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April 5, 2021

By cbdmovers


Tips To Move Your Furniture within Sydney Without Any Stress

Moving without prior knowledge and experience can result in damage to your expensive furniture. The job is stressful and cumbersome especially in a large city such as Sydney. You can hire removalists in Sydney to help you with the packing and moving whilst you take care of other important stuff though. Moving requires a lot of planning apart from just picking up stuff and delivering them to another place:

Moving without a Removalist?


If you are moving without the help of a removalist in Sydney, you will need to research a lot and talk to people who have moved recently. Although it is not recommended to move heavy furniture and other similar items on your own, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Call your friends and family if possible. Moving heavy furniture is at least a two-person job.
  • Tall pieces of furniture such as a single-door wardrobe or a three-person couch should be carried by two people holding either end.
  • Use sliders and do not drag and pull the furniture.
  • Purchase a furniture dolly.
  • Use the ‘L’ method to maneuver chairs and beds through doors.
  • Place the furniture in the vehicle using the LIFO format. This means that you should place the item at the list which needs to be unloaded first.
  • If the furniture can be disassembled, do it. Smaller pieces are easier to manage.
  • Stack the largest piece of furniture at the very bottom.
  • Use ramps to load and unload the furniture on the truck.
  • Learn more about what kinds of packaging material is appropriate for different kinds of furniture. You can easily purchase furniture blankets online. Just specify the size of the furniture and order it right away.
  • Other useful packaging material include bubble wraps, stretchable plastic, packaging tape, mattress cover packaging, paper packing materials, etc.

Hiring a removalist is the easy way out

There are numerous reasons why hiring a removalist would solve all your problems. Even if you do your research well, the lack of experience may result in damage to your expensive furniture. The moving is also susceptible to delays and time management issues. It is always better to hire a professional especially in large cities such as Sydney.

There are companies operating in Sydney that offer affordable and convenient solutions to your moving woes. CBD Movers is one of them; it offers cheap moving packages.


Calculating the price

The main reason why people opt for moving everything on their own is the costs attached to hiring a professional removalist. In Sydney, the average cost for 2 men is $100 for an hour. Adding up, the expenses may reach quite a sum. This is, however, a very rough amount. The total cost at the end is determined by various factors.

  • The number of items that are to be moved and their weight.
  • The distance between the source and the destination.
  • Whether the transit involves intercity or interstate borders.
  • Some removalists in Sydney might charge you extra for handling fragile items.
  • If the job requires packing the items as well, the removalist will charge you for the packaging material as well as the service offered.

It is important to contact the removalist and ask them about any hidden charges or taxes.
(Contact 1300 223 668 for CBD Movers)

Removalists in Sydney have years of experience

One of the paramount factors that should convince you to move using the services of a removalist is the experience they bring with them. With years of operating in the industry, the company knows the loopholes and the points where failure is most possible.

Removalists have devised various methods and workarounds to cut costs and safely handle tricky pieces of furniture and other similar items. To add to this, they move stuff much quicker than a normal person would. They have all the required equipment and a trained staff that knows how to operate the aforementioned equipment.



Sydney being an important center for administration as well as a cultural hub witnesses a busy period for removalists all year round. Around 31 million Australians move every year and this happens mostly in the larger cities such as Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and of course, Sydney.

Under such large demands, removalists vie for the top spot by adapting and adopting new and improved techniques. It is wise to avail the services of a professional removalist company rather than moving all those heavy pieces of furniture yourself. You certainly deserve a break from the stress of moving.

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