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April 20, 2023

By cbdmovers

Why You Should Not Ask Your Family Or Friends To Help You Move

Why You Should Not Ask Your Family Or Friends To Help You Move

Some people say that it is not a wise decision when moving house to ask your friends or relatives to help you move. This applies to your extended family members and friendly neighbours as well. The moving services that are available all over the city are there for a reason. Your first choice should be a professional moving company but if you are dealing with a budget problem, you might have to consider asking your friends and family for help. All of this is very subjective. However, we are going to focus on one aspect of it for now. The following section talks about how it is NOT a wise move to ask your friends or family members to help you move out of your old home and into your new house. Let’s begin:

1. There Is No Accountability Here

The one thing that is going to be very difficult to ascertain is accountability. Let’s be honest here. When you ask your friends or anyone close to you for that matter to help you out with your moving and packing, you will always struggle with deciding upon their accountability. There will always be a few things that they are not obligated to perform. Some tasks will require them to do a little bit of extra lifting or put in some more effort than usual which is not something that they might be prepared for. Also, it is just unnecessary stress for them which they can do very well without. Some of your friends might be a little forgetful. Others might not be so serious or plain careless because it is not the house they are moving. It is yours. So yes, at the end of the day, if this experiment doesn’t turn out to be a success, you will be held accountable for the entire move and also involving your friends to help you out in the first place.

2. Some People Do Not Have The Time

Some People Do Not Have The Time

This is true. Some of your friends or even the most trusted colleagues at your office might not have the time to spare. They might not be available spontaneously or on very short notice. They may have other plans that they cannot get out of. So it is not completely wise to rely on them entirely. Also, a lot of your friends and family members may not know which tasks require more time or more effort. They might say yes in the beginning but may back out of it at the last moment or if they feel that it is too tiring for them. In such a situation, choosing a professional moving company seems a much more practical approach.

3. May Lead To Injuries And Damage

You are more aware of the various shortcomings or the nooks and corners of your property. It is going to be a little more relaxed for you if you wish to do this on your own. However, your friends and relatives might not be aware of the flooring, various obstructions, slants, surfaces, furniture pieces, or the areas where they are more prone to slipping and falling. They are not aware of the various cupboards and cabinets that may house a few pests or are overloaded with junk furniture pieces. In the process, they might end up damaging some of your belongings and even injuring themselves. They wouldn’t know what objects to lift and which machinery and equipment pieces to transfer first and what furniture pieces should be avoided. You will have to maintain a certain level of communication with them throughout the moving process. Also, this arrangement makes it necessary for you to provide them with enough moving protective gear.

Is It Okay To Ask Friends To Help You Move?

Ideally, it is alright if you want to ask your friends to move out of your old home and into your new house. But the bottom line is not to expect too much from them. Remember, they are doing this out of their love for you and it is not advised to expect them to do everything perfectly or just as you want. You will obviously have to supervise them properly and make a few compromises here and there if you want to make the most of their help.

4. Arguments And Conflicts

Arguments And Conflicts

There is a chance that you might have a certain history or story with some of your friends or family members. There is also a possibility that one or two of your friends might be at constant loggerheads with some of your relatives. This can be the perfect recipe for a very hectic and stressful day at home. You will be inviting a lot of chaos, conflict, and arguments into your house. This is also a very strong reason for you to choose a moving services provider in the city instead of calling home some of your friends to do the needful. So yes, using a professional when moving house lets you avoid any kind of conflict and episodes of aggression and anxiety as well.

5. Where Is Professionalism?

It all boils down to the level of professionalism they bring to the table. There is none to be fair. You deserve a professional moving company. There are numerous trained and highly qualified moving services in the city. They can do everything for you right from packing to dismantling and reassembling your furniture pieces, moving them to your new house, and helping you set up your new home from scratch. These services are there to make your life a lot easier.

Should I Pay My Friend For Helping Me Move?

That sounds like a great idea, especially if your friend is broke. You can hire him or her for a couple of days and this could be a fun yet totally professional arrangement. The key here is transparency and communication. Be upfront about money and what their tasks are going to be. You can make this work if you are clear about your expectations and abilities.

You Deserve All The Love

You Deserve All The Love

Remember, if you want to invite your friends or relatives to help you back or move your stuff, you can always get them involved in small kitchen tasks. Perhaps get them into cooking a few snacks for you when you are in transit. You can also ask them to help you lift a few things or probably move a few pieces to the moving van. Nothing major. However, this is still going to make a lot of difference and will help you save a lot of time as well, giving you the precious opportunity to make new memories with them. Why don’t you try this instead? Happy moving!

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