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May 16, 2022

By cbdmovers

How To Accomplish A Zero Waste Move

How To Accomplish A Zero Waste Move

You already feel annoyed by the clutter that you have made across your living room. You know that several of the items that you own are not even useful for you anymore. Close to 30% of these items will find a place in the garbage. But you can change all of that. You can recycle a lot of them. You can reduce your moving waste but for that, you will have to move beyond those run-of-the-mill tips or environmentally friendly moving boxes that you find on the internet. Let’s talk:

1. Take Inventory Of All Your Belongings

Take Inventory Of All Your Belongings

This is a very important step that you will have to perform right in the beginning. Separate all the items that you will be needing in your new home from the ones that you probably won’t. You will have to make another list of the items that you don’t need in the future at all. Categorize them as recyclable and non-recyclable. This will help you differentiate between all the items that can go into your garage sale and the ones that should be discarded in any form or factor. 

You might even be able to find a few things that you can easily repurpose or maybe combine to create a home accessory or a craft of sorts for your new home. For example, you can always redecorate a few of your items to give them a new lease of life and repurpose them in your new home as a decor piece or a storage compartment, or perhaps a flower vase.

2. Donate The Items You Think Can Be Put To Reuse

Donate The Items You Think Can Be Put To Reuse

Now that you have separated the items that you are going to take to your new home from the ones that will probably go to your garage sale, the next step is to choose those belongings that you want to donate. Yes, you can give away your books, study material from your college, school projects, clothes or furniture pieces, electronic items, and a lot of other stuff that perhaps somebody living down your street would find of a lot of use. 

You can also connect with a local charity or your community members in your neighborhood who are involved in any kind of social work. They might be in a better position to help you repurpose your belongings or get you in touch with a family who might be in need and will highly appreciate your contribution.

3. Organize A Garage Sale Well In Advance

Organize A Garage Sale Well In Advance

You will have to put up a garage sale sign well in advance because there are several things to sell when you are moving. If you want your neighbors to know that you have decided to sell a few items and if you want those unused objects to find a new home sooner, you should do this as early as possible. This is also a great way to reduce your overall waste footprint when you are moving out of your old home. 

And along the way, you will be able to pick up a little bit of extra cash for all the items that are in good condition. You can always sell a few of your home decor pieces, accessories, old furniture like your study table or perhaps a recliner, wall hangings, paintings that you have gotten bored of, and any of the stuff that you think your neighbors will be willing to pay a decent amount for.

4. Learn How To Recycle

It is very essential to learn how to recycle your belongings in the most environmentally-friendly manner. For example, if you haven’t yet understood the importance of recycling your e-waste, maybe it is time to do that now. Yes, your computers, desktops, laptops, speakers, hairdryers, food processors, kitchen appliances, light fixtures, home assistants, Bluetooth devices such as headphones or earphones, and a lot of other electronic gadgets that you use can be recycled. 

A lot of these items contain chemicals such as mercury, lead, and bromide and the only way to prevent them from getting into the environment and putting it at risk is to find a dependable e-waste recycling company. Get in touch with them and they will help you get rid of the majority of that stuff keeping your moving waste footprint to a bare minimum.

5. Work With A Green Moving Company

Work With A Green Moving Company

Have you thought about working with eco-friendly removalists in your city? This question is very critical because there are several eco-friendly moving companies that can come up with the most sustainable ways of facilitating your move without any wastage at all. 

These companies can help you reduce your overall carbon footprint as well as the amount of wastage that gets generated when you are moving from your old house to your new home. These companies are committed to their social responsibilities just as sincerely as you are. They understand the importance of preserving the environment and how fuel economies work and also what sustainable materials to choose when helping you pack and move your house.

6. Sustainable / Eco Friendly Packing & Moving Materials

Sustainable Eco Friendly Packing & Moving Materials

Yes, when you are eager to preserve the environment but do not have the right means to do that, this is where green moving companies come in with their sustainable packing and moving solutions, reusable moving boxes, fuel-efficient vehicles, multi-purpose padding, and more. 

They help you stock up on the most environmentally-friendly and easily decomposable packing materials that do not cause any harm to the environment. You can dispose them of very easily without having to stress over what impact they would leave behind on the environment once you are done with them.

Congratulations On Your Zero Waste Move!

Whether it is zero waste or low waste, you can accomplish both of them. You can reduce the negative impact of your activities on the environment with just a few handy tips. Remember, your relocation does not have to be stressful for anyone. You just have to commit to the right way of moving from your old house to your new home. The rest is just going to follow as indicated above.

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