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May 19, 2023

By cbdmovers

Office Relocation

Master The Art Of Office Relocation: Your Ultimate Guide To A Stress-Free Move That Will Preserve Your Sanity

This is going to be a new adventure for you. You are in the process of a huge move. All your employees and associates are working in this direction. Moving your office was always on your list and you also had the new location narrowed down for quite some time. You have finally decided to choose a moving company for this and they have asked you to perform a few things on your own. This is only to make this process stress-free and far more efficient. So let’s begin by:

1. Planning Your Office Relocation Early

This might not be possible in the case of an emergency relocation but it is certainly doable when we are talking about a pre-decided move. Commercial relocations tend to become a lot more detailed and for all the right reasons. There has to be a specific budget allocation for every process and every division and department that has to be moved. You will also have to draw a comprehensive comparison between the various packers and movers that you choose for your company. Selecting the most suitable dates for the entire equipment to be moved to the new location will also be very crucial. You will also have to decide upon the time frame within which you have to set up all the utilities in your new location so that your office equipment, furniture pieces, and critical machinery can be put up there and made functional without any delay. So give yourself at least 4 months for this relocation.

2. Communicating With All Your Employees

Communicating With All Your Employees

The leading office movers in the city are always going to recommend that you connect with all your employees and associates at all levels. Make sure to keep all your staff members updated regularly with all your moving plans and schedules. If there have been any changes regarding the same, all of the parties concerned should be notified. If there are any important changes and edits in the procedures, everyone working on the business premises must be aware of them. Some of the changes that you must convey to them include: 

  • Any revisions in your phone or fax numbers 
  • Changes in the address 
  • The rules related to the new building 
  • Parking arrangements at the new location 
  • Change in the kind of machinery that will be used in your new office 
  • A few employees that might be switching to remote positions

3. Choosing A Project Manager

Professional removalists always give you the option to choose a project manager with them. The same is going to apply to your company as well. Just as the moving company is going to choose a project manager for your account, you will have to select a representative from within your in-house team members as well. These two people can be in direct contact with each other. While selecting that individual, you will have to make sure that he has the following skills:

  • Multitasking ability 
  • Excellent organizational skills 
  • Effective communication 
  • Extensive experience working with a team 
  • Performing relocation within a pre-determined budget 
  • Access to all office management tools 
  • Experience in loading and unloading critical machinery 

4. Protecting Your Company Data

Protecting Your Company Data

Protecting your company data is going to be one of your biggest concerns, especially when there are so many office movers and professional removalists constantly visiting your office premises. You do not want any kind of leak in your data security. The one thing that is going to be exposed significantly to external forces and inclusive elements is the hardware that is located all across your office. All your computers, pen drives, systems, tablets, company smartphones, and various storage devices including hard drives and servers will get exposed, if not too much, then at least a little bit to these elements. All these devices contain critical company data. The project manager or the company representative that you choose to perform this office move will be responsible for protecting and encrypting all this company data as well. You might have to invest in additional storage options or perhaps choose a cloud-based platform for these confidential and critical company records and data. It is also better to invest in a digital visitor management system so that you can keep track of all the people who visit your office while this transaction from your old location to the new office is going on.

5. Performing A Deep Clean Of Your Workplace

Before you begin the loading and unloading of your machinery and equipment, you will have to undertake a cleaning regime. This will include repair and maintenance of all the machines, hardware, and related components that are to be moved to your new office. Once that is done, the equipment that is to be transferred before will be moved out of the office premises and loaded onto the moving truck. Then the deep cleaning process will continue and you will have to make sure that every item that needs to be disposed of is gotten rid of without any delay. 

  • There will be certain pieces of equipment that you will not be needing in your new office so they can be donated
  • Unnecessary papers, files, and folders can be shredded
  • All the old office equipment that is now obsolete should be recycled 

Many times the packers and movers company that you choose is able to guide you in the right direction if you are not able to find a cleaning company on time. So it is better to ask them for recommendations as well.

6. Involving Your Employees In The Process

Involving Your Employees In The Process

Apart from the moving company staff members, you can always ask your employees, associates, and workers to get involved in the process. It does wonders not only for the efficiency of the move but also helps foster connections that are deeper and long-lasting. Getting your company employees involved is not just practical but a lot of fun as well.

  • You can always invite polls and opinions about various decisions related to packing and moving 
  • Creating a contest to choose a fun color palette for all your moving boxes and containers will be a great activity 
  • You can also get into light-hearted yet pointed discussions about the things that everybody likes to pack and move 
  • Get all of them excited about a quick tour of your new office space before the move

This way transitioning from your old office to your new place of business becomes refreshing and entertaining.

Anticipating A Big Change

In the end, it is safe to say that this is going to be a big change not only at a professional level but at a personal level as well. It is going to be a complete change of scenery, environment, society, people, and in many cases weather conditions as well. There will be new rules. There will be new trends. And you will be at the helm of it.

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