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December 17, 2021

By CBD Movers

How to Calculate The Cost of House Removals in Australia

How to Calculate The Cost of House Removals in Australia?

Knowing how much a house removal would cost you is a subject confusing to many. Oftentimes, people completely botch up the estimations and get surprised when the removalist quotes them a hefty sum. Moving is hectic on its own; you don’t want an added headache on the day of the move.

Here are the factors taken into consideration when calculating the cost of house removal in Australia.

Factors affecting house removal costs in Australia

Your removalist may follow different pricing models but the most common one is an hour-based pricing plan. Removalists may also charge in half-hour or 15-minutes iterations or they may just quote a flat rate after surveying your requirements. This totally depends on the removalist. There are some common points that affect the cost of the house movers though.

Factors affecting house removal costs in Australia

Size of your house

House movers in large cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, consider this the most important factor. The logic is simple though. A large residence is more likely to hold more items such as furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances, etc. Also, heavy furniture and antiques may incur an additional charge on the customer. In case you require an extra truck, again, an additional charge will be applied. All in all, in a city such as Sydney, house movers would charge you around $125 per hour (a truck and two guys) for a typical one-bedroom apartment but the numbers can vary based on other factors. One such example is when you hire more than two guys to help you with the move.

The Distance Factor

House movers have to come to your pickup spot and deliver everything to the destination and then go back. These make up four distinct trips. If the distance is large, so is the transportation and moving cost. House removals depend on distances more if the number of round trips is multiple. For two movers and a truck, a single trip is sufficient for a one-bedroom apartment. However, this may vary.

Unique Instances

House movers will conduct a survey before the house removal. If your apartment has narrow stairways, small doorways, elevators, etc, they may quote an additional charge. Also, the distance between the street and your main entrance also matters. Requesting a quotation after the survey is done will give you a good idea about what the final invoice would look like.

Additional Services

House movers are usually not one-trick ponies. They offer services such as packing and unpacking, providing temporary storage spaces, pet removals, and more. CBD Movers, for example, also provides antique removals and valet services in addition to the aforementioned. If you plan to delegate stuff like packing and unpacking to the house removals experts, you will pay for the packaging supplies, and the service itself. In most cases, this is recommended. House movers know the ins and outs of how removals are done. Their expertise will help you ensure that your items are safe and sound during transit.

Night or day?

Do you want to move during the night so that the removal does not mess up with your work schedule? Well, the bad news is that house movers usually charge extra for overnight shifts. Also, house removal charges tend to go up at the end of the month for some reason. Therefore, moving during the middle of the month is recommended. Consider these points when scheduling your move.

Saving the big buck in House Removals

Saving the big buck in house removals

Budgets are already stretched when you are moving. The house removal charges may as well tip the cup and you don’t want that. We decided to help you with a few tips that can help you cut down house removal costs:
● Buy your own packing material.
● Packing and unpacking everything yourself.
● Moving small items beforehand.
● Moving pets and antiques beforehand.
● Making an inventory and labeling things so that the removalists spend less time moving.
● Moving during times when house removal charges are low.
● Requesting multiple quotes and comparing them.

House removals can be tricky if you don’t do your end of the research. The cost would go up without you realizing it. The goal is to have a stress-free house removal without worrying about things that you shouldn’t typically worry about. Have a safe and speedy move!!!

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