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December 23, 2021

By CBD Movers

The Best Time To Move House In Australia – 7 Rules To Help You Decide

Should you arrive at your new destination in the afternoon or would it be ok to reach there in the evening? Will the roads be too packed if you leave a little late? Is this even the right whether to be moving your house at all? These and many other questions trouble your mind when you are packing and moving your house across Australia. You don’t know what day to choose or what season to pick for the big move. You haven’t even prepared a house moving checklist yet. You haven’t calculated how many hours it is going to take to reach your destination or whether you will be moving your house on a truck or some other vehicle. Let’s not get more confused than we already are. First, let’s sort out what time of the year, month, or day you should choose to move your house across Melbourne.

  1. Moving House During Weekdays Or Weekends?

Everybody has either school, work, or some other commitment. Decide whether you want to move in the middle of the week or at the end of it. People usually choose Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for this purpose because this way, they have one weekday and two weekends. They have the convenience of all the services being available on Friday and lesser traffic on the roads on Saturdays and Sundays.

  1. School Holidays Are Ideal For Moving Into A New House

School Holidays Are Ideal For Moving Into A New House

You can choose a long school holiday for packing and moving your house because this way, your children will not miss school. There is also a high probability that you will get much less traffic on these days which makes the entire moving process a lot faster. However, you must book the packing and moving services in advance because the major removalists that you might be counting on may not be available at the last moment.

  1. What Month Should You Pick?

This is also a primary consideration and you should think about it in advance. The majority of people prefer to move from their old home to their new home close to Autumn. If you can manage this move during the winter, even better, because there will be less demand for house moving companies throughout Melbourne. However, it is always a reasonable practice to book their services in advance.

  1. The Right Season For Moving Your House

The Right Season For Moving Your House

Usually, families go with the summer months because the days are longer and you get more time to pack and move your stuff around. The sunny weather also allows you a lot of freedom in terms of commuting and you don’t have to protect yourself or your kids from the harsh cold winds. You tend to remain more active but again, the leading packers and movers in Australia might be too much in demand during this season. So, you will have to consider this aspect as well.

  1. Pick The Right Time

If you are an early riser, this could pan out really well for you. This is because if you are ready the previous night with all the cargo that you want to move from your old home to your new destination, you can start driving the next day as early as 6 am. But again, this will also depend on the availability of the house moving service at that time. If you require to make multiple trips in a single day, starting early would work out for you very well. There will be fewer cars on the road and even if you forget to pack anything, you can always make a quick trip back and forth without much of a hassle.

  1. Be A Little Flexible 

Yes, moving your house is a big deal but an even bigger deal is when you fuss about it for no reason. The entire packing and moving process can be a lot of fun if you are positive. Even if you arrive at your destination a few hours late, be happy that you were able to pull it off successfully. Be easy with your kids and a little more lenient with your timing. Show and inspire a laid-back attitude but without compromising on your target and timeline.

  1. In The End, Prepare Well For The Move

  • Timely and careful disassembly of your furniture pieces is a must
  • Ensure adequate padding before the heavy cargo is lifted
  • Buy Safety gear to protect your expensive pieces
  • Make an Advance booking of the removalist
  • Invest in the right containers and boxes for moving your house
  • Choose the right vehicle for the conveyance of your critical possessions such as your family heirlooms and piano

Hire the services of a dependable and highly recommended removalist only. Be more vigilant of your choices and the entire task of moving your house will be done in the blink of an eye.

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