trained and licensed. CBD Movers can help you with any volume of removals in Gold Coast.

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Storage Removals Services in Gold Coast

There might arise the need of storing your items temporarily while moving. CBD Movers also provides storage slots in Gold Coast at low prices. These places are safe and can be used for extended periods of time.

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Gold Coast Removalists CBD Movers are the Movers of Choice For 8000+ Families

  • They are affordable removalists.
  • They have a friendly and helpful staff.
  • They move everything quickly and efficiently.
  • The removalists offer home and office removals.
  • They offer 24x7 customer care.
  • They have a large fleet of trucks and carriers.
  • They are professional and experienced.
  • They help with packing and unpacking as well.
  • The removalists offer valet assistance and other premium removal services.

Gold Coast Removalists CBD Movers Why CBD Movers Work in the Coastal City

Gold Coast might not be the capital of any state but is the largest non-capital city of Australia and the sixth largest overall. The coastal city houses more people than the capital city of Canberra. Owing to its location, it is an attractive place for tourists.

Gold Coast is well-known for two major universities but as aforementioned thrives largely on tourism. The city has a whopping 10 million visitors from other places who visit to enjoy the weather and the beach.

Gold Coast has been a hub for removal activities for CBD Movers for these reasons. The large influx of tourists and students means that people are on the go most of the time. The commercial removal sector supported by tourism is also a thriving opportunity for removalists.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It would be really convenient for the removalists to get a two week’s notice. However, CBD Movers also take up priority calls and offer removals on urgent notice.
    CBD Movers is a professional furniture removal company. The removalists will use all the right resources to move your heavy premium furniture.
    CBD Movers offers local, intercity, and interstate removal services in Sydney, Geelong, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Perth.
    We manage more than 150 trucks all across Australia that are maintained and conditioned regularly. The removalists will gather your requirements after an on-site assessment and let you know many trucks would be required to move your items.
    CBD Movers and Removalists offer temporary storage spots in Gold Coast. These spaces are safe and secure and can be used for as long as you want for low prices.
    Although Tweed Shire does not fall under the Gold Coast borders, our pan-Australia network can help you with removals to and from Tweed Shire.
    Call On 1300 223 668 Or Request Call Back. We will initiate the process ASAP.
    Yes, we can help with packing glassware and china, of all sizes and shapes. Discuss all your moving requirements with our on-site executive. Alternatively, Dial 1300 223 668 or fill the contact us form to hear back from us.
    We share a moving quote within 24 hrs of our on-site assessment of your property in Gold Coast. The final moving estimate will depend on the number of goods to be transported, moving distance, and many other factors.
    Yes. Our trained staff is experienced in handling heavy furniture as well as in packing and unpacking them.

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    Latest Removalist Projects in Gold Coast This is What the Removalists Have Been up to

    CBD Movers are a comprehensive and complete solution provider. Here are some the removalist’s recent projects in Gold Coast

    Our most recent works have consisted of:

    • Home and office removals in Gold Coast.
    • Furniture delivery and removal in Gold Coast.
    • Complete packing and unpacking job in Gold Coast.
    • House moving interstate from Gold Coast.
    • Other interstate removalist projects to and from Gold Coast.
    • Selling packaging supplies in Gold Coast.

    What Makes CBD Movers Such an Affordable Removalist in Gold Coast

    “Cheap Local removalists in Gold Coast at your service”

    The process is simple and easy to understand. CBD Movers is backed by a solid infrastructure to help them move efficiently without using a lot of resources. They are well established in Gold Coast and can hence, support large scale removal projects. The removalists offer free quotations and conduct mandatory on-site assessments beforehand. This is why their quotations are accurate.

    Low-priced home removals and office removals in Gold Coast

    Call CBD Movers and Removalists on 1300 223 668.

    CBD Movers’ On-site Movers The Removalist Staff Have a Few Words For Their Valued Customers

    “Every item is safely carried and moved. We consider your stuff like it's our own when we move them, making sure that no safety hazards are encountered.”

    CBD Movers’ ground staff in Gold Coast works day in and day out to help customers move easily and without any hassles. The removalists have a trained and professional team that know all the finer points of the industry. Gold Coast Removalists CBD Movers have been in this business for over a decade now. Their expertise and experience shows in their quality of work.

    The CBD Mover’s removalist will help you save costs as well. The company revolves around helping the customers move easily and without shelling out a lot of money.

    Contact Gold Coast Removalists CBD Movers at 1300 223 668. Move anywhere with a professional moving team in Gold Coast.

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    Choosing the Right Removalists in Gold Coast Find Out What Points You Need to Consider


    Removalist Experience

    Gold Coast offers many removalist options but it is safe to go for an experienced company. Experience reduces the chances of errors and ensures a smoother removal.

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    Removalist Services Offered

    With many options around and each removalist claiming top spot, it is for you to do the research and go for a removalist that offers a diverse range of services such as home removals, office removals, etc.

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    Removalist Costs

    Pricing is the most crucial factor before choosing a removalist. In a large place such as the Gold Coast, exorbitant prices are often asked by companies. The right way to go for a moderately priced company.

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    Moving Supplies

    Packaging supplies such as cartons, boxes, wraps, etc may not seem costly at first, but the numbers add up. Look for a removalist that sells these supplies in-house.

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    Removalist Staff

    Customer experience is dependent not only on the pricing but also the mannerisms and professionalism of the movers. A helpful and friendly staff makes the removal smoother.

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    Removal Infrastructure

    Removalists with a solid backing such as a large network of movers and trucks can help you with large removals. If you have lots of requirements, ask the removalists about how much resources they have.

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    A Few Prerequisites For Customers in Gold Coast Looking For a Removalist

    • Take inventory Keeping a tab on all your belongings and categorizing them can help the removalists and yourself on moving day. A well-managed moving blueprint will help the removal to go quickly and smoothly.
    • Prepare a removal budget Sort out your finances and calculate how much you can spend on packaging materials, hiring a removalist, and miscellaneous expenses. This way, you will be well prepared to handle monetary situations better.
    • Pick the right packaging supplies It is better to speak with your removalists and ask them for advice on packaging. Make sure that you use appropriate material for packing different kinds of stuff like heavy items or fragile items.
    • Speak with removalists Interview a bunch of removalists and gather their quotations if you have time before moving. In case the removal needs to be done urgently, removalists like CBD Movers offer priority removal services in Gold Coast as well.
    • Cooperate with removalists When moving day finally arrives, it is your responsibility to ensure that the removalists do not face any issues that they shouldn’t during a normal removal.

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