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April 17, 2023

By cbdmovers

How To Let Go Of Stuff With Sentimental Value When Moving House

How To Let Go Of Stuff With Sentimental Value When Moving House

This is one of the biggest hurdles that you might face when it comes to moving house in Melbourne. Getting rid of all the stuff that you do not need is going to be easier than getting rid of the items that you have always loved. These are the objects and items that always bring back sweet memories. Saying goodbye to them is going to be the most difficult thing for you. However, when you are packing and moving to leave for your new house, you are in the process of making a fresh start. You are about to begin a new journey. This is where you will have to be a lot stronger than you have ever been before. Let’s give you a few tips that will help you part with them more easily:

1. Get Rid Of The Guilt First

Now before you hire moving services or even choose an insurance company for your heavy electronics in transit, you must get rid of the guilt that you have inside of you when trying to say goodbye to your most sentimental possessions. Sometimes you are willing to keep these objects close to you out of guilt or an obligation. Remember that this is not a great way to deal with your emotions. That connection that you once had with someone dear is still very much there. Saying goodbye to a physical object is not going to change that. Eventually, you will be keeping the happy memories with you and saying goodbye to an object that is probably keeping you from moving forward in your life.

How Do You Detach From Sentimental Items?

The best way to get detached from any sentimental item is to think of it as a way of moving on. Your memories are not made of things. They are a part of your life and existence. You need to realize that things or objects are meant to be gotten rid of. It is a way to find closure with some of your relationships and past experiences.

2. Say Goodbye To The Easy Items First

Say Goodbye To The Easy Items First

For this, you will have to go through all your sentimental items throughout your property. Do this before you hire a removalist company in Melbourne. There will be a few items that you can get rid of easily or perhaps have always been more decorative than reminiscent. These could be a few items that you purchased from Morocco on your trip to the Middle East with your girl gang around 10 years ago. Some of them could be collecting dust. Others could be broken or cracked. You do not have to keep all of them with you. You can choose to distribute them among your girlfriends or perhaps discard the ones that are broken and keep just one or two.

3. Understand The Motivation Behind It

Understand The Motivation Behind It

It is very easy for you to differentiate between your need for something as compared to what you are obligated to do. You might want to keep a photo frame with you just because you think that it is the right thing to do. You are still able to survive without holding it close to your heart because deep down you know that there is little to no motivation for you to keep that object close to you. Many times, we are not able to feel the emotion that we once felt holding that very object close to us. This is how we realize whether we have enough motivation behind keeping anything with us or not in the first place.

4. Look Now, Decide Later

Look Now, Decide Later

Let’s just say that you are not able to make up your mind about a few things that you should be letting go of when performing your house move. The packing and moving process has already begun but you are still confused. What do you do? You look for a storage services provider with your removalist company. Ask your house movers to recommend a storage solution that is both affordable and easily accessible. You can create a list of all those items that you think should go to that storage and make sure to transfer them on time. Keep them there until you are able to decide what to do with them.

Why Do People Hold On To Sentimental Things?

We tend to hold on to things that have sentimental value for us for the simple reason that they remind us of somebody, something, or precious moments that we have spent with someone we love. It is not that easy to get rid of those items but one has to make effort to do that because it creates unnecessary clutter and chaos in life.

5. A Few Questions To Ask Yourself To Help Ease This Transition

  • Is it getting more and more difficult for you to maintain these sentimental items? 
  • Do you feel burdened by the responsibility of keeping them with you at all times? 
  • Do these items limit your enjoyment of life or comfort at home? 
  • Are these items taking up an unnecessary amount of storage space at home? 
  • Are they causing clutter and stress both in your house and mind? 
  • Do these items bring you enough joy? 
  • Do you think that somebody else could use them more than you ever did?
  • Were the memories attached to these items good or bad? 
  • Can you make fresh memories with the same person who gifted you these items?

Once you have answered these questions, getting rid of these possessions or probably moving on from them is going to be a lot easier for you.

Nobody knows better than you that moving on from memories or people who have been an inseparable part of your life is incredibly tough. But this transaction is a part of your growth. It is also one of the most useful moving tips that you will ever get. It is time to let them go. It is time to move on. Your new life awaits you in your new home.

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